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Frameworks that handle the communication between the layers of a web application.

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barthr Spring Boot blueprint with Keycloak and Vue.js

aaa081215 Spring-Boot-Starter-kafka, which allows users to quickly integrated kafka or Ckfka stream processing platform in a Spring Boot project, supports failure compensation mechanisms and dead-letter messages.There will be no repeat cons

berndruecker Sample application demonstrating an order fulfillment system decomposed into multiple independant components (e.g. microservices). Showing concrete implementation alternatives using e.g. Java, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Camunda, Z

amigoscode Spring Boot allows to take an idea/prototype and turn it into a real thing in matters minutes hours of months and years. A lot of companies use Spring Boot because it's easy to setup, learn and write code very fast without having

Shengyan-Coder Fruit-Sales-Platform A Java Web practice project based on Spring MVC and Mybatis. This project was completed while reading a book called "Spring MVC+M

TanZhiL 骨架屏弹性块 Installation: 1.project.gradle buildscript { repositories { google() jcenter() maven { url 'https://jitpack.io'

quantumcored The Remote Hacker Probe is a Remote Access and Post Exploitation Framework coded in C++/Java. Installation & Usage Download Java 11+. Most preferrably

gyuwon 현실 세상의 TDD 실습 코드 Fast campus 강의 '현실 세상의 TDD' 실습에 사용된 예제 코드를 제공합니다. 예제 코드는 강의 촬영 전에 미리 준비되었고 강의 촬영 시 라이브 코딩이 진행되었기 때문에 세부 코드는 강의 영상에서 보는 것과 다를 수 있습니다.

RameshMF A curated list of awesome blogs, tutorials, courses, and resources for the Spring boot.

Netflix DGS Framework (Domain Graph Service) is a GraphQL server framework for Spring Boot, developed by Netflix.

erupts 通用后台管理框架,使用 Java 注解,快速开发 Admin 管理后台。零前端代码、零 CURD、不生成任何代码、自动建表、注解式 API,支持所有主流数据库。

springdoc The springdoc-openapi Java library helps automating the generation of API documentation using Spring Boot projects. springdoc-openapi works by examining an application at runtime to infer API semantics based on Spring configuratio

marcosbarbero Rate limit auto-configure for Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul

dilum1995 Play framework as a backend session (03 week session series) that I have conducted for the Informatics Institute of Technology L5 students

qaware This library automagically generates a OpenApi v3 specification at runtime for Spring Boot applications.

LianjiaTech A springboot starter for retrofit, and supports many functional feature enhancements, greatly simplifying development.(实现了Retrofit与spring-boot框架快速整合,并支持了诸多功能增强,极大简化开发)

Tencent APIJSON是一种专为API而生的 JSON网络传输协议 以及 基于这套协议实现的ORM库

danvega This is a template for anyone looking to use Spring Boot + Vue.JS in the same project.

loiane This extension pack packages some of the most popular (and some I find very useful) VSCode Java and Spring extensions.

awslabs A Java wrapper to run Spring, Jersey, Spark, and other apps inside AWS Lambda.

stargate Stargate is a data gateway deployed between client applications and a database. It's built with extensibility as a first-class citizen and makes it easy to use a database for any application workload by adding plugin support for n

ProgrammerZamanNow Kotlin RESTful API

jonwinters AutoGenerateEnumApi是一个自动为Java枚举生成Rest接口的SpringBoot组件, 组件默认采用约定而非配置的风格。自动化地生成接口的方式可以将你从重复繁琐的枚举接口编写工作中解放出来。

sivalabs Localstack-spring-boot-starter is a SpringBoot starter for LocalStack auto-configuration. This starter will spin up the Localstack docker container using Testcontainers and auto-configure beans such as AmazonS3, AmazonSQSAsync, et

veracode-research In this article, we explain how dangerous an unrestricted view name manipulation in Spring Framework could be. Before doing so, let's look at the simplest Spring application that uses Thymeleaf as a templating engine:

ThierrySquirrel Websocket Spring Book Edition

fengbindev 一个基于 Spring Boot、Shiro、 JWT、Mybatis Plus、Vue、Ant-Design-Vue 的前后端分离的插件式快速开发框架

crossoverJie A better feign client library to combine with SpringBoot.

wimdeblauwe The goal of the project is to make it easy to have proper error responses for REST APIs build with Spring Boot.

SpringBootReact Spring Boot is a Java-Based framework used, and not limited to, creating micro service applications. Configuring the back-end of your application is easier than ever with the use of Spring Boot dependencies which enables you to s

Chadiii This small project show 4 different approach : Using Hibernate, Standard JPA, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data REST

RameshMF Spring Boot CRUD Web application with Pagination and Sorting features using Spring Boot, ThymeLeaf, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, MySQL database

kawansoft AceQL HTTP v5.0.2 - April 22, 2020 Server Installation and Configuration Guide Fundamentals Overview Technical operating environment Download and Installation Linux / Unix Inst