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ITSserge Task Runner Gulp — GKVS (Volkov Sergey) Easy and convenient to use Task Runner git init git clone Link Using TaskRunner Before working, you need to i

khannakshat7 👩‍🏫 गुरुSkool 👩‍🏫 Believe Bigger Aim Higher Demo - CHECK LIVE Features and UI Landing Page Cool landing page with Get Started, Login and Register

MrMertBey Installation First, we enter the src>configs>config.json file. We fill in the required fields according to our discord server. Then we shift + right c

maggie-j-liu This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Started First, run the development server: npm run dev # or yarn dev Open http://

LeonardSSH A Typescript Boilerplate for RAGE:MP with simple setup and usage. Remember to 🌟 this Github if you 💖 it. 📌 Features Full RAGE:MP Type Support for V

mdbetancourt Soly Sol Yellow, it's a CLI not just for Kryptonians. built with zod Features Easy to build. Get default type validation and coercion with some builti

jakeliny Crachá Virtual DoWhile Tecnologias   |    Projeto   |    Layout   |    Licença 🚀 Tecnologias Esse projeto foi desenvolvido com as seguintes tecnologi

jahkyxd ÖNEMLİ BİLGİLER setup ın içindeki config.jsonu doldurun modülleri kurun botu başlatın kanal perm sistemini çıkarttım bilginiz olsun belki bazen backup

MuseCat77 vk4me_theme_editor My first attempt at programming in js. Theme editor for VK4ME 3 theme engine that made in single HTML file for portability reasons

NathanPB Simple highly customized CLI-like progress bar for Javascript If you get any questions or suggestions just open a discussion or an issue Installation

caoxiemeihao vite-react-electron English | 简体中文 Run Setup # clone the project git clone [email protected]:caoxiemeihao/vite-react-electron.git # enter the project di

uselessdev Datepicker A simple datepicker component build with date-fns and Chakra-UI. Table of Contents Requisites Installation and Usage Customizing License Re

XadillaX nodenes Desktop NES emulator in Node.js. Usage Installation $ npm install -g play-nes Only support Linux and macOS (M1 not included) so far. Play $ ne

rmrk-team SubstraHooks Core SubstraHooks is a collection of useful react hooks that work with polkadot.js on substrate blockchains inspired by useDApp Usage Add

manateelazycat What is popweb? I want a pop-up window display web multimedia content, such as, translation tooltip, LaTex preview, code completion etc. Browser relat

m4tt72 M4TT72 | Terminal A terminal style website why? TL;DR: why not? I'm a Linux enthusiast, and I tried creating something that will allow 'normal' people

saadq A website for keeping up to date with ECMAScript proposals. Created with React, TypeScript, and Next.js. Developing Setup Clone this repo

littledivy deno_sqlite3 Non-blocking, asynchronous FFI bindings to SQlite3. Usage import { Connection } from "./mod.ts"; const conn = new Connection(); await co

crapthings A dapp starter kit with modern workflow.

clojure-doc CDS: A Clojure Doc Site An assorted collection of tutorials, guides, and other documentation (by various authors) for the Clojure programming language

theeye-io-team TheEye What is TheEye? TheEye is a process automation platform developed in NodeJS. Best used as BPM, Rapid Backoffice Development (RDA) and processes

renomureza Quran API ID REST API Al-Quran Indonesia dengan terjemahan, tafsir (Kemenag, Quraish Shihab, Al-Jalalain), audio murottal (per surah dan ayat dari 6 q

sgenoud replicad The library to build browser based 3D models with code. For more information, check the documentation Examples Here are some basic examples o

evmn Essays: Paul Graham 中文版 After I crawled all the essays, I have done the following works: Design book cover Convert webpage encoding from cp1252 to utf

Kasimir123 K3RN3LCTF-2021 Repository with the downloadable files and server files for the 2021 K3RN3LCTF. How to create the docker images If you want to test a r

code-shoily ExAlgo ExAlgo is a collection of data structures and algorithms implemented in Elixir. This is the authors attempt to see algorithms through Elixir's

rifqirosyidi Next.js + Tailwind CSS Example This example shows how to use Tailwind CSS (v2.2) with Next.js. It follows the steps outlined in the official Tailwind

infiniteregrets GG Automating the Set Card Game, but literally! About This script goes to and solves the daily challenge without ev

mchaNetwork github-proxy Properly implemented proxy for GitHub running on Cloudflare Workers, trying to be feature-rich while not bloated. Acknowledgements hunshc

mukeshdani Full Stack Web development 💥 Full Stack Web development 👉 In This repo I am adding all documentation and other code related this Courses . I am Upda

jlungo Staff-ID-Card-Creation-and-Printing-System-made-using-PHP Here is the project where an administrator of a company or organisation can use to register

maraisr tctx npm add tctx makes Trace Contexts simple ⚡ Features Lightweight — see. Efficient — Effective reuse of memory between children see benchmarks. Pro