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learning-zone 1000+ Java Interview Questions

gabrieldim Software Design Patterns Currently developed design patterns in this repository (with example): Facade Singleton In the future I'll add examples for t

jiangzhengnan 🔪 AOP development framework implemented through *Annotation + ASM + Gradle Transform API* for Android🤖

engine-plus CN Doc Star Lake Star Lake is a data lake storage solution built on top of the Apache Spark engine by the EnginePlus team, that supports scalable meta

ios7jbpro miui_hidden_libs Use this to open hidden activities on MIUI. Translate for your language: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1---II4WVVvPIn3cPodTC52VPVG3

prestancedesign Inertia Clojure Clojure Middleware adapter for Inertia.js. The latest versions on Clojars Introduction Inertia is a new approach to building classic s

sirthias spliff spliff is a small, zero-dependency Scala library providing efficient implementations of the diff algorithm and supporting logic presented by Eu

xxDark BetterLoading Mod What is this? This mod attempts to speed up game loading time and resource reloading by optimizing away unnecessary I/O introduced b

cegredev Java OS Independence ...or JOSI for short, is a simple and lightweight Java library designed to make making decisions based on the current operating s

salihdeg JavaCampExamples This repo for kodlama.io java camp examples Bu repository'de İsteyen herkesin faydalanabilmesi ve örnek alması için Java Kapında yapı

esastack Cabin Cabin是一款Java类隔离框架,用于隔离各个模块之间、模块和业务之间使用的第三方依赖库。使用Cabin后,模块SDK将只是用自己指定 版本的三方依赖,不会被业务引入的依赖所影响,保证业务正常运行,提高业务的开发效率,减少中间件同学此类重复的支持工作。 概述 ESA Cabin用于解决

sn0wy01 rip-nclient russian scam paid client with broken autodupe and zero protection whatsoever should be certified rat free™ client is fucking terrible rega

smtdeveloper JavaProject5GunOdev JAVA & REACT KAMPI 5. Gun ödevi - SystemOfECommerce SMTcoder Projeye yıldız Vermeyi Unutmayın 🚀 Teşekkürler! ❤️ Entites katmanınd

baranemreturkmen eTicaretSistemiSimulasyonu Engin Demiroğun düzenlemiş olduğu (Java & React) Yazılım Geliştirici Yetiştirme Kampında verilen ödev5'i içermektedir. Ödev

anatom3000 Guess What Will Happen In This Fabric mod where anyone can PR anything, concerning or not. I'll merge everything as soon as it works. How can I fuck u

slol2 Zori But actually good! Zori is a client for 1.12.2 anarchy servers such as 2b2t or eliteanarchy. Zori offers an array of tools to help you on the bat

federicodotta ghidra-scripts A collection of my Ghidra scripts. iOS FOX: This script locates all calls to objc_msgSend family functions, tries to infer the actual m

typelevel shapeless: generic programming for Scala shapeless is a type class and dependent type based generic programming library for Scala. This branch contain

borkdude Trickle A Truffle Clojure Interpreter (playground). Currently just playing around to learn more about Truffle. It might turn into something more usefu

B2H990 CloseConnection Dupe (1.12.2-1.17.1) Allows you to duplicate items via the server kicking you. (Credits to TheTroll2001) Usage Type .dupe <method> <pa

B2H990 Raion I decided to make this public as it has been being passed around in private for a while and people think they are cool for having it. What is ra

LXYan2333 English | 中文 Fabric-Bedrock-Miner A Fabric client mod to "mine" bedrock! Showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Y86yxjr_Y https://www.bilibili.com

Gav06 Blitz 1.17.1 minecraft utility mod Designed to be used as a mod with the fabric mod loader Project Status This project is basically on hold until 2b2t

zinggAI Contents Why? Connectors Security Key Zingg Concepts Installation Configuration Running Zingg Hardware Sizing Pretrained models Compiling from source,

CSC207-UofT CSC207 Course Notes This repository contains various Markdown (MD) files as the course notes. To read the course notes: select the chapter you're inte

federicodotta ghidra2frida ghidra2frida is a Ghidra Extension that, working as a bridge between Ghidra and Frida, lets you create powerful Ghidra scripts that take

Goobrr Esoterum-Solutions bad code ahead! A small Mindustry Java mod that adds a wire-based logic system tailored for building circuits. Thanks Glenn for set

Static-Flow BurpSuiteAutoRepeaterNaming This extension replaces the default repeater tab name with the URL path of the repeater request. By default Burp Suite nam

steamworksmc Spells Spells is a minecraft plugin that replicates the wizard world! Please be aware some of this code is used directly from here and this version wi

zmops Zeus IoT is the world's first open source Internet of Things distributed collection platform based on Zabbix, with data collection, analysis, and storage capabilities for millions of IoT devices.

apache SkyWalking-Java: The Java Agent for Apache SkyWalking, which provides the native tracing/metrics/logging abilities for Java projects.

chudyPB Several XStream gadgets ported from ysoserial

open-metadata OpenMetadata is an Open Standard for Metadata. A Single place to Discover, Collaborate, and Get your data right.