JavaScript Animations Libraries

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neatnik Typo attempts to improve upon the sterile, flawless animated web typing effect by offering something a little more relatable. Text is typed as if a re

codrops Experimental reveal animations on typographic elements

zuramai Create a beautiful star falling background with starback.js

flipkart-incubator AnimationWrapperView is a collection of a well defined set of component level animations, that a developer can utilize just by providing some configurations. AnimationWrapperView will add plug and play type support to the already

siddharthkp Visual debugger for framer-motion

JoviDeCroock Hooks to leverage the web-animations API in under a kb

neodigm Beautiful Hand Drawn Letters πŸ‘οΈ A meticulous merger of form and function. Typography Animation Microinteraction ⭐ Star it!

kubowania A Portfolio with Animations in JavaScript

princefishthrower A React hook that animates the document title and/or favicon when focus from the page is lost.

ashiishme Sine wave animation using React & Typescript with Canvas API 😍

null-dev Profile Switcher for Firefox Create, edit, delete and switch between browser profiles seamlessly in Firefox. Inspired by Chrome's profile switcher. In

fireship-io SVG + CSS Animation Tutorial

0b5vr Automaton is an animation engine for creative coding. While you're doing creative coding, doing time-based animation by code sometimes causes you so much pain. This project provides a framework and its GUI to connect your coding p

scitedotai scite-zotero-plugin Welcome! This is a Zotero plugin developed by scite so that you can enrich your library with information from us. It currently let

gabrieldejesus Confetti πŸŽ‰ Happy new year with this confetti effect. πŸ•Ή Test here πŸ›  Getting started Windows: You can clone

eugena GitHub Animated Corners Inspired by Tom Preston-Werner's and Tim Holman's works, I decided to create a few more variants of animated corners with octo

galvez fastify-vite Fastify plugin to serve Vite applications. Currently only supports Vue 3. Latest release: 1.0.6. Still experimental, lacking a test suite

codrops Circular Text Effect An experimental circular SVG text animation inspired by this concept Article on Codrops Demo Installation Install dependencies: n

codrops Some examples of how to animate letters on scroll.

NickCH-K Slides for the Seattle University Causal Inference Class

codrops Some ideas for button hover animations using CSS only.

obsidian-userland Open source Obsidian Publish alternative

rossning92 movy.js is an easy-to-use animation engine based on three.js and gsap.

ingram-projects The first truly composable CSS animation library. Built for Vue, React, SCSS, and CSS, AnimXYZ will bring your website to life.

endel πŸ•Ή Virtual Touch Joystick for pixi.js

Ezaldeen99 A pre-built Flutter circular animator can suit your new profile view or your any other widgets

assetnote When performing security testing against an asset, it is vital to have high quality wordlists for content and subdomain discovery.

trananhtuat Make Animated Nike Shoes Landing Page with only HTML, CSS & pure JS

alienmelon Pet cursor (Neko cursor) is a simple javascript file that turns your website's cursor into a cute animated pet! (for the desktop)

georgedoescode Flexible JavaScript library for creating squircley magic ✨

barhatsor Did you know that you can create animation using just CSS? Filmstrip is an online editor that helps you with that task. Combining the power of both positioning and keyframes CSS properties, you will get CSS code ready to use i

marknorrapscm VanillaJS implementation of an animated rising / falling number.

dindean Tindog is a traveling/dating platform for both dogs and owners.