dej, mam umierajoncom zupe is officially dead in new hands now, but old servers haven’t been turned off yet. So apparently you still have a chance of backing up your soup.

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igoticecream Snorlax Check pokemons stats. Available through Xposed repository This module acts as a man in the middle on Pokémon Go's communications with the server, and allows us to add extra features to the game. Features: Prevent

dmart28 Reveno | Event-Sourcing CQRS framework Reveno is thoroughgoing lightning-fast, durable and yet simple async transaction processing JVM based framework made to fit your domain in first place. It's highly influenced by pattern

bluejoe2008 what's elfinder-2.x-servlet elfinder-2.x-servlet implements a java servlet for elfinder-2.x connector elfinder is an Open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery and jQuery UI. see also http://elfind

BafS JAVA 8 - Cheat Sheet Lambda Expression (int a) -> a * 2; // Calculate the double of a a -> a * 2; // or simply without type (a, b) -> a + b; // Sum of 2 parameters If the lambda is more than one expres

bintray Overview The Gradle Bintray Plugin allows you to publish artifacts to Bintray. Table of Contents Getting Started Using the Plugin Building and Testing the Sources Creating Repositories, Packages and Versions GPG F

schedulix schedulix schedulix is an open source enterprise job scheduling system. Instructions for compilation and installation can be found in doc/installtion_en.pdf (English) or doc/installation.pdf (German). Documentation of the user i

tweag inline-java: Call any JVM function from Haskell The Haskell standard includes a native foreign function interface (FFI). Using it can be a bit involved and only C support is implemented in GHC. inline-java lets you call any JV

travisdesell Building: Make sure the salsa_lite directory is in your classpath. To reparse the grammar (and re-generate the compiler files) and recompile salsa run the script. You'll need JavaCC (the Java Compiler Compiler -