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HMS-Core HUAWEI AR Engine Demo Table of Contents Introduction Getting Started Supported Environments Result License Introduction The HwAREngineDemo program dem

joshlong A Feign-like RSocket Client Inspiration It'd be nice to have easy Feign-like RSocket clients. This is a thing @Mario5Gray has talked about, and it see

Princeton21 Hacktoberfest_DSA_2021 Submit Just 4 PRs this month to earn SWAGS and Tshirts 🔥 . Hurry!!! ,there's less than a # week # left for this event. You can

rickmark eff_you_os How to abuse auto-boot and the M1 FUOS to create a bootkit Apriori ht

theodo SQL Injection Detection Plugin for PHPStorm IDE Author: Guillaume MICHEL ([email protected]) MySQL Improved Extension See:

Battelle Cantordust-Ghidra CantorDuust is a binary visulization tool used to aid reverse engineering efforts. It allows humans to utilize their superior visual

tersesystems JVM Sounds This is a very simple JVM library that plays JVM events as audio sounds. Memory allocation rate as a sine tone Minor GC is a wood percussio

aaja Overview         The so-called sorting algorithm is to re-sort one or more sets of data according to a predetermined pattern through a specific algori

google Exposure Notification API This repository contains a snapshot of code from Google Play Services's Exposure Notification module. Key Features There are

a7med-mahmoud React Native ML Kit React Native On-Device Machine Learning w/ Google ML Kit Supported Modules Module Android iOS Image Labeling ✅ ✅ Identify Language

SAEEDStarv An Xposed module for Graph Messenger (Telegraph) application. Features Enable AdFree subscription. Supported Versions TGH Version Support T7.6.0-P8.8

notperry1234567890 Konas-Deobf Konas client deobfuscated. Creds: Cattyn/PlutoSolutions for the dump to deobf the jar. Didn't deobf the "com/konasclient/loader" directory

Jasper-ketelaar Rump Rump is a REST client for Java that attempts to resemble Axios from JavaScript. Install with Maven <dependency> <groupId>dev.yasper</groupId>

jobop gekko an implement of raft,which supports file ,memory and rockdb storage ,using mmap and sendfile to implements zero-copy 关于raft算法可以参考这个动画 http://the

kitlangton ZIO Catechism Overview As a form of interactive documentation, this project aims to help its readers build an intuitive understan

safaiyeh react-native-app-review React Native module to request users to leave an app review. Installation npm install react-native-app-review Usage import App

wys9853 Student Information Management System Title description This project is a student physical information management system implemented using Jsp + Sevle

Gopro336 PyroClient-Deobf Pyro client v1.4.1 deobfuscated Previously binsecured variable and method names as well as some class file names have beed renamed to

abstracta jmeter-java-dsl Simple Java API to run performance tests, using JMeter as engine, in an VCS (versioning control system) and programmers friendly way.

ymm-tech Easy-byte-coder is a non-invasive bytecode injection framework based on JVM. Java application developers can implement bytecode injection quickly, without caring about the underlying instrument principle and implementation details

techsnitch teleconfmobilemvp Mobile App Repo for amenTechIT. A video conf app(uncompleted) A startup/company basd in the US that hires devs under the disguise of

lucywang000 State Machine and StateCharts for Clojure(Script). Inspired by XState. Features Most features of statecharts are supported: Declarative statecharts de

effective-software-testing Effective software testing This repository contains the code examples of the Effective Software Testing: A Guide to Engineering High-Quality Tests boo

ApsaraDB 中文文档 What is ApsaraDB GalaxyCDC ? GalaxyCDC is a core component of PolarDB-X which is responsible for global binary log generation, publication and su

ApsaraDB 中文文档 What is ApsaraDB GalaxyGlue ? GalaxyGlue is an extension to MySQL Connector/J 8.0. GalaxyGlue uses asynchronous requests, session and connection

ApsaraDB 中文文档 What is PolarDB-X ? PolarDB-X is a cloud native distributed SQL Database designed for high concurrency, massive storage, complex querying scenari

CaffeineMC A Fabric mod designed to improve the general performance of Minecraft without breaking things

fabriciorby Maven Surefire JUnit5 TreeView Extension This is a dependency for maven-surefire-plugin, it adds a tree view for the unit tests executed using JUnit5.

Freakboy instros This src code could be run in IDEA,depends jdk8,gradle4+ Not a simple reverse code,make sure that the code and functions are working done,buil

Proximyst sewer sewer: "where the shit goes down" This is a library for designing and executing pipelines with type safety in mind. The pipelines are named and

zkonge mirai-console-wrapper 另一个 Mirai console 启动器,支持 mirai-console 1.0+。 注意: 你可能并不需要这么个玩意,使用 java -cp ./<jar_path>/* net.mamoe.mirai.console.pure.MiraiConso

BillyWei01 FastKV 中文文档 FastKV is an efficient and reliable key-value storage component written with Java. It can be used on platforms with JVM environment, such