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bcrespy The concept of iframe feedback is very simple: a web document which shows an iframe with an url pointing to itself.

thelinuxlich A starter app for your needs in 2021

srmullen A starter template for Svelte, Tailwind, Typescript, and Snowpack

adrianmcli ⚑A minimal types-first boilerplate for Ethereum frontend dapp development.

1046617651 This is a simple boilerplate to get up and running with Electron and React(Axios,React-Redux,React-Router,antd).

hatemhosny This is a starter template with a feature-rich ready-to-use backend that works out of the box for local development and can be easily deployed.

abhishekbhardwaj Starter template for building a project using React, Typescript, Next.js, Jest, ChakraUI and ESLint.

alirezanasseh This project is an open-source admin panel that you can use for your projects easily. Everything has been prepared for you, so you just define models (JSON files) for each entity and everything will be ready out of the box.

david-holuck This is a simple redux web app starter.

david-holuck Simple React/Redux examples of Chrome Extension Window & Popup & Inject pages Hot reloading React/Redux (Using Webpack and React Transform) Write code with ES2015+ syntax (Using Babel) E2E tests of Window & Popup & Inject pages

ghoullier Curated list of awesome Template Literal Types examples

victorlcm This is a template repository. You can create your own repository just by clicking in "Use this template" button above.

th0th A simple example to help you get started with Next.js + typescript + yarn workspaces.

foambubble This documentation assumes that you have a GitHub account and have Visual Studio Code installed on your Linux/MacOS/Windows machine.

stackplanet sourcestack: a highly adaptable template for full-stack serverless Typescript web apps

diego3g Boilerplate for a project using Electron, React and Typescript

JaeSeoKim Simple Next.js + Custom Express Server Boilerplate

haoict production-ready-webapp-boilerplate About Motivation Features Setup & Documentation Deploying on Production Directly run Docker support Advance Storybook VR-testing (

jerriclynsjohn A starter template for Svelte, TailwindCSS and Storybook Visit this website to see the outcome: Svelte + TailwindCSS + Storybook // Quickstart npx degit jerriclynsjohn/svelte-storybook-tailwind my-svelte-p

taniarascia πŸ“¦ Webpack Boilerplate Minimal Webpack 4 boilerplate with Babel, Sass, ESLint, Hot Module Replacement, and development/production optimization. Installation git clone [email protected]:taniarascia/web

hodgef Javascript Library Boilerplate Basic Minimal Library Starter Kit for your Javascript projects This is a basic library boilerplate. For a more robust alternative, check out js-library-boilerplate

sindresorhus Boilerplate to kickstart creating an app with Electron

pankod Performance oriented Next.js application boilerplate with Redux, Typescript, Express.js and Sass. Created by Pankod About Next.js is a minimalistic React framework that runs

saltyshiomix An easiest authentication system on top of NestJS, TypeORM, NEXT.js (v9) and Material UI (v4). Features Cross platform - Mac, Linux and Windows Database synchronization with entities - powered by TypeORM

PolymerLabs Actor Boilerplate A starting point for web apps based on the actor model. Chrome Dev Summit 2018 Talk Architecting Web Apps - Lights, Camera, Action! We also wrote a series of blog posts with more detai

hodgef Javascript Library Boilerplate Library Starter Kit for your Javascript projects This is a more robust library boilerplate. For a minimal alternative, check out js-library-boilerplate-bas

palmerhq Monorepo Starter This is a polyglot monorepo boilerplate for The Palmer Group. It is a starter monorepo comprised of TypeScript apps/packages, placeholder JVM and Python apps and an example deployment workflow. Over

entria Deprecated Try a better version here GraphQL DataLoader Boilerplate Very simple boilerplate using GraphQL and DataLoader Blog Posts How to impleme

googlecreativelab Teachable Machine Boilerplate This is a small boilerplate project that demonstrates how to use tensorflow.js to create projects like Teachable Machine. The code shows how you can create a KNN classifier that can be trai

WeiChiaChang vue-boilerplate A pithy starter kit with router & i18n in Vue. This repo has been added easter-eggs-collection.js this funny script written by me, if you don't like it, you can just remove it. β”œβ”€β”€

alanbsmith Component Library Starter a small starter for building a component library with styled-components πŸ’… Overview This component lib is set up to use styled-components, polished, and styled-components-

diegomura bespoke-react Bootstrap project for easily generate Bespoke presentations using React I want to create my own presentation Great! That's pretty easy. All you have to do is: # First, clone this repo g

lifenautjoe webpack-starter-basic A simple webpack 4 starter project for your basic web development needs. Read more on the demo website or continue reading below. Table of Contents Motivation Features Req