A JDBC-based database drill down utility.

Gimlet GImlet is an attempt to make a useful query application. Users can create their own predefined (parameterized) queries to run against a database. Following the result set of that query, you can 'drill down' further into ot

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51nb Marble is a high performance in-memory hive sql engine based on Apache Calcite. It can help you to migrate hive sql scripts to a real-time computing system. It also provides a convenient Table API to help you to build custom SQL engines.

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diennea What is HerdDB ? HerdDB is a distributed Database, data is distributed among a cluster of server without the need of a shared storage. HerdDB primary language is SQL and clients are encouraged to use both the JDBC Driver API

rayokota KarelDB - A Relational Database Backed by Apache Kafka KarelDB is a fully-functional relational database backed by Apache Kafka. Maven Releases of KarelDB are deployed to Maven Central. <dependency> &

yahoo HaloDB HaloDB is a fast and simple embedded key-value store written in Java. HaloDB is suitable for IO bound workloads, and is capable of handling high throughput reads and writes at submillisecond latencies. HaloDB was writ