Provide environments to run tests for a specific use case.

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joseluisgs Ejemplo inicial de Programación Orientada a Objetos, con Java. Nuestra primeras clases, con usos, abusos, y algunos tests en 1DAM. Curso 2021-2022.

Darmen-Software-Development README for Darmen Test Utilities Overview Parent library used for Api Commons that have common methods for UI and API based testing as well as any oth

aalmiray TestFX-DSL TestFX-DSL aims to bring DSL capabilities on top of TestFX. Inspired by Geb, this DSL enables a fluent interface design on top of the facil

sterodium Selenium Grid Extensions Set of Selenium Grid extensions for a better UI tests. Full Documentation See the Wiki for documentation, examples and other

Hakky54 ConsoleCaptor Install library with: Install with maven <dependency> <groupId>io.github.hakky54</groupId> <artifactId>consolecaptor</artifactId

Hakky54 LogCaptor Install library with: Install with maven <dependency> <groupId>io.github.hakky54</groupId> <artifactId>logcaptor</artifactId> <v

randomizedtesting RANDOMIZED TESTING ================== JUnit test runner and plugins for running JUnit tests with pseudo-randomness. See the following for more infor

j8spec J8Spec J8Spec is a library that allows tests written in Java to follow the BDD style introduced by RSpec and Jasmine. More details here: j8spec.github

sormuras IntelliJ IDEA and JUnit: Writing, Finding, and Running Tests 📼 Webinar https://info.jetbrains.com/info.jetbrains.com/idea-webinar-november17-2021 📜

MiniDigger MiniTestFramework Integration Test Framework for Paper! Usage Install plugin Create Test Structure /test create <filename.testname> [width] Build cont

abstracta jmeter-java-dsl Simple Java API to run performance tests, using JMeter as engine, in an VCS (versioning control system) and programmers friendly way.

dazuoit ZuoXMvvmJetpack (2020-11-02) 本项目为 MVVM + Jetpack + AndroidX + Fragmnet2 + Glide + rxjava3 + okhttp + retrofit + rxlifecycle + rxpermissions + SmartRef

PTS93 Some photos can be found here: https://hackaday.io/project/175832-minimal-raspberry-pi-cm-4-carrier Why The goal was to show how little you have to do

Osiris-Team Headless-Browser A headless browser written in Java. HBrowser hBrowser = new HBrowser(); HWindow hWindow = hBrowser.openNewWindow().load("https://wiki

sudharsan-selvaraj selenium-auto-wait automatically manages all weblement waits and makes you to write wait free selenium tests.

JavaUnit AutoParams AutoParams is an arbitrary test data generator for parameterized tests in Java inspired by AutoFixture. Sometimes setting all the test data

mauricioaniche CodeSheriff is a simple library that helps you in writing JUnit tests that check the quality of your code. For example, CodeSheriff may fail because you have methods in your code that have more than X lines of code, or that have c

alibaba 基于代码和字节码增强的Java单元测试辅助工具

QAInsights JEval helps you to evaluate your JMeter test plan and provides recommendation before you start your performance testing.

jenkinsci Framework for unit testing Jenkins pipelines

metersphere MeterSphere is a one-stop open-source enterprise-class continuous testing platform. It covers functions such as tests tracking, interface testing, performance testing, team collaboration and is compatible with open-source standard

alibaba Markov(阿里妈妈功能测试平台)是在测试转型大背景下自研的新一代功能测试平台,相较于传统的功能测试框架具有着诸多的优点,比如可视化用例编写管理、分布式的沙盒环境和测试数据构建、测试流程pipeline管理。

warmuuh Milkman - An Extensible Request/Response Workbench Milkman is heavily inspired by Postman. But I got sick of all those electron-based applications that need ages and loads of memory to start up. Therefore i cr

clusterfk ClusterFk Chaos Proxy ClusterFk Chaos Proxy is an unreliable HTTP proxy you can rely on; a lightweight tool designed for chaos testing of microservices. Why Would I Need This? I will let you in on a sec

testcontainers Testcontainers Testcontainers is a Java 8 library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.

wiremock WireMock - a web service test double for all occasions Key Features HTTP response stubbing, matchable on URL, header and body content patterns Request verification Runs in unit tests, as a standalon

thubbo Apache JMeter Plugin For Apache Dubbo Introduce Dubbo Plugin for Apache JMeter, Its main purpose is to perform stress testing on the Dubbo interface visually in Jmeter. It is easy to use. Plugin Ve

nhn EAT(End-point Autonomous Testing Tool) 🚩 Table of Contents System Requirements Features Scenario using Json Report Test Result Background Using Actor model Communicati

ExpediaGroup HEAT - User Documentation Please, have a look here code of conduct Table of Contents WHY do we need a test framework HEAT - Hotels.com Engine Architecture for Testing First General Configuration

junit-team JUnit 5 This repository is the home of the next generation of JUnit, JUnit 5. Latest Releases General Availability (GA): JUnit 5.6.2 (April 10, 2020) Preview (Milestone/Release Candidate): JUnit 5.7.0

mkotsur Restito - testing framework for rest clients Restito is a tool which is inspired by mockito and functionally is diametrically opposite to the Rest Assured. Restito provides a DSL to: Mimic rest server behavior

FlexTradeUKLtd JFixture JFixture is an open source library based on the popular .NET library, AutoFixture. Description JFixture is a Java library to assist in the writing of Unit Tests, particularly when following Test D