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anddddrew GalaxyDB GalaxyDB is a hobbyist key-value database written in Go Author: Andrew N ([email protected]) Features Data is stored via keys Operations Grafana

chdav GoWard A robust and rapidly-deployable Red Team proxy with strong OPSEC considerations. Description Generally, Red Teams and adversary's redirect thei

lorin Modeling AWS Application Load Balancers in Alloy I've always found the configuration details for AWS application load balancers (ALBs) confusing. To c

tuladhar ssl-handshake A command-line tool for testing SSL/TLS handshake latency, written in Go. What is an SSL/TLS Handshake? An SSL/TLS handshake is the proc

soypat μ8 Genetic algorithm for machine learning. Inspired by CodeBullets amazing video on the subject. This is a work in progress Steps Natural selection. M

nicolasgere go-underscore go-underscore is a utility-belt library for Golang that provides support for the usual functional suspects (each, map, reduce, filter...

SeanJxie PolyGo A collection of basic tools that make working with polynomials easier in Go. Installation go get -u github.com/SeanJxie/polygo Documentation Y

jxlwqq blog-microservices blog microservices deployed in an Istio-enabled kubernetes cluster. 架构 目录结构 主要遵循 Standard Go Project Layout 推荐的目录分层。 使用的依赖: gRPC 通信

mrusme =============================================================================== INTERACTIVE ASYNC / FULL DUPLEX ===============

acouvreur Traefik Modsecurity Plugin Traefik plugin to proxy requests to owasp/modsecurity-crs:apache Traefik Modsecurity Plugin Demo Full Configuration with do

sedyh Ebiten Bunny Mark This is an implementation of the popular graphics benchmark written on Ebiten. The initial benchmark was created by Ian Lobb (code)

Sovea gin-toolKit This is a toolKit/template project for web application/server with Gin, packed common services. These services include fasthttp, xrate, lo

networkop declarative-netbox An experimental project to explore the idea of managing the Netbox state via declarative API. This repo contains the following: Ins

cappuccinotm Time Ranges Package trn introduces a Range type with useful methods to perform complex operations over time ranges. Install and update go get -u githu

llZektorll Obsidian Template OB_Template is a vault template reference for using Obsidian. If you've tested out Obsidian. and worked through the "Obsidian Help"

goreleaser supply-chain-example GoReleaser + Go Mod proxying + Cosign keyless signing + Syft SBOM generation example. How it works GoReleaser manages the entire

arl Gitmux shows git status in your tmux status bar easy. Install and forget about it minimal. Just shows what you need, when you need it discrete. Get ou

dborzov lsp: list files in a mildly human-frendlier manner lsp lists files, like ls command, but it does not attempt to meet that archaic POSIX specification,

aykamko tag - Tag your ag and ripgrep matches tag is a lightweight wrapper around ag and ripgrep that generates shell aliases for your search matches. tag is

owenthereal ccat ccat is the colorizing cat. It works similar to cat but displays content with syntax highlighting. Supported Languages JavaScript Java Ruby Pytho

gsamokovarov [releases] Jump integrates with your shell and learns about your navigational habits by keeping track of the directories you visit. It gives you the m

curusarn Rich Enhanced Shell History Context-based replacement/enhancement for zsh and bash shell history Search your history by commands and get relevant resu

direnv direnv -- unclutter your .profile direnv is an extension for your shell. It augments existing shells with a new feature that can load and unload envir

sugyan ttygif Generate an animated GIF by playing ttyrecord (by ttyrec) and taking screenshots of your terminal. About ttyrec see http://0xcc.net/ttyrec/. In

hugows happyfinder hf is a command line utility to quickly find files and execute a command - something like Helm/Anything/CtrlP for the terminal. It tries t

zix99 rare A fast text scanner/regex extractor and realtime summarizer. Supports various CLI-based graphing and metric formats (filter (grep-like), histogra

antonmedv .-. .-. | | | | | `--.| `--. `----'`----' ll – a small utility to list files in the current directory. # Why? Because I wanted to display

oracle The Coherence command line interface (CLI) is a lightweight tool, in the tradition of tools such as kubectl, which can be scripted or used interactively to manage and monitor Coherence clusters. (Currently in pre-release)

rubiojr Tavern A few serve, the rest enjoy the free drinks. ⚠️ Work in progress, experimental As the Tavern client downloads, decrypts and publishes to the wo

mcorbin ymlgen: a powerful tool to generate YAML files ymlgen lets you generate yaml files in a declarative way. You can for example use it to manage your Kub

ossie-git Log4Shell Sentinel - A Smart CVE-2021-44228 Scanner Introduction While there have some excellent tools released to help organizations scan their envir

akshaybharambe14 GOUF - Utility Functions for generic types Go team released Go 1.18 beta recently with support for Generics(a.k.a type parameters). This package provi