⚡ High performance and low latency Event Sourcing/CQRS framework

Reveno | Event-Sourcing CQRS framework Reveno is thoroughgoing lightning-fast, durable and yet simple async transaction processing JVM based framework made to fit your domain in first place. It's highly influenced by pattern

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DeemOpen zkui - Zookeeper UI Dashboard A UI dashboard that allows CRUD operations on Zookeeper. Requirements Requires Java 7 to run. Setup mvn clean install Copy the config.cfg to the folder with the jar file.

americanexpress Nodes A GraphQL JVM Client - Java, Kotlin, Scala, etc. Nodes is a GraphQL client designed for constructing queries from standard model definitions. Making this library suitable for any JVM application that wishes to int

sinasina444 SpringCarLocationService This is a real-time running vehicle location simulation and monitoring system using Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, Maven, JPA, Tomcat, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MySQL and Dock

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intuit BenTen CUI Chatbot framework (Has out of the box slack-bot support for Jira and Jenkins) BenTen is a CUI Chatbot framework that provides all the integrations that are necessary for building useful conversational c

GoogleContainerTools Jib ☑️ Jib User Survey What do you like best about Jib? What needs to be improved? Please tell us by taking a one-minute survey. Your responses will help us understand Jib u

leonchen83 A tool that can parse, filter, split, merge rdb and analyze memory usage offline. It can also sync 2 redis data and allow user define there own sink service to migrate redis data to somewhere.