Bootique is a minimally opinionated platform for modern runnable Java apps.

Bootique is a minimally opinionated java launcher and integration technology. It is intended for building container-less runnable Java applications. With Bootique you can create REST services, webapps, jobs, DB migration tasks, etc. and

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jonwinters AutoGenerateEnumApi是一个自动为Java枚举生成Rest接口的SpringBoot组件, 组件默认采用约定而非配置的风格。自动化地生成接口的方式可以将你从重复繁琐的枚举接口编写工作中解放出来。

ProgrammerZamanNow Kotlin RESTful API

stargate Stargate is a data gateway deployed between client applications and a database. It's built with extensibility as a first-class citizen and makes it easy to use a database for any application workload by adding plugin support for new APIs, data types, and access methods.

awslabs A Java wrapper to run Spring, Jersey, Spark, and other apps inside AWS Lambda.

loiane This extension pack packages some of the most popular (and some I find very useful) VSCode Java and Spring extensions.

danvega This is a template for anyone looking to use Spring Boot + Vue.JS in the same project.

Tencent APIJSON是一种专为API而生的 JSON网络传输协议 以及 基于这套协议实现的ORM库

LianjiaTech A springboot starter for retrofit, and supports many functional feature enhancements, greatly simplifying development.(实现了Retrofit与spring-boot框架快速整合,并支持了诸多功能增强,极大简化开发)