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aws-samples Serverless GraalVM Demo This is a simple serverless application built in Java and uses the GraalVM native-image tool. It consists of an Amazon API Gat

nikaiw Hextraview Hextraview is a mere attempt at bringing a better hex editor in burp suite. this idea took root following very popular demand (i.e. 3 peopl

XomaDev Artic A simple library to send notifications with Firebase. Getting started It is easy to work with Artic! You have to just add one dependency. Fireba

HugoMatilla Summary of the book Effective Java 2nd Edition by Joshua Bloch

Aghajari SimpleChart Simple Line, Circle, Bar chart for Android LineChart <com.aghajari.simplechart.LineChart android:id="@+id/line_chart" android:layo

Nowilltolife Disassembly This project is a simple, portable, and extensible disassembler for x86 and x64. it is written in pure java and thus allows for easy integ

RedCarlos26 BleachHack Nether Freedom Edition Obama approved Minecraft utility mod for Fabric 1.17. Website: https://bleachhack.org/ Discord: https://bleachhack.o

sudo200 Serial Compass A simple program written in Java for emulating a compass through an Arduino connected through serial. Usage Download here. If you don't

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_modnet Android human matting demo infer by ncnn the model from MODNet: Trimap-Free Portrait Matting in Real Time support model 1.mobilene

API-Security APIKit:Discovery, Scan and Audit APIs Toolkit All In One. 介绍 APIKit是APISecurity社区发布的第一个开源项目。 APIKit是基于BurpSuite提供的JavaAPI开发的插件。 APIKit可以主动/被动扫描发现应用泄露的

subhh METS2IIIF Verwendung Die Anwendung wird für die Bereitstellung von IIIF Manifesten der Digitalen Bestände seit Mai 2021 in einem Beta-Betrieb unter de

Laffini Java-Matching-Engine REST API A matching engine written in Java. What is a matching engine? A matching engine matches buy and sell orders in a market.

Sxmurai movement-packet-sniffer God I fucking hate everything All it does is log position packets from paid clients. Need to figure out how the hell these ass

jyeonjyan GoF Design Patterns Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software Task 싱글톤패턴 싱글톤 패턴 구현 방법을 깨뜨리는 방법 리플렉션을 통해 싱글톤 패턴을 깨뜨리다 역직렬화를 통해 싱글톤

kyv3-v2 prob not the latest but the one with new popchams and this shit :^] credits to https://github.com/master7720/PERRY-PHOBOS-NEW for the jar, also remove

AcaiBerii Source installation information for modders ------------------------------------------- This code follows the Minecraft Forge installation methodology

tc-wleite Marathon Source code of my submissions to Topcoder Marathons. TCO21 Final (CoinCollector) - Nov/21 - 3rd of 12 - [Stats] MM130 (GraphLabeling) - Oct/2

LGLTeam Android Login Form in Java with Godsteam layout Login form with Godsteam layout in Java only. There is no PHP and menu source, you must implement them

ivoice-tech Overview Lightweight SIP application built on vert.x. It's intended to be used as addon for full-featured PBX to implement programmable voice scenario

Llama-Idris Llama Llama is an implementation of version 340 of the minecraft protocol that will use Idris2 and Nix. This project aims to make some cool usage of d

1C-Company 1С:EDT Project checks Расширение для 1C:EDT, которое проверяет структурную целостность проектов "1С:Предприятия 8". Проверки по стилю кодирования, лог

craftzdog react-native-native-ui-component-boilerplate A boilerplace for building native module for React Native Installation npm install react-native-my-texted

Xposed-Modules-Repo Killergram An Android Xposed module to remove sponsored messages of Telegram Support clients Official org.telegram.messenger Official org.telegram.mes

cubelius Cubelius flags Лучшие флаги для Minecraft серверов, созданные для прожорливых и неоптимизированных версий. Производительность оперативной памяти — оче

magicus phoneME Archive Background This repository contains the archived source code of the old Sun phoneME project, converted to git. Additional links: Java

xxDark FabricClassCache Mod What is this? Class cache for Fabric, to speed up class loading time. Requirements: Patched Fabric loader, may be also found on m

tntim96 JSCover - A JavaScript code coverage measurement tool. JSCover is an easy-to-use JavaScript code coverage measuring tool. It is an enhanced version of

yoink-inc yoinkrat legacy released as is no support Why cuz its not used anymore n its old How do i use it just put your webhook in it My webhook got nuked what

ThisIsLibra m3 A simple and scalable Android bot emulation framework. A detailed explanation can be found here. This project was first published at Black Hat Euro

Catuquei This is OyVey++ Buildable SRC & Release new modules not in oyvey FastProjectiles PopChams FogColour (SkyColour) NameTags AntiVoid NoSLow2b Scaffold Fa

HausemasterIssue The Trolls These are a little collection of some java programs that perry and I made that you can use to troll your friends with. They may be chinese

KaminskyIlya CronEx Ultra quick scheduler with milliseconds resolution. Basic problem described in https://habr.com/ru/post/571342/. The average event search time