Machine Learning

Tools that provide specific statistical algorithms for learning from data.

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hopshadoop Hops Hadoop Distribution Hops (Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service) is a next generation distribution of Apache Hadoop with scalable, highly available,

apache Apache Ignite What is Apache Ignite? Apache Ignite is a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed. Technical Documentat

apache What is Apache Pinot? Features When should I use Pinot? Building Pinot Deploying Pinot to Kubernetes Join the Community Documentation License What is

hswick Clojure wrapper for deeplearning4j with some added syntactic sugar. What if I told you that you could do machine learning on the JVM without

techascent This Library Has Been Superceded by! This is great news! The clojure community has come together and together built a more stable a

opendistro-for-elasticsearch Open Distro for Elasticsearch Anomaly Detection The Open Distro for Elasticsearch Anomaly Detection plugin enables you to leverage Machine Learning ba

SteveYurongSu 🚀 Apache IoTDB Nightly Releases (Unofficial) TL;DR Download Apache IoTDB nightly releases 👉 here 👈 . Version Support 🟢 means compatible ❌ means in

jeffheaton Encog Machine Learning Framework Encog is a pure-Java/C# machine learning framework that I created back in 2008 to support genetic programming, NEAT/H

padreati Disambiguation (Italian dictionary) Field of turnips. It is also a place where there is confusion, where tricks and sims are plotted. (Computer scienc

ClearTK Introduction ClearTK provides a framework for developing statistical natural language processing (NLP) components in Java and is built on top of Apach

mertyalcin-code Rent A Car Development Process This application was developed in Innova -BTK bootcamp under the supervision of trainer Engin Demiroğ. Summary This is

lcosmos 建议安装JDK 1.8u121以下的版本,如JDK 1.8u121以上版本,请参考: 1.编辑 src/mian/java/,写入需要执行的命

idankam Bayesian-Network-Project This project is implementing Bayesian Network, Bayes Ball algorithm and Variable Elimination Algorithm. 1. Bayesian Network:

apache Parquet is a columnar storage format that supports nested data. Parquet metadata is encoded using Apache Thrift. The Parquet-format project co

MGunlogson Cuckoo Filter For Java This library offers a similar interface to Guava's Bloom filters. In most cases it can be used interchangeably and has addition

AirToSupply hudi-spark-plus A library based on Hudi for Spark. Requirements The library currently supports the following versions of components: (1)Scala:2.12.x (

lava-nc lava-dl is a library of deep learning tools within Lava that support offline training, online training and inference methods for various Deep Event-Based Networks.

Rollczi ☄️ LiteCommands Command framework for Velocity and your other implementations. Helpful links: Support Discord GitHub issues Panda Repository (Maven or

Tencent What is Firestorm Firestorm is a Remote Shuffle Service, and provides the capability for Apache Spark applications to store shuffle data on remote ser

a7med-mahmoud React Native ML Kit React Native On-Device Machine Learning w/ Google ML Kit Supported Modules Module Android iOS Image Labeling ✅ ✅ Identify Language

Qbeast-io Explore the Qbeast-spark docs >> See a notebook example >> Slack • Medium • Website Qbeast Spark extension is a data lakehouse enhancement that enable

hocyadav leetcode-lld-flipkart-coding-blox Machine coding - leetcode LLD (coding blox) My Approach :

yahoo A Java package to automatically detect anomalies in large scale time-series data

databrickslabs The purpose of this project is to provide an API for manipulating time series on top of Apache Spark. Functionality includes featurization using lagged time values, rolling statistics (mean, avg, sum, count, etc), AS OF joins, and

jaceklaskowski The Internals of Spark on Kubernetes Online Book

Kotlin KotlinDL is a high-level Deep Learning API written in Kotlin and inspired by Keras. Under the hood it is using TensorFlow Java API. KotlinDL offers simple APIs for training deep learning models from scratch, importing existing Ker

linkedin Dagli is a machine learning framework that makes it easy to write bug-resistant, readable, efficient, maintainable and trivially deployable models in Java 9+ (and other JVM languages).

amidos2006 This is an updated version for the Mario AI Framework. As the first version was released in 2009, this is the tenth anniversary edition, integrating features from all previous versions and adding several new features.

oracle Tribuo is a machine learning library in Java that provides multi-class classification, regression, clustering, anomaly detection and multi-label classification. Tribuo provides implementations of popular ML algorithms and also wra

JeemyJohn Spark-ctr-models CTR prediction models based on spark. Easy to use and we realized most common models for CTR prediction. The most difference is that we not only implement model trains,but also make it easy to parse the

apache Apache PredictionIO Apache PredictionIO is an open source machine learning framework for developers, data scientists, and end users. It supports event collection, deployment of algorithms, evaluation, querying predictive

criteo Spark-RSVD Spark-RSVD is a lib to compute approximate SVD decomposition of large sparse matrices (up to 100 million rows and columns) using an iterative algorithm for speed and efficiency. The iterative algorithm is base