A curated list of awesome frameworks,libraries and software for the Java programming language.

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PersianDevs FeatherMC FeatherMC Yek Forke NachoSpigot e, Ke Ba Optimize Khoob Baraye Server Haye Mini Game Va PvP Sakhte Shode, Ke Ba Remove Kardan Bug Ha Va Feat

AvantTeam Project Unity A work-in-progress mega-collaboration Mindustry mod, created by the Avant Team. As the repository description says, this is not a fully

hopshadoop Hops Hadoop Distribution Hops (Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service) is a next generation distribution of Apache Hadoop with scalable, highly available,

apache Apache Ignite What is Apache Ignite? Apache Ignite is a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed. Technical Documentat

apache What is Apache Pinot? Features When should I use Pinot? Building Pinot Deploying Pinot to Kubernetes Join the Community Documentation License What is

metasoarous Great and powerful scientific documents & data visualizations Overview Oz is a data visualization and scientific document processing library for Cloju

hswick Clojure wrapper for deeplearning4j with some added syntactic sugar. What if I told you that you could do machine learning on the JVM without

techascent This Library Has Been Superceded by! This is great news! The clojure community has come together and together built a more stable a

r0man Inflections Rails-like inflection library for Clojure and ClojureScript. Usage (use 'inflections.core) (plural "word") ;=> "words" (plural "virus")

opendistro-for-elasticsearch Open Distro for Elasticsearch Anomaly Detection The Open Distro for Elasticsearch Anomaly Detection plugin enables you to leverage Machine Learning ba

jpmml JPMML-SkLearn Java library and command-line application for converting Scikit-Learn pipelines to PMML. Table of Contents Features Overview Supported p

hiett ClockMonster Get it from Docker Hub: docker pull hiett/clockmonster Environment variables: DB_HOST DB_PORT

omnit3a Jenny A general purpose programming language I'm making Jenny out of interest, and mainly just because I want to see how far I can get with making my

jiyun233 ShulkerDupe a bukkit server plugin make player can use shulker box dupe item Configuration

atc1441 Texas Instruments CCxxxx Ghidra CPU Plugin Ghidra Plugin for Texas Instrument CC 8051 core SOC's especially CC1110 and CC2510 This helps to name the d

Sxmurai saturn-client A 1.18.1 minecraft Utility Client Licensing This project is under the GNU v3.0 licensing. If you use any code from this project you must

MvRens Minecraft Open to Internet This useful little utility I wrote back in 2012 should still work! It is written in Delphi, XE2 I believe. It seems to use

IntentStore Log4J-Patched Log4J 2.0 beta9 without JNDI lookup functionality How does the Log4J exploit work? A server sends the user a specially crafted packet wh

SteveYurongSu 🚀 Apache IoTDB Nightly Releases (Unofficial) TL;DR Download Apache IoTDB nightly releases 👉 here 👈 . Version Support 🟢 means compatible ❌ means in

toshipiazza Ghidra hexagon plugin WIP Hexagon decompiler plugin for ghidra Pcode is more or less autogenerated, essentially copying and adapting from binja-hexago

RoanH Convex Merger Convex Merger is an area maximisation game based on the idea of merging convex shapes. The goal of the game is to claim as large an area

zellzik Public sample bot for Discord servers 😎 Bot is written in Java 16, currently there is only verification in the bot, but if someone knows at least the

longofo Apache Dubbo Hessian2异常处理时的反序列化(CVE-2021-43297) 将两个项目分别导入两个idea 先运行org.apache.dubbo.samples.basic.BasicProvider#main启动服务端 再运行org.apache.dubbo.samples.

jeffheaton Encog Machine Learning Framework Encog is a pure-Java/C# machine learning framework that I created back in 2008 to support genetic programming, NEAT/H

numenta Official Java™ version of... Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) Community-supported & ported from the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Comput

bwaldvogel This is the Java version of LIBLINEAR. The project site of the original C++ version is located at The ups

padreati Disambiguation (Italian dictionary) Field of turnips. It is also a place where there is confusion, where tricks and sims are plotted. (Computer scienc

apache Apache SystemDS Overview: SystemDS is an open source ML system for the end-to-end data science lifecycle from data integration, cleaning, and feature

CogComp Learning Based Java LBJava core LBJava examples LBJava maven plugin Compiling the whole package From the root directory run the following command: Jus

felipexw A simple K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Java library What is this repository for? Its a very simple implementation of K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm for Super

ClearTK Introduction ClearTK provides a framework for developing statistical natural language processing (NLP) components in Java and is built on top of Apach

sampaiodias Postman Exporter for Spring This project is a simple Java library that can export all of your Spring endpoints into a Postman Collection json, which y