JavaScript Animations Libraries

Newest releases

NickCH-K Slides for the Seattle University Causal Inference Class

codrops Some ideas for button hover animations using CSS only.

obsidian-userland Open source Obsidian Publish alternative

rossning92 movy.js is an easy-to-use animation engine based on three.js and gsap.

ingram-projects The first truly composable CSS animation library. Built for Vue, React, SCSS, and CSS, AnimXYZ will bring your website to life.

endel 🕹 Virtual Touch Joystick for pixi.js

Ezaldeen99 A pre-built Flutter circular animator can suit your new profile view or your any other widgets

assetnote When performing security testing against an asset, it is vital to have high quality wordlists for content and subdomain discovery.

trananhtuat Make Animated Nike Shoes Landing Page with only HTML, CSS & pure JS

alienmelon Pet cursor (Neko cursor) is a simple javascript file that turns your website's cursor into a cute animated pet! (for the desktop)

georgedoescode Flexible JavaScript library for creating squircley magic ✨

barhatsor Did you know that you can create animation using just CSS? Filmstrip is an online editor that helps you with that task. Combining the power of both positioning and keyframes CSS properties, you will get CSS code ready to use i

marknorrapscm VanillaJS implementation of an animated rising / falling number.

dindean Tindog is a traveling/dating platform for both dogs and owners.

charliegerard Prototype of Pac-Man game in WebXR (mixed reality). Built using Three.js.

JoviDeCroock Hooks-based animations for Preact

thesephist Tabloid is a minimal but Turing complete programming language inspired, nay, supercharged by clickbait headlines that rule the Internet today.

Volorf Have you seen these amazing 3D hover effect on Apple TV? Have you known that you can easily make similar effect? Just like that!

faisalAkhtar ✨✨Animating URL links using JavaScript✨✨

carlelieser tiper-js. - a small library for creating typing animations.

dvmjoshi Learn animation basic components in flutter

catalinmiron Advanced React Native animations.

catalinmiron A cross-platfom dot inversion slider animation in React Native

nomi9995 Highly configurable component imitating native bottom sheet behavior, with fully native 60 FPS animations!

Stono A Kubernetes node connectivity tool that preforms frequent tests (tcp, udp and dns), and exposes Prometheus metrics that are enriched with the node name, and the locality information (such as zone), enabling you to correlate issue

Bayesnote Jupyter Notebook, Zeppelin Notebook and other notebooks have been highly popular among data scientists and data engineers.

deven98 Easy Animations - No Controllers, No Tickers, Only the necessary parts.

lukeraymonddowning Alpinimations helps you clean up your Laravel blade files when using Alpine JS. Alpine has a super powerful animation system, but it can often bloat your HTML. This package bundles common animations into small blade files that you

codrops An experimental grid layout slideshow with a stack-like navigation and glitch effect.

miketalbot 60fps with Javascript Coroutines for idle processing and animation

munsocket Parallax effect in javascript using face tracking, can be a good improvement for 3d scenes. If the user prohibits using the camera, nothing loads. This library uses TFJS with WASM backend on CPU, so your GPU will be free.

abhiprojectz Motionia - a lightweight simplified on demand animation library.

charliegerard Prototype of automatic detection of water running to trigger a countdown using Tensorflow.js.