Simple HTTP server library written in Java

A bottom-up approach to learn the network programming in Java core, by creating my own server library.
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Last update: Jul 13, 2020

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huynhminhtufu A bottom-up approach to learn the network programming in Java core, by creating my own server library.

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wizzardo Java HTTP-server server based on my epoll HttpServer<HttpConnection> server = new HttpServer<>(8080); server.getUrlMapping() .append("/", (request, response) -> response.setBody("It's alive!")); serv

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undertow-io Undertow Undertow is a Java web server based on non-blocking IO. It consists of a few different parts: A core HTTP server that supports both blocking and non-blocking IO A Servlet 4.0 implementation A JSR-356 compliant we

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payara About Payara The Payara Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to ensure the continued development and maintenance of Payara Server and Payara Micro as open source software for the benefit of its community of users.

NanoHttpd NanoHTTPD – a tiny web server in Java NanoHTTPD is a light-weight HTTP server designed for embedding in other applications, released under a Modified BSD licence. It is being developed at Github and uses Apache Maven for builds