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GoogleChromeLabs Optimize your libraries with webpack Using a library in your webpack project? Use these tips to make your bundle smaller! Want to add a tip? See the contribution guide and make a pull request! Contents: async

fastpack Fastpack Pack JS code into a single bundle fast & easy. Why? Because JavaScript builds should be faster! Here is an example benchmark of bundling ~1600 modules together. Fastpack

egoist webpack-proxy Install yarn add webpack-proxy Usage Let's say you want to use buble-loader, you can just add it to your webpack config without installing buble-loader and buble, since we

MQuy Webpack Deadcode Plugin Webpack plugin to detect unused files and unused exports in used files Installation Via npm: $ npm install webpack-deadcode-plugin --save-dev Via yarn: $ yarn add -D webp

NoamELB react-hot-loader-loader A Webpack Loader that automatically inserts react-hot-loader to your app, without any changes in your app code. All it takes is a simple regex to indicate where your "App" Components are. This m

sindresorhus node-env-webpack-plugin Simplified NODE_ENV handling with webpack Install $ npm install node-env-webpack-plugin Usage 'use strict'; const path = require('path'); + const NodeEnvPlugi

TheLarkInn bundler-performance-benchmark Why Showing numbers means nothing if you can't back it up. This is a joint effort between all bundlers involved to create a fair and unbiased set of benchmarks for build and size

developit Microbundle The zero-configuration bundler for tiny modules, powered by Rollup. ✨ Features: One dependency to bundle your library using only a package.json Support for ESnext & asyn

sindresorhus add-asset-webpack-plugin Dynamically add an asset to the webpack graph Install $ npm install add-asset-webpack-plugin Usage const AddAssetPlugin = require('add-asset-webpack-plugin'); m

parcel-bundler Features πŸš€ Blazing fast bundle times - multicore compilation, and a filesystem cache for fast rebuilds even after a restart. πŸ“¦ Out of the box support for JS, CSS, HTML, file as

SinanMtl Webpack Simple Starter A simple webpack starter without framework (Like Vue, React, Angular, etc.). This project is inspired from vue-cli webpack project Getting Started First, install the modules that the p

jackfranklin Demopack Fire up a pre-configured, live reloading Webpack server that supports React, (S)CSS and files for quick demos and tutorials. Like create-react-app, but without needing to create a new project and npm install a

siddharthkp Keep your bundle size in check Setup npm install bundlesize --save-dev # or yarn add bundlesize --dev Usage Add it to your scripts in package.json "scripts": { "test"

indutny CommonJS Tree Shaker plugin for WebPack ALPHA TESTING Please file an issue if anything is broken. NOTE: webpack version 3 may be needed in order to run this. Why? There are vast amount of CommonJS modul

evenstensberg webpack-plugin-extended-network webpack plugin for analyzing how your bundle performs in a browser. This plugin is experimental and the API might change in the future. The plugin uses chrome-protocol and works with code

pinterest Bonsai Trim your javascript dependency tree. Users guide The quickest way to get started is to generate a Webpack stats file, and then drag and drop it into https://pinterest.github.io/bonsai/analyze. S

souporserious sketch-to-svg-json-loader Import Sketch files as SVG JSON data through Webpack. Inspired by @david.gilbertson's wonderful article on icons as react components. Install yarn add sketch-to-svg-json-loader -

kobeaerts blrplt Javascript Write ES6+ or React Javascript and get it linted with the AirBnb eslint config. Styles All your styles get autoprefixed and sass compiled. It even has some lovely opinionated sty

tj neutrino-preset-visualizer Webpack visualizer as a Neutrino preset to view where space is allocated. Outputs ./build/stats.html. Installation Grab the preset: $ yarn add -D neutrino-preset-visualizer Ad

zouhir lqip-loader: low quality images placeholders for webpack demo npm install --save-dev lqip-loader Generating Base64 & dominant colours palette for a jpeg image imported in your JS bundle: PS:

waysact webpack-subresource-integrity Webpack plugin for enabling Subresource Integrity. Subresource Integrity (SRI) is a security feature that enables browsers to verify that files they fetch (for example, from a CDN)

webpack-contrib cache-loader The cache-loader allow to Caches the result of following loaders on disk (default) or in the database. Getting Started To begin, you'll need to install cache-loader: npm inst

shirotech Note: This only works on Webpack 4, if you're still on Webpack 3 or below please use version 1.x CDN extension for the HTML Webpack Plugin Enhances html-webpack-plugin functionality by allowing you to specify the mo

sencha package-loader Ext JS Dynamic Package Loader Requirements This package is used by Ext JS applications and Sencha Cmd 6.5 Install Sencha Cmd Download Sencha Ext JS. We recommend extracting Ext JS into a

ballercat WASM Binary Module loader for Webpack A simple .wasm binary file loader for Webpack. Import your wasm modules directly into your bundle as Constructors which return WebAssembly.Instance. This avoids the need to use f

neutrinojs webpack-chain Use a chaining API to generate and simplify the modification of Webpack 2 and 3 configurations. This documentation corresponds to v4 of webpack-chain. v3 docs v2 docs v1 docs Note: while webpac

UltimateAngular [deprecated] AoT loader ⚠️ This project is deprecated ⚠️ Project is deprecated as AoT mode will be a default soon, we suggest using ngc until then as the official offering from Angular. This lo

60frames Webpack Hot Server Middleware Webpack Hot Server Middleware is designed to be used in conjunction with webpack-dev-middleware (and optionally webpack-hot-middleware) to hot update Webpack bundles on the server.

TodayTix SVG Sprite Webpack Plugin Description A webpack plugin/loader to make SVG <use>-based icon systems easy in Webpack. Creates an SVG sprite with <symbol> tags from imported SVG files, and return

okonet webpack-codemods JSCodeshift Codemods to automatically convert webpack config from v1 to v2 🚧 🚧 🚧 🚧 🚧 🚧 This repository is deprecated in favor of https://github.com/webpack/w

GoogleChromeLabs preload-webpack-plugin A webpack plugin for automatically wiring up asynchronous (and other types) of JavaScript chunks using <link rel='preload'>. This helps with lazy-loading. Note: This is an extension p

lukeed preact-starter Webpack3 boilerplate for building SPA / PWA / offline front-end apps with βš›οΈ Preact Using preact-starter will kickstart your next application! πŸ’― It is designed to fit the "90% use-

fuse-box A bundler that does it right FuseBox on slack FUSEBOX v4 is here A re-write of FuseBox with Major Improvements is available in the @next release. Please help test it and