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0linlin0 Java Exp FrameWork

seovchinnikov Unofficial Clubhouse web app client. For personal use only. It's a personal open-source project and not affiliated with any company.

cnuernber This system uses the ffi architecture of dtype-next in order to build bindings to JNA, JDK-16 and Graal Native.

helpdeveloper Arquitetura modular O objetivo do bom design de software, como já diria Robert C. Martin, em seu livro 'Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Sof

clnhlzmn Makina is a hierarchical state machine source-to-source translator. It takes state machine descriptions as input and produces C language implementations of those state machines.

wrandelshofer A straight forward C++ to Java port of Daniel Lemire's fast_double_parser.

zhangdaiscott 一款免费的数据可视化工具,报表与大屏设计!类似于excel操作风格,在线拖拽完成报表设计!功能涵盖: 报表设计、图形报表、打印设计、大屏设计等,永久免费!

dylancom react-native-is-screen-captured-ios Detect if the system is recording, mirroring, or using AirPlay to stream the contents of the screen. https://devel

luca-montaigut React Native Boilerplate Folder structure : src ├── assets │   ├── audios │   ├── fonts │   ├── icons │   └── images ├── components │   ├── Layout.tsx

Al1ex What's this This is a Simple test Project for S2-061 which can be used to analysis the detail of this vulnerability. How to use Step 1:Use IDEA import

apple This release of OpenJDK it to provide the community access to the source code modifications to OpenJDK as shipped in Xcode.

iamironz Android unsafe wrapper (Experimental) Documented android unsafe wrapper for using internal sun.misc.Unsafe api. Android has no sun.misc.Unsafe class i

bgould Updated NestedVM toolchain for compiling C/C++ applications to run on the JVM

Leoid Pythonize Intruder Payload Processor Pythonize Intruder Payload Processor extension lets you customize the payload through Python code Pythonize Intru

PolyMarsDev Team Snake is a Discord bot written with JDA that allows users to play Snake with one another, using reactions to vote on the next move. Hi

1C-Company 1C:SSL support for 1C:EDT Расширение для 1C:EDT позволяющее разрабатывать конфигурации на основе библиотеки 1С:БСП (Библиотека Стандартных Подсистем,

Hqrion Phobos 1.7.2 Clean Buildable Source (all phobos boys are literally giving me so much attention) "ur 12" xdd so cool comebacks omg get a life you no li

KernelErr Real-time Object Detector 这是一款基于Paddle-Lite的实时目标检测App,使用Flutter开发,模型默认支持的是YOLO v3。 开发环境 OS: Ubuntu Flutter version 1.22.5 Dart version 2.10.4 Paddle L

WelsyMC MinecraftServerInformations MinecraftServerInformation is a java library for retrieving informations about Minecraft Servers. Installation Download th

kbastani Order Delivery Microservice Example In an event-driven microservices architecture, the concept of a domain event is central to the behavior of each se

kp300 ShotDroid v1.1 ShotDroid is a pentesting tool for android. There are 3 tools that have their respective functions: Android Files : Get files from Andr

forax record-util Some utility classes around java records On the menu MapTrait Transform any record to a java.util.Map just by implementing the interface M

mai1zhi2 CobaltstrikeSource Cobaltstrike4.1 Source 这是反编译后的Cobaltstrike4.1源码,修改了一点反编译后的bug,teamserver与agressor均能正常调试使用,若想自己修改调试那个文件只需把该文件复制到src下即可。 这是魔改Cobaltst

dolap-tech Quarkus Domain Driven Design Boilerplate A sample project following Domain Driven Design based on Quarkus Framework. Table of Contents Introduction Pr

xemantic java-2-times-faster-than-c An experiment showing double performance of the code running on JVM comparing to equivalent native C code What??? How? It m

charlie353535 Minecraft_MSAuth An authentication server for Microsoft accounts on Minecraft. How to use: Create an Azure app of the type "web", set your redirect UR

domagojpa OIB validation [ENG] Methods in various programming languages to validate Croatian identification number called OIB. More info on www.oib.hr. Provjera

Tencent Tencent Kona JDK11 Tencent Kona JDK11 is a no-cost, production-ready distribution of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK), Long-Term Support(LTS) w

Static-Flow BurpSuiteAutoCompletion This exention enables autocompletion within BurpSuite Repeater/Intruder tabs. Created at the request of this tweet: https://tw

Picovoice Picovoice is the end-to-end platform for building voice products on your terms. Unlike Alexa and Google services, Picovoice runs entirely on-device while being more accurate. Using Picovoice, one can infer a user’s intent from a n

schatzlab The primary goal of the course is for students to be grounded in theory and leave the course empowered to conduct independent genomic analyses.

StenAL Abstract machine for formal semantics of SIMP (Simple Imperative Language)

mawensen Enterprise Resource Planning Software helps company to manage financial, HR, sales, marketing, manufacturing, or supply chain operations. This project provides a demo code to achieve that.