Libraries for working with geospatial data and algorithms.

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locationtech The JTS Topology Suite is a Java library for creating and manipulating vector geometry.

geotools GeoTools is an open source Java library that provides tools for geospatial data. Our Users guide provides an overview of the core features, supported formats and standards support. License GeoTools is licensed under

TheAlgorithms The Algorithms - Java NOTE: A Development branch is made for this repo where we're trying to migrate the existing project to a Java project structure. You can switch to Development branch for contributions. Please ref

jparkie ProbabilisticDeDuplicator (PDD) Implementation of Advanced Bloom Filter Based Algorithms for Efficient Approximate Data De-Duplication in Streams as described by Suman K. Bera, Sourav Dutta, Ankur Narang, and Souvik

apache ============================================= Welcome to Apache SIS <> ============================================= SIS is a free software, Java language library for developing geospatial applications.

locationtech Spatial4j (note: Spatial4j's official home page is at LocationTech: but this README has richer information) Spatial4j is a general purpose spatial / geosp

mapsforge Mapsforge See the integration guide and changelog. And read through how to contribute guidelines. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask our public forum for help. Mapsforge project uses

astrapi69 Overview An easy-to-implement library that can assist Java developers in using the GeoHash algorithm in order to create geocodes based on custom latitude and longitude values. With the help of jGeohash, Java

orbisgis H2GIS H2GIS is a spatial extension of the H2 database engine in the spirit of PostGIS. It adds support for managing spatial features and operations on the new Geometry type of H2, the Open Geospatial Consortium (O