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kazuminn vulsbeat Welcome to vulsbeat.Please push Star. This software allows you Vulnerability scan results of vuls can be imported to Elastic Stack. You can d

terorie CVE-2021-3449 OpenSSL <1.1.1k DoS exploit Usage: go run . -host hostname:port This program implements a proof-of-concept exploit of CVE-2021-3449 affe

udaya2899 Opinionated Go starter with gin for REST API, logrus for logging, viper for config with added graceful shutdown

BytecodeAgency CLI tool to check Go (and soon Javascript/Typescript) project imports to see if import boundaries are not violated, based on a DSL

ring04h HTTP/HTTPS proxy server by golang [high performance version]

shaj13 A Lightweight in-memory key:value cache library for Go.

karlseguin CCache is an LRU Cache, written in Go, focused on supporting high concurrency.

Code-Hex gqldoc is command line tool to generate documents from GraphQL schema or your GraphQL endpoint

lherman-cs Go Rosbag parser. Designed to provide ease of use, speed, and streamability.

mattn Example code for Go generics

jech # Installation ## Build the server binary CGO_ENABLED=0 go build -ldflags='-s -w' ## Create a server certificate mkdir data openssl re

deislabs OCI Registry As Storage Registries are evolving as Cloud Native Artifact Stores. To enable this goal, Microsoft has donated ORAS as a means to enable

gwuah Athena V3 This is the heart of a theoretical delivery service. Features include geo-indexing, order-dispatch, proximity-searching, ETA, trip estimates

oz 🌐 A time zone helper tz helps you schedule things across time zones. It is an interactive TUI program that displays time across a few time zones of y

quackduck Secret - Encrypt anything with a password Ever wanted to hide a file? Now you can do it really easily! Usage secret {-e/--encrypt | -d/--decrypt} <sou

nikolaydubina go-featureprocessing Perfect for low latency machine learning inference of data models in Go Fast and easy feature processing in Go with feature parit

goplus GoPlus - The Go+ language for data science

owulveryck goMarkableStream I use this toy project to stream my remarkable 2 (firmware 2.5) on my laptop using the local wifi. video/demo here Quick start You ne

Qv2ray gun Grpc tUNnel over Cloudflare Headline 发一个自用了一个晚上的代理。 程序本身很简单,用来过 CloudFlare 足够了。 Example Server Go to your domain in CloudFlare. In "Network" tab,

graphikDB trigger https://graphikdb.github.io/trigger/ a decision & trigger framework backed by Google's Common Expression Language used in graphikDB Full Text

c16a Hermes Hermes is a tiny MQTT compatible broker written in Go. The goals of the project are as below Easy to compile, and run Tiny footprint Extensible

AfterShip email-verifier ✉️ A Go library for email verification without sending any emails. Features Email Address Validation: validates if a string contains a

jwalton GChalk GChalk is a library heavily inspired by chalk, the popular Node.js terminal color library, and using go ports of supports-color and ansi-styles

irevenko 🐙🐱🖥️ GitHub stats in your terminal

deroproject Welcome to the DEROHE Testnet Explorer Source Twitter Discord Wiki Github DERO CryptoNote Mainnet Stats Mainnet WebWallet DERO HE [ DERO Homomorphic E

wectf WeCTF 2020+ Thank you all for participating! This README contains our writeup sketches. You can also share your writeup on CTFtime. Event Link: https:

M4cs aly - Command Line Alias Manager and Packager Aly offers the simplest way to manage, share, and obtain command line aliases! Warning: This project is

link1st go 实现的压测工具,ab、locust、Jmeter压测工具介绍【单台机器100w连接压测实战】

inetaf netstack This is a "fork" of https://github.com/google/gvisor, extracting out just the "netstack" networking bits, which previously were self-containe

redcode-labs UnChain automates process of finding and following `30X` redirects by extracting "Location" header of HTTP responses.

hakluke haktrails is a Golang client for querying SecurityTrails API data, sponsored by SecurityTrails.

lbryio Chainquery parses and syncs the LBRY blockchain data into structured SQL

yulrizka rxscan rxscan provides functionality to scan text to variables using regular expression capture group. This library is still experimental, use at your