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ruoshan Auto-portforward (apf) A handy tool to automatically set up proxies that expose the remote container's listening ports back to the local machine. Just

uptrace Distributed tracing backend using OpenTelemetry and ClickHouse Uptrace is a distributed tracing system that uses OpenTelemetry to collect data and Cli

BurnFramework burnweb Burn Web Framework About burn: burn is a golang framework for building restapi It's main aim is to be fast, productivity, and easy QuickInstal

o7-Fire SayFuckCountriesInEveryApp this is so revolutionary feel free to contribute it and make a pr but do change the README.md Extra Info make sure it runs

timmilesdw Backup Controller Backup controller is a lightweight golang program to back up databases. Currently, backup-controller implements backups using pg_dum

jsattler go-comdirect go-comdirect is both a client library and CLI tool to interact with the comdirect REST API. Additional Notes The library is currently uns

getjackd go-jackd package main import "github.com/getjackd/go-jackd" func main() { conn := jackd.Must(jackd.Dial("localhost:11300")) // => *jackd.Client

shameby Jump Point Search Plus 的 Golang 实现 JpsPlus 会对地图进行预处理,所以只适用于静态地图 BenchMark 两张地图,都是阻挡较复杂,对角计算路径。 参考: 1.博客:https://www.cnblogs.com/KillerAery/p/12242445.

kinensake Gosearch A Package Searching and Installation tool for Go Projects. Installation go install github.com/kinensake/[email protected] Usage gosearch <pack

spyderbat log4jtool Find vulnerable versions of Log4j on Linux This tool does not change anything, it will iterate through the filesystem looking for Java packa

0xV19 Token Providence On-chain Health-check for ERC-20 tokens without wasting gas. WARNING: I provide no guarantee of even a single line of code in this re

anonyindian telegraph-api-spec Introduction This golang program generates a JSON description of methods, types and docstrings of the Telegraph API. Features Easy

medmouine GOMAD: Functional Patterns in Golang Prerequisites Install Modules Maybe Usage Either Result This package is still in an early stage of development. F

uurtech step Easy Alias Management tool Arguments step {ALIAS} {COMMAND} init step init Store to create a new alias step store customer_1 -c "ssh [email protected]

ahmetb RectangleWin A minimalistic Windows rewrite of macOS Rectangle.app/Spectacle.app. (Why?) A hotkey-oriented window snapping and resizing tool for Windo

xiecat fofaX 📒 中文 README | 📌 Releases Download | 🐎 使用文档 Docs 0x00 Introduction fofax is a fofa query tool written in go, positioned as a command-line tool

diamondburned gofan Small fan control program using curves, because fancontrol doesn't work. Usage gofan \ -function EaseInOutCubic -interval 2s \ -pmin 10 -pm

korylprince About munki-server is an all-in-one server to deploy Munki with three main parts: HTTP file server for Munki clients Simple dynamic manifest generatio

timwhitez 🐸 Frog For Automatic Scan 🐶 Doge For Defense Evasion & Offensive Security Doge-PX DPX - the Doge Packer for eXecutables Usage the Doge Packer for eX

bendersej 🤖 Bill Collector 🤖 What is it? An automation to collect bills automatically without providing any access credentials to an untrusted party. Multiple

snapp-incubator Helmfig Are you tired of writing values.yaml for configmap of your project when you are helmifying them? Helmfig is a handy tool that can generate the

mwarnerblu Log4ShellScanner Scans and catches callbacks of systems that are impacted by Log4J Log4Shell vulnerability across specific headers. Very Beta Warning!

dizzyliam f l o w e r A pure Nim bloom filter. A Bloom filter is a space-efficient probabilistic data structure, conceived by Burton Howard Bloom in 1970, that

huseyinakuzum Go Web Demo This is the demo code and also can be used as a template when creating a web application in GoLang Installation Installation links used in

awgh ldap-get Utility to safely fetch Java class files being served by LDAP servers, like maybe you've been seeing in your logs. Includes deobfuscator for

alecthomas A Protobuf parser for Go This package contains a cleanroom Protobuf parser for Go using Participle. This was originally an example within Participle.

Solirs stuntman v1.0.0 a simple program written in go to make you look like a hackerman with cool terminal effects Demo Obviously speed isn't visible because

For-ACGN Log4Shell Check, exploit, obfuscate, TLS, ACME about log4j2 vulnerability in one Go program. Feature Only one program and easy deployment Support comm

weaming Render markdown file to PNG image. Support custom CSS URL/file. Install go get github.com/weaming/md2png Usage Usage of ./md2png: -bin string

gleam-lang Hackney Bindings to Erlang's HTTP client, hackney. import gleam/hackney import gleam/http.{Get} import gleeunit/should pub fn main() { // Prepare a

futuretea ep A patterns expander Examples: eg1: $ ep 192.168.5.[1-3,8] eg2: $ ep foo-[a,b,c]-[1,2,3] foo-a-1 foo

zhimiaox nsq-auth nsq http auth service ./nsq-auth -h Usage: 2021/12/25 17:10:56 Usage: nsq-auth [OPTIONS] Application Options: -a, --address= api port