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iwfan chore-cli is the super assistant for building a typescript library. It can generate development infrastructure for projects or libraries, such as prettier, eslint, husky etc, or even Github Actions Config files. It can save a lot

ixartz πŸš€ Landing Page Template written in Next.js 10+, Tailwind CSS 2.0 and TypeScript ⚑️ Made with developer experience first: Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.

ptkdev-boilerplate πŸ‘” svelte-spa-boilerplate Create single page application with this friendly Svelte boilerplate made with typescript and love This is a github template

ptkdev-boilerplate This is a github template, you can fork it or use as template for start new project with this repository as hello-world. I hate start new project with empty template, often i missing correct configuration, readme instruction or i

FractalHQ Minimal Sveltekit + Electron starter template.

ptkdev-boilerplate 🧡 Svelte server-side-rendering built with SEO in mind. Start your project with this friendly svelte kit boilerplate

with-heart This template provides a basic yarn workspaces monorepo for publishing an npm package of XState machines and a Next.js site that allows for easily inspecting the machines. It uses preconstruct to make local development a breeze.

hagopj13 A boilerplate for building production-ready RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and Mongoose

harryheman Modern HTML Starter Template

luizomf A boilerplate for creating TypeScript APIs following the Clean Architecture principles

tiennampham23 NodeJS Typescript, Angular, Bolierplate, DI, GenericRepository, Inversifyjs, Inversifyjs-express-utils, tailwindcss, ng-zorro...

squareboat A production-ready 🏭 NestJS boilerplate with batteries πŸ”‹ included. No Kidding!

Dan1ve A template project that combines SvelteKit, TypeScript and TailwindCSS (JIT mode)

saasitive DIY Django and React Boilerplate for SaaS It is do-it-yourself Django + React Boilerplate for starting your SaaS application. In existing boilerplates

ahmet-cetinkaya Frontend of ReCapProject with Angular.

pmndrs 🏯 React-Three-Next starter First Load JS of 78Kb. This starter will automatically pick the marked R3F components and inject them into a canvas layout

Epiczzor r3f-template If you are just starting off with react-three-fiber then this template is for you. I have done a basic setup and a few usefull packages a

wilsonneto-dev Next.js Pro Boilerplate The Next.js production boilerplate, all you need to start developing, without spend hours on configurations. Includes: Eslint

frandiox Vitessedge Deploy your fullstack SSR apps to Cloudflare Workers using Vitedge. Live Demo Vue + Vite + SSR template based on @antfu's Vitesse Features

bcrespy The concept of iframe feedback is very simple: a web document which shows an iframe with an url pointing to itself.

thelinuxlich A starter app for your needs in 2021

srmullen A starter template for Svelte, Tailwind, Typescript, and Snowpack

adrianmcli ⚑A minimal types-first boilerplate for Ethereum frontend dapp development.

1046617651 This is a simple boilerplate to get up and running with Electron and React(Axios,React-Redux,React-Router,antd).

hatemhosny This is a starter template with a feature-rich ready-to-use backend that works out of the box for local development and can be easily deployed.

abhishekbhardwaj Starter template for building a project using React, Typescript, Next.js, Jest, ChakraUI and ESLint.

alirezanasseh This project is an open-source admin panel that you can use for your projects easily. Everything has been prepared for you, so you just define models (JSON files) for each entity and everything will be ready out of the box.

david-holuck This is a simple redux web app starter.

david-holuck Simple React/Redux examples of Chrome Extension Window & Popup & Inject pages Hot reloading React/Redux (Using Webpack and React Transform) Write code with ES2015+ syntax (Using Babel) E2E tests of Window & Popup & Inject pages

ghoullier Curated list of awesome Template Literal Types examples

victorlcm This is a template repository. You can create your own repository just by clicking in "Use this template" button above.

th0th A simple example to help you get started with Next.js + typescript + yarn workspaces.

foambubble This documentation assumes that you have a GitHub account and have Visual Studio Code installed on your Linux/MacOS/Windows machine.