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Frameworks specifically for creating RESTful services.

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advantageous The Java microservice lib. QBit is a reactive programming lib for building microservices - JSON, HTTP, WebSocket, and REST. QBit uses reactive programming to build elastic REST, and WebSockets based cloud friendly, web services. S

airlift Airlift Airlift is a framework for building REST services in Java. This project is used as the foundation for distributed systems like Trino (formerly

membrane Membrane Service Proxy Reverse HTTP proxy (framework) written in Java, that can be used as an API gateway as a security proxy for HTTP based integrati

FabioFNC Leilão API REST Essa aplicação foi feita para ajudar aqueles que ainda estão com alguma dúvida, sobre o funcionamento de um API REST em Spring. Já que

huangbaihua001 Restful Toolkit For Intellij IDEA 中文 What is RestfulToolkitX? RestfulToolkitX is an awesome restful development toolkit for Intellij IDEA. This toolki

huangbaihua001 Restful Toolkit For Intellij IDEA Feature list Base on IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template, support Java 8+, IDEA 2020.2+. Enter the URL to navigate to

henriquefuchs Online Bookstore RESTful API para a gestão de uma livraria online. Features Cadastro de autor Listagem de autores Atualizar autor Remover autor Detalh

getheimdall An easy way to orchestrate your APIs What is Heimdall Heimdall is a open source project developed by Conductor Tecnologia SA with the objective to provide an API Orchestrator solution. Feel free to manage your

RohitAwate Everest (formerly RESTaurant) is an upcoming REST API testing client written in JavaFX. Everest running on Windows 10. Why Everest? Everest is written in Java. Thus, it is significantly lighter on resources and

google Rejoiner Creates a uniform GraphQL schema from microservices Allows the GraphQL schema to be flexibly defined and composed as shared components Generates GraphQL types from Proto definitions Populates r

prisma Website • Docs • Examples • Blog • Slack • Twitter • Prisma Framework (Preview) Prisma replaces traditional ORMs and simplifies database workflows: Access: Type-safe database access with the auto-generated Prisma client

swagger-api Swagger Core NOTE: If you're looking for Swagger Core 1.5.X and OpenAPI 2.0, please refer to 1.5 branch. Swagger Core is a Java implementation of the OpenAPI Specification. Current version supports JAX-RS2.

Sixt Ja-micro Ja-micro is a lightweight Java framework for building microservices. Introduction Ja-micro is a framework that allows developers to easily develop microservices in Java. It was developed at Sixt, p

takezoe Resty Super easy REST API framework for Scala You can run the sample project by hitting following commands: $ git clone $ cd resty-sample/ $ sbt ~jetty:start Check APIs

restlet Restlet Framework The leading REST API framework for Java Thanks to Restlet Framework's powerful routing and filtering capabilities, unified client and server Java API, developers can build secure and scalabl

linkedin is an open source REST framework for building robust, scalable RESTful architectures using type-safe bindings and asynchronous, non-blocking IO. fills a niche for applying RESTful principles at scale with an en

aol Microserver A convenient modular engine for Microservices. Microserver plugins offer seamless integration with Spring (core), Jersey, Guava, Tomcat, Grizzly, reactive programming, Hibernate (& Spring Data), Sprin

perwendel Spark - a tiny web framework for Java 8 Spark 2.9.1 is out. Update to get rid of security issues in the Jetty version used in 2.9.0! <dependency> <groupId>com.sparkjava</groupId> <art

restx RESTX - the lightweight Java REST framework RESTX is a full lightweight disrupting stack, which includes Swagger-like ui & considers REST specs tests as docs. It shares similarities with modern frameworks like Pl

RestExpress RestExpress is a thin wrapper on the JBOSS Netty HTTP stack to provide a simple and easy way to create RESTful services in Java that support massive Internet Scale and performance. Born to be simple, only three things are requi

resteasy RESTEasy RESTEasy is a project aimed at providing productivity frameworks for developing client and server RESTful applications and services in Java. It is mainly a JAX-RS implementation but you'll find some

OpenFeign Feign makes writing java http clients easier Feign is a Java to HTTP client binder inspired by Retrofit, JAXRS-2.0, and WebSocket. Feign's first goal was reducing the complexity of binding Denominator uniformly to H

dropwizard Dropwizard Dropwizard is a sneaky way of making fast Java web applications. It's a little bit of opinionated glue code which bangs together a set of libraries which have historically not sucked: Jetty for HT

dropwizard Dropwizard Dropwizard is a sneaky way of making fast Java web applications. It's a little bit of opinionated glue code which bangs together a set of libraries which have historically not sucked: Jetty for HT