Machine Learning

Tools that provide specific statistical algorithms for learning from data.

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jaceklaskowski The Internals of Spark on Kubernetes Online Book

JetBrains KotlinDL is a high-level Deep Learning API written in Kotlin and inspired by Keras. Under the hood it is using TensorFlow Java API. KotlinDL offers simple APIs for training deep learning models from scratch, importing existing Ker

linkedin Dagli is a machine learning framework that makes it easy to write bug-resistant, readable, efficient, maintainable and trivially deployable models in Java 9+ (and other JVM languages).

amidos2006 This is an updated version for the Mario AI Framework. As the first version was released in 2009, this is the tenth anniversary edition, integrating features from all previous versions and adding several new features.

oracle Tribuo is a machine learning library in Java that provides multi-class classification, regression, clustering, anomaly detection and multi-label classification. Tribuo provides implementations of popular ML algorithms and also wra

JeemyJohn Spark-ctr-models CTR prediction models based on spark. Easy to use and we realized most common models for CTR prediction. The most difference is that we not only implement model trains,but also make it easy to parse the

apache Apache PredictionIO Apache PredictionIO is an open source machine learning framework for developers, data scientists, and end users. It supports event collection, deployment of algorithms, evaluation, querying predictive

criteo Spark-RSVD Spark-RSVD is a lib to compute approximate SVD decomposition of large sparse matrices (up to 100 million rows and columns) using an iterative algorithm for speed and efficiency. The iterative algorithm is base

fossasia SUSI.AI Server SUSI.AI is an intelligent Open Source personal assistant. It is capable of chat and voice interaction by using APIs to perform actions such as music playback, making to-do lists, setting a

eclipse Deeplearning4j Examples (DL4J, DL4J Spark, DataVec)

awslabs Deep Java Library (DJL) Overview Deep Java Library (DJL) is an open-source, high-level, framework-agnostic Java API for deep learning. DJL is designed to be easy to get started with and simple to use for

stripe Agate Agate is a library designed to support evaluation of deep learning models encoded in ONNX. Quick Start Agate supports Scala 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13. To include Agate in your SBT project, use the followin

jtablesaw Tablesaw Overview Tablesaw is Java for data science. It includes a dataframe and a visualization library, as well as utilities for loading, transforming, filtering, and summarizing data. It's fast and ca

uniVocity open-source trading framework for java, supports backtesting and live trading with exchanges

bloc97 Anime4K Anime4K is a set of open-source, high-quality real-time anime upscaling/denoising algorithms that can be implemented in any programming language. The simplicity and speed of Anime4K allows the user to watch ups

JuliusKunze JAXnet JAXnet is a deep learning library based on JAX. JAXnet's functional API provides unique benefits over TensorFlow2, Keras and PyTorch, while maintaining user-friendliness, modularity and scalability: More rob

feiwang3311 Check out our website! Lantern Lantern is the implementation of a machine learning framework prototype in Scala. The design of Lantern is built on two important and well-studied programming language concepts

wzhe06 CTRmodel CTR prediction model based on pure Spark MLlib, no third-party library. Realized Models Naive Bayes Logistic Regression Factorization Machine Random Forest Gradient Boosted Decision Tree

ctongfei Nexus 🚧 Ongoing project 🚧 Status: Prototype 🚧 Nexus is a prototypical typesafe deep learning system in Scala. Nexus is a departure from common deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTo

LinkedInAttic Scalable Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search (ScANNS) ScANNS is a nearest neighbor search library for Apache Spark originally developed by Namit Katariya from the LinkedIn Machine Learning Algorithms team. It enables ne

MagicRock100 Real-Time Rotation-Invariant Face Detection and Tracking (200FPS on CPU) Click the image to watch the video! Face Warping Face Smoothing Face Color Transfer License

thomasnield Kotlin Simple Neural Network PLEASE NOTE: This project has been forked and moved here to showcase machine learning algorithms beyond neural networks. This is a simple neural network application that will suggest a LIGH

Daniel-Liu-c0deb0t Java Machine Learning Library Simple machine learning (neural network) library for Java. The library is mainly for educational purposes, and it is way too slow to be used on actual projects. The Korean translation of t

datumbox Datumbox Machine Learning Framework The Datumbox Machine Learning Framework is an open-source framework written in Java which allows the rapid development Machine Learning and Statistical applications. The main f

maxpumperla ScalphaGoZero ScalphaGoZero is an independent implementation of DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero in Scala, using Deeplearning4J (DL4J) to run neural networks. You can either run experiments with models built in DL4J directly or

neuroph Neuroph - Java Neural Network Platform Neuroph In order to make Neuroph project easier to use, navigate and maintain this repo has been splitted in two repos which contain Neuroph Framework and Neuroph Studio GUI. These

guoguibing LibRec ( is a Java library for recommender systems (Java version 1.7 or higher required). It implements a suit of state-of-the-art recommendation algorithms, aiming to resolve two classic recommendation tas

ewimberley jGeneticNeuralNet A Java library that implements neural networks with a genetic training algorithm. Classification Usage String dataFile = "src/test/resources/"; DataLoader dl = new DataLoader()

klevis CatAndDogRecognizer Java Cat&Dog Image Recognition with Deep Neural Networks Transfer learning from deeplearning4j with VGG-16 and ImageNet was in order to build a Cat and Dog Image recognition. For more informati

linkfluence fastText4j Java port of C++ version of Facebook Research fastText. This implementation supports prediction for supervised and unsupervised models, whether they are quantized or not. Please use C++ version of fastText f

ivanhk fasttext_java Java port of c++ version of facebook fasttext [UPDATED 2017-01-29] Support Load/Save facebook fasttext binary model file Building fastText_java Requirements: Maven, Java 1.6 or onwards In ord

IBM Building a Recommender with Apache Spark & Elasticsearch Recommendation engines are one of the most well known, widely used and highest value use cases for applying machine learning. Despite this, while there ar

deeplearning4j IMPORTANT: THIS REPOSITORY HAS BEEN ARCHIVED AND DATAVEC HAS BEEN MOVED DataVec has been migrated to a sub-module of the mono-repository here: All future development will