Everything that simplifies interactions with the database.

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Netflix EVCache EVCache is a memcached & spymemcached based caching solution that is mainly used for AWS EC2 infrastructure for caching frequently used data.

Tiger101010 SWE241P Algorithm and Data Structure Ex1 TreeSet with Red-Black Tree HashSet LinkedList Set Ex 2 Selection Sort Insertion Sort Heap Sort Merge Sort Qu

kayalust CustomPlaceholders A custom placeholder plugin that saves placeholders values to a Mongo Database (also per player support!) Commands /cp create <name

luiz-otavio WPlaceholder Flexible library to replace placeholders inside messages/texts with Regex expressions. For what it's good for Placeholder replacement is

yegor256 It's a simple manager of "records" in a text file of CSV, JSON, etc. format. It's something you would use when you don't want to run a full database,

brimelive FollowMouse A program that presses a key when you move your mouse to another monitor. (useful for automatically changing scenes while livestreaming) F

brettwooldridge HikariCP It's Faster.Hi·ka·ri [hi·ka·'lē] (Origin: Japanese): light; ray. Fast, simple, reliable. HikariCP is a "zero-overhead" production ready JDBC

mhewedy Spring Data JPA MongoDB Expressions How it works: Customize JPA Repository base class: @SpringBootApplication @EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryBaseCla

bulldog2011 Big Queue A big, fast and persistent queue based on memory mapped file. Notice, bigqueue is just a standalone library, for a high-throughput, persiste

redisson Redisson - Redis Java client with features of an in-memory data grid Quick start | Documentation | Changelog | Code examples | FAQs | Report an issue

binjr Contents What is binjr? Features Getting started Trying it out Getting help Contributing How is it licensed? What is binjr? binjr is a time series bro

OssNass JPA 99 A library that eases the development of JPA desktop application. This library uses JINQ to allow easier creation of type-safe queries using Jav

lmdbjava LMDB for Java LMDB offers: Transactions (full ACID semantics) Ordered keys (enabling very fast cursor-based iteration) Memory-mapped files (enabling o

indeedeng Minimal Perfect Hash Tables About Minimal Perfect Hash Tables are an immutable key/value store with efficient space utilization and fast reads. They a

snazy OHC - An off-heap-cache Features asynchronous cache loader support optional per entry or default TTL/expireAt entry eviction and expiration without a

leventov Koloboke A family of projects around collections in Java (so far). The Koloboke Collections API A carefully designed extension of the Java Collections

palantir AtlasDB AtlasDB is a Transactional Distributed Database Layer View the full documentation ▸ Contributing Please see our docs on Contributing to AtlasD

fizzed Rocker Templates by Fizzed Fizzed, Inc. (Follow on Twitter: @fizzed_inc) Sponsored by Rocker is proudly sponsored by Greenback. We love the service an

domaframework Doma Doma 2 is a database access framework for Java 8+. Doma has various strengths: Verifies and generates source code at compile time using annotatio

p6spy p6spy P6Spy is a framework that enables database data to be seamlessly intercepted and logged with no code changes to existing application. The P6Spy

brettwooldridge HikariJSON A High-performance JSON parser. HikariJSON is targeted exclusively at Java 8. If you need legacy support, there are several decent librarie

b2wdigital restQL-core-java restQL-core allows you to run restQL queries directly from JVM applications, making easy to fetch information from multiple services

dhatim fastexcel fastexcel-writer There are not many alternatives when you have to generate xlsx Excel workbooks in Java. The most popular one (Apache POI) i

RumbleDB ⛈️ RumbleDB 1.16.0 "Shagbark Hickory" 🌳 for Apache Spark | Run queries on your large-scale, messy JSON-like data (JSON, text, CSV, Parquet, ROOT, AVRO, SVM...) | No install required (just a jar to download) | Declarative Machine

Alephant6 BigData Big Data Course, Information and Computational Science (Embedded), 2019, NUIST This course is taught by Mr. Zhang of Neusoft. It is created by

yangyang233333 ** LightKV 是一个玩具级KV数据库,无法用于生产环境!** LightKV 基于简单的bitcask模型,代码量不足200行,数据文件布局类似 LSM Tree 中的 WAL 日志,纯Java实现,易于理解和学习。 特性 支持的数据结构:字符串 适合多写少读场景 支持数据融合,减少磁盘数据

iceBear67 Shito Universal notification based on PolarCore. State: beta Getting Started Shito is a service from iceBear67, but you can deploy it as your own. To

tefsantana TP N°2 Silicon Misiones Peluquería Canina 🐾 Proyecto realizado con Java Persistence API (JPA), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Bases de datos (MyS

pgjdbc PostgreSQL JDBC Driver (PgJDBC for short) allows Java programs to connect to a PostgreSQL database using standard, database independent Java code.

dingodb DingoDB DingoDB is a real-time Hybrid Serving & Analytical Processing (HSAP) Database. It can execute high-frequency queries and upsert, interactive a

SAEEDStarv An Xposed module for Graph Messenger (Telegraph) application. Features Enable AdFree subscription. Supported Versions TGH Version Support T7.6.0-P8.8

jobop gekko an implement of raft,which supports file ,memory and rockdb storage ,using mmap and sendfile to implements zero-copy 关于raft算法可以参考这个动画 http://the