Document Processing

Libraries that assist with processing office document formats.

Newest releases

YeDaxia A magical api documentation generator without annotation for springboot.

sebkur Javadoc-NG is an attempt to create a modern version of javadoc, based on modern technology and libraries as its building blocks. It is intended to be easy to use and to customize and it should integrate seamlessly with other parts

ruippeixotog Scala Scraper A library providing a DSL for loading and extracting content from HTML pages. Take a look at Examples.scala and at the unit specs for usage examples or keep reading for more thorough documentatio

chimbori Crux Crux parses Web pages to identify the crux of an article — the very essential points — minus all the fluff. The library consists of multiple independent APIs. You can pick and choose which ones you want to use.

Vatavuk Excel-io Java excel library (Apache POI inside) This is an object-oriented java library for reading and writing Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets. It is a wrapper around Apache POI that provide

delight-im Sheets of Paper Word processor in your browser using HTML and CSS (e.g. for invoices, legal notices, etc.) Poor man's Google Docs Like the foundation of Microsoft Word or LibreOffice — but in your web browser Em

documents4j documents4j documents4j is a Java library for converting documents into another document format. This is achieved by delegating the conversion to any native application which understands the conversion of the given file