Simple full text indexing and searching library for Java

indexer4j Simple full text indexing and searching library for Java Install Gradle repositories { jcenter() } dependencies { compile 'com.haeungun.indexer4j:indexer4j:<:the-latest-version&

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castorini Anserini Anserini is an open-source information retrieval toolkit built on Lucene that aims to bridge the gap between academic information retrieval research and the practice of building real-world search applications. T

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o19s HANGRY: hungry and angry. We're hangry for first-class vector search in Lucene based search! (experimental)

codelibs Fess is a very powerful and easily deployable Enterprise Search Server. You can quickly install and run Fess on any platform where you can run the Java Runtime Environment.

alexklibisz Elasticsearch plugin for nearest neighbor search. Store vectors and run similarity search using exact and approximate algorithms.

wlezzar Doks is a CLI tool that aggregates documents coming from multiple sources (github, google drive, etc.) into a search engine (Lucene is used by default for minimum local setup but elasticsearch can be used instead).

KennFalcon HanLP Analyzer for Elasticsearch