A decentralized bitcoin exchange network

Bisq What is Bisq? Bisq is a safe, private and decentralized way to exchange bitcoin for national currencies and other digital assets. Bisq uses peer-to-peer networking and multi-signature escrow to facilitate tradin

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GraxCode What is this project about? The ReverseCrypter can extract jar archives crypted by various java-crypters. The extractors (and their keys!) are hard-coded and may not work for newer versions. Supported Crypters

okayrunner Spring Boot Starter ACME A Spring Boot module that is meant to ease the pain of generating a valid SSL Certificate using the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol. This project depends on the acme4j librar

jcasbin jcasbin-springboot-plugin jcasbin-springboot-plugin is an authorization middleware for Spring Boot, it's based on https://github.com/casbin/jcasbin. It is developed under the latest Spring Boot 2.0.1 and Java 8. Inst

auth0 Java JWT A Java implementation of JSON Web Tokens (draft-ietf-oauth-json-web-token-08). If you're looking for an Android version of the JWT Decoder take a look at our JWTDecode.Android library. Installat

nccgroup Burp Suite HTTP Smuggler A Burp Suite extension to help pentesters to bypass WAFs or test their effectiveness using a number of techniques. This extension has been developed by Soroush Dalili (@irsdl) from NCC Group. The initial

eclipse Open-source vulnerability assessment tool Discover, assess and mitigate known vulnerabilities in your Java and Python projects. The open-source vulnerability assessment tool supports software development organizations

desmondyeung Scala-Hashing Overview Fast non-cryptographic hash functions for Scala. This library provides APIs for computing 32-bit and 64-bit hashes. Currently implemented hash functions MurmurHash3 (32-bit) XxHash (32

mikepound SSL/TLS Exercises These exercises are associated with my course on Transport Layer Security (TLS). This course is delivered via O'Reilly Live Training. When not teaching online I am a lecturer at the University of Nottingham, and