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containers Buildah - a tool that facilitates building Open Container Initiative (OCI) container images The Buildah package provides a command line tool that can

containers skopeo skopeo is a command line utility that performs various operations on container images and image repositories. skopeo does not require the user

genuinetools img Standalone, daemon-less, unprivileged Dockerfile and OCI compatible container image builder. img is more cache-efficient than Docker and can also

blablacar dgr - container build and runtime tool dgr (pronounced "digg-er") is a command line utility designed to build and to configure at runtime App Containe

hyperhq The runV as a virtualized container runtime engine has been OBSOLETED by Kata Containers. Together with Intel, the runV team created Kata Containers p

apptainer Singularity IMPORTANT NOTE: Singularity is being renamed to Apptainer. This repository is now only for maintaining the 3.8 series and archiving the hi

lxc LXD LXD is a next generation system container and virtual machine manager. It offers a unified user experience around full Linux systems running insid

opencontainers Open Container Initiative Runtime Specification The Open Container Initiative develops specifications for standards on Operating System process and ap

kevwan mapreduce English | 简体中文 Why we have this repo mapreduce is part of go-zero, but a few people asked if mapreduce can be used separately. But I recomme

notional-labs seahorse seahorse is 369 or so males pumping out 2000 or so young per batch and a teaching project for new validators. We don't have a cla or anything

gleich new_yearify Update the copyright year in all of your GitHub repositories. How does it work? Clone all repositories owned by your account in a temporar

carlmontanari boxen boxen -- put your network operating systems in a box (or if you speak 🇩🇪 , fight them! 🤣 )! boxen is a cli tool written in Go that allows you

docker-exec dexec A command line utility for executing code in many different languages using the Docker Exec images, written in Go. Installation Using Bintray Do

Solirs Gettit Download videos from reddit from the command line. Use guide gettit -u post_url Example : gettit -u https://www.reddit.com/r/programminghorror/

codazoda HTTP Basic Auth in Go This is a template for using HTTP Basic Auth in a Go application. Go has a built-in BasicAuth() method in the net/http module an

sheepla fzwiki A command with fzf-like UI to quickly search Wikipedia articles and open it in your browser. Usage Run the command by specifying a search query

haoel mTLS Golang Example mTLS Golang Example 1. What is mutual TLS (mTLS)? 2. How does mTLS work? 3. Example Walkthrough 3.1 Certs and Keys 3.2 Server.go 3

rougier org-bib-mode A minor mode for literate and annotated bibliography heavily inspired from the post Managing my Annotated Bibliography with Emacs' Org Mo

google log4jscanner A log4j vulnerability filesystem scanner and Go package for analyzing JAR files. Installing Pre-compiled binaries are available as releas

mattes What is fugu? fugu is a convenience wrapper around docker commands fugu loads config from a fugu.yml file and merges these arguments with command line

ramitsurana Turbo Simple and Powerfull Utility for Docker Introductory blog post - http://ramitsurana.github.io/turbo The snail is © under Deamworks Animation mov

bubenkoff vagrant-docker-example Example of basic vagrant docker provider usage Installation Install vagrant: using http://vagrantup.com/downloads.html If you a

CenturyLinkLabs dray An engine for managing the execution of container-based workflows. Most common Docker use cases involve using containers for hosting long-running

alexei-led Pumba: chaos testing tool for Docker Pumba is a chaos testing command line tool for Docker containers. Pumba disturbs your containers by crashing cont

breeswish go-litefsm A deadly simple state machine for Golang, within 100 LOC. Example // Create accepted transitions transitions := NewTransitions() transition

NksamaX AnimeNewsGo News from animenewsnetwork.com How to install go get github.com/NksamaX/AnimeNewsGo How to Use package main import ( "github.com/Nksama

kyledakid ccl A simple calculator in Golang and Cobra to return the final price with the input included percentage or vice versa Installation go get -u github.c

barweiss go-tuple: Generic tuples for Go 1.18. Go 1.18 tuple implementation. Use tuples to store 1 or more values without needing to write a custom struct. tup

JensRantil Unfy unfy is a command line utility that automagically identifies and translated UNIX timestamps (since epoch) to human readable timestamps. Example B

srevinsaju ⚡️ Zap The delightful package manager for AppImages Report bug · Request feature Looking for the older Zap v1 (Python) implementation? Head over to v1

codazoda X2 An (eventually encrypted) private photo album for home network use. Getting Started The server should run on any Mac, Linux, or Windows machine but

Stieneee Mumble Discord Bridge Mumble Discord Bridge is an open source Go application to bridge the audio between Mumble and Discord. It was built with the hop