A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

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protonradio Proton Player is an HTML5-based streaming music player optimized for compatibility across many devices and browsers.

DusteDdk bespoke music player for web

SimonBrazell A simple web extension that redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Google Maps requests to privacy friendly alternatives.

Keller-Michael ABAP starter Motivation of this repository This repository is intended to provide all interested people with an initial overview of the requirements t

graykelly Untuk file database / ada pertanyaan bisa email ke : [email protected] Sistem Informasi TK berbasis Website framework Codeigniter 3 Fitur-fitur :

app-generator Jinja Template - Paper Dashboard Template Theme provided by AppSeed - Features: UI Kit: Paper Dashboard (Free Version) by Creative-Tim Render Engine:

sudonims Installation Go to chrome://extensions - Chrome Extensions Turn on developer mode from the upper right corner Download the latest release from release

musartedev Dibujarte CSS ✨ ¡Llegó el momento de dibujar con CSS! ✨ 👀 ¿De qué se trata? Vamos a adentrarnos en el uso de las hojas de estilo. ¿Preparadas/os para

kkosuge VCam Window for mmhmm I want to use mmhmm streaming input as a presenter in a video conferencing tool (e.g. Microsoft Teams), but I can't use the pres

mazipan 👩‍🎨 Buku Saku Pramuka Live Web Screenshots Credits Starter: Next Starter Tailwind by Taylor Bryant Image: Bird

darko-mesaros Building Serverless Applications with CDK - Workshop Welcome to this workshop, where I will attempt to take you through what it takes to create a bare

corbinpage 👨‍🌾 Yield Farmers' Almanac Yield farming has emerged as a massive new trend in DeFi but is hard to understand, follow along, and find the best oppor

siadat Static type checker for interface{} with a type list This is an experiment. This is a tool that performs a static type check on values of type interfa

puhitaku Nintendo Switch I2S to S/PDIF (Orange LED on the Chord Mojo indicates that it's receiving 48kHz digital sound.) I2S to S/PDIF conversion on SiPeed Tan

stewdio 👋 Handy.js Handy makes defining and using custom hand shapes in WebXR a snap. Just name your hand shape (eg. “peace”) and write a function that defin

vector-im Hydrogen A minimal Matrix chat client, focused on performance, offline functionality, and broad browser support. This is work in progress and not yet

appcoders Mailcow tools - simple tools that use the mailcow API Currently there a the following tools: addMailboxes updateQuota addSyncJobs I made them for my o

crmeb CRMEB客户管理+电商营销系统Java版 如果对您有帮助,您可以点右上角 "Star" 支持一下 谢谢! 项目介绍 CRMEB JAVA版商城系统是基于Java+uniapp开发的一套新零售移动电商系统,CRMEB系统就是集客户关系管理+营销电商系统,能够快速积累客户、会员数据分析、智能转化客户、

TravisFrankMTG UpkeepJS Welcome to UpkeepJS: React video built for the mobile world. UpkeepJS is designed for frontend developers seeking a lightweight solution to m

Minehut Minehut Meta Welcome to the Minehut Meta GitHub repo! This is the place to report bugs and suggest features and improvements for Minehut, the server h

Mathspy reason-repacked This is just Reason repacked into a binary for easy use with BuckleScript/ReScript. The goal is to have an always up-to-date distribut

egoist tiny-current-script A tiny ponyfill (266 bytes) for document.currentScript which adds support for IE 11. Install yarn add tiny-current-script Usage im

galvez Nuxt ESBuild module Enables esbuild-loader to transpile JavaScript and TypeScript in Nuxt. Use cases: If you don't use TypeScript, it's only enabled f

dervan Goal This repository contains an implementation of TURTLEDOVE ( We aim to provide a solution that will be so simil

timdeschryver docs-md Generate markdown docs for your project's public API. Usage Example npx docs-md --help Description Generates documentation in markdown

thesephist 📬 Disrupt your unremarkable's and's. emails stand out, for when a simple "" just i

kripod css-shorthand-expanders Type-safe functions to expand CSS shorthands into their longhand sub-properties. Motivation CSS rules can be represented as pl

mattn Hey 👋 , I'm mattn I ❤ Open Source. I love Vim and Go. Long-time Golang user&contributor Google Dev Expert for Go Author of many Go tools Vim plugin a

refate frider Dump dex, trace/intercept Java/native function. Based on React, Django, Frida, adb. Features enumerate Android APPs show basic information unpa

SpinnerZ Guia para desenvolvedores de software iniciantes autodidatas Antes de qualquer coisa: Você pode aprender programação. Você consegue aprender programaç

gohugoio Hugo JS Libraries A small collection of JS libraries that works well with Hugo, packaged and ready for use as Hugo Modules. Hugo has great support for

anvaka Neighborhood beautification This code implements Neighborhood beautification graph layout algorithm proposed by Severino F. Galán and Ole J. Mengshoel

hackclub hacklang A programming language created for and by hackclubbers. Basically javascript but the keywords are replaced with hackclubbers' names. hacklang