Java JsonPath implementation

Jayway JsonPath A Java DSL for reading JSON documents. Jayway JsonPath is a Java port of Stefan Goessner JsonPath implementation. News 29 Feb 2016 - Released JsonPath 2.2.0 22 Nov 2015 - Released JsonPath 2.1.0

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FasterXML Jackson Project Home @github This is the home page of the Jackson Project, formerly known as the standard JSON library for Java (or JVM platform in general), or, as the "best JSON parser for Java." Or simply as "JSON for Java." M

afollestad Ason This library intends to make JSON very easy to interact with in Java; it also makes (de)serialization painless. It wraps around the well-known org.json classes (JSONObject, JSONArray, etc.) which also happen to be i

luoxn28 tomjson Tomjson is a Java library can be used to convert Java Bean Objects into JSON string. It can also be used to convert JSON string to an Java Bean Object. :) Features Tiny Tomjson is small library for json.

JakeWharton JAX-RS Moshi JSON Handlers A message body reader/writer and parameter converter which uses Moshi to handle JSON. Usage ResourceConfig resourceConfig = new ResourceConfig(); Moshi moshi = new Moshi.Builder().build()

schibsted JSLT JSLT is a complete query and transformation language for JSON. The language design is inspired by jq, XPath, and XQuery. JSLT can be used as: a query language to extract values from JSON ([0]), a filter/check

eBay JSONCoder Description JSONCoder is a light weight generic object serialization / deserialization library similar to Jackson or FastJson. This library has been widely used in various eBay domain projects for

JakeWharton Shimo Shimo is a JsonAdapter.Factory for Moshi which randomizes the order of keys when serializing objects to JSON and when deserializing objects from JSON. For example, given the following type: final class Simple { final