VersionEye This is the source code for the web application VersionEye. Start the backend services for VersionEye This project contains a docker-compose.yml file which describes the backend services of VersionEye. Y

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webpack-contrib webpack is a module bundler. webpack takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules. Awesome Webpack A curated list of awesome Webpack resources, libraries

samccone Bundle Buddy Bundle Buddy is a tool to help you find source code duplication across your javascript chunks/splits. This enables you to fine tune code splitting parameters to reduce bundle invalidation rates as well as improve rep

TheLarkInn bundle-buddy-webpack-plugin Your favorite bundle-buddy duplication analyzer, made as a webpack plugin. Installation Yarn yarn add bundle-buddy-webpack-plugin --dev npm npm install bund

Mechazawa πŸ¦„ emojify-webpack-plugin This plugin will transform your code into emoji ready to be shipped to production. It's as simple as that. Installation Installation can be done through yarn or npm yarn add --dev

lukeed webpack-format-messages Beautiful formatting for Webpack messages; ported from Create React App! The console output from CRA is very well-done! Unfortunately, the only way to use it is to install all of react-dev-utils, whi

sghall bundle-inspector-webpack-plugin Under development. Feedback welcome. See a demo in your browser - NOT mobile friendly CLI: npm install -g bundle-inspector-webpack-plugin Basic usage: bundle-inspector-web

AndersDJohnson webpack-babel-env-deps Find dependencies to transpile with Babel. A webpack helper to find dependencies of your project that require transpilation with Babel (and @babel/preset-env) by comparing your minimum Node.js eng

FormidableLabs electron-webpack-dashboard Electron Desktop GUI for Webpack Dashboard Whats this all about? The original webpack-dashboard, was fun and people seemed to like it. Unless they were on Windows, or used