This small project show 4 different approach : Using Hibernate, Standard JPA, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data REST

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spring-cloud Table of Contents 1. Features 2. Modules In Maintenance Mode 3. Building 3.1. Basic Compile and Test 3.2. Documentation 3.3. Working with the code 3.3.1. Importing into eclipse with m2ec

williewheeler Kite is a Spring-based library of components, called guards, implementing various patterns for managing app/service availability, performance and capacity. It's based in part upon patterns in the Release It! book by Michael Nygard.

lwaddicor Spring Start Analyser This project is designed as a module which you can bring in via maven and it will produce a graph similar to below which shows the construction times of each spring bean. How to use Import the

networknt A fast, lightweight and cloud-native microservices framework. Stack Overflow | Google Group | Gitter Chat | Subreddit | Youtube Channel | Documentation | Contribution Guide | Why call it Light-4J Light means lightweight, lig

mploed Event Driven Applications with Spring Boot This projects tries to capture various options you have when dealing with Event Driven Spring Boot applications. The follwing Spring Technologies are being used: Spring Boot Spring

sdeleuze Spring WebFlux Kotlin fullstack example with Kotlin2js for frontend instead of JavaScript or TypeScript. Usage of Kotlin JavaScript Dead Code Elimination tool allows to have lightweight JavaScript code generated. For this simple example, b

sqshq Piggy Metrics A simple way to deal with personal finances This is a proof-of-concept application, which demonstrates Microservice Architecture Pattern using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Docker. With a pretty neat use

apache Apache-ServiceComb-Service-Center Apache ServiceComb Service-Center is a Restful based service-registry that provides micro-services discovery and micro-service management. It is based on Open API format and provides featu