Two-week homemade scripting language with daily detailed notes and source code. If you feel good, you can give a Star.

Welcome to pull request/fork/star, thanks~ Maybe you just finished compiling the principle, or not, but you want to make a programming language of your own, then look at this project is right, I will design a simple scrip

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AlexP11223 Very basic IDE and vizualization/simulation of Mini-C compiler ( Allows to see output for each compilation phase, such as tokens, AST image, generated JVM bytecode and to execute bytecode step-by-step

hexagonkt Hexagon The atoms of your platform Quick Start | Guides | API Reference Hexagon is a microservices library written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of services (Web applications,

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ethereum Welcome to ethereumj ⛔ Deprecated ⛔ This project is not supported anymore. If you have any question or would like to contribute find us on Gitter. About EthereumJ is a pure-Java implementa

com-lihaoyi OS-Lib 0.6.2 // Make sure working directory exists and is empty val wd = os.pwd/"out"/"splash" os.remove.all(wd) os.makeDir.all(wd) // Read/write files os.write(wd/"file.txt", "hello")"file.txt") ==> "hello"

corretto Corretto 8 Amazon Corretto is a no-cost, multi-platform, production-ready distribution of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK). Corretto is used internally at Amazon for production services. With Corretto, you can develop

eclipse-vertx Vert.x Core This is the repository for Vert.x core. Vert.x core contains fairly low-level functionality, including support for HTTP, TCP, file system access, and various other features. You can use this directly in your own ap

esoco Java Coroutines This project contains a pure Java implementation of coroutines. I has a single dependency to the ObjectRelations project. It can be build locally after cloning by starting