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gliderlabs sshfront A lightweight SSH server frontend where authentication and connections are controlled with command handlers / shell scripts. Using sshfront U

kennylevinsen sshmuxd A SSH "jump host" style proxy, based off the https://github.com/kennylevinsen/sshmux library. So, why not just a jump host? Well, if it's just

moul A transparent wrapper that adds support for regex, aliases, gateways, dynamic hostnames, graphviz, json output, yaml configuration, and more to SSH.

GoogleContainerTools Container Structure Tests The Container Structure Tests provide a powerful framework to validate the structure of a container image. These tests can b

EnvCLI EnvCLI is a simple wrapper that allows you to run commands within ethereal docker containers. You can configure commands to run in docker images withi

weaveworks footloose footloose creates containers that look like virtual machines. Those containers run systemd as PID 1 and a ssh daemon that can be used to log

bsideup Forward2Docker Utility to auto forward a port from localhost into ports on Docker containers running in a boot2docker or Docker Machine VM. How it wor

nlf DLite THIS PROJECT NEEDS A NEW MAINTAINER - I have stopped using OSX and no longer have time to continue to work on this. Open an issue if you're inte

dnephin dobi A build automation tool for Docker applications. Keep your project tasks organized, portable, repeatable, and fast with dobi. Define the resource

stelligent Deprecation Notice Mu is no longer being maintained. We appreciate the support and interest over the past few years. This repository will be archived

greenled Portainer Stack Utils Table of contents Overview Mission Vision Supported Portainer API How to install How to use Configuration Inline flags Environme

Tapad sbt-docker-compose About sbt-docker-compose is an sbt plugin that integrates the functionality of Docker Compose directly into the sbt build environme

marcuslonnberg sbt-docker sbt-docker is an sbt plugin that builds and pushes Docker images for your project. Requirements sbt Docker Setup Add sbt-docker as a depend

harbur Introduction Captain - Convert your Git workflow to Docker containers ready for Continuous Delivery Define your workflow in the captain.yaml and use c

fsouza go-dockerclient This package presents a client for the Docker remote API. It also provides support for the extensions in the Swarm API. This package a

pranavbaburaj Fe What is Fe ? Fe is a simple tool which you can use to move through your directories from the command line Video demo e.mp4 Installation Normal inst

healeycodes self-forge One day, I'd like to write a lightweight clone of GitHub. For now, here's ~100 lines of Go that host your source files. Clones all of a Git

Puliczek 🀝 Show your support - give a ⭐️ if you liked the content Awesome list of secrets in environment variables πŸ“ Description List of secrets, passwords,

ez4o Explore Usage Β» Report Bug Β· Request Feature Table of Contents About The Project Getting Started Usage Parameters Deploy Your Own Server Roadmap Contr

influxdata Telegraf Telegraf is an agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics. Based on a plugin system to enable developers in the commu

moul Awesome SSH A curated list of SSH apps, libraries and resources. Inspired by the awesome list thing. Please read the contribution guidelines if you wa

rapidloop rtop rtop is a remote system monitor. It connects over SSH to a remote system and displays vital system metrics (CPU, disk, memory, network). No speci

pressly Stack Up Stack Up is a simple deployment tool that performs given set of commands on multiple hosts in parallel. It reads Supfile, a YAML configuratio

itsabot Getting Started | Contributing | Mailing List Note: This project is no longer supported, as I no longer have the time to maintain it. Abot (pronounced

geofffranks * .---. ,---. ,---. .-. .-. ,--, ,---. * /.\ ( .-._)| .-.\ | .-.\ | | | |.' .') | .-' /.\ /..'\

shieldproject S.H.I.E.L.D. Data Protection Questions? Join us in Slack! What is SHIELD? SHIELD is a data protection solution designed to make it easier for operatio

djosephsen Lazlo An event-driven, lua-scriptable chatops automation framework for Slack in Go. (phew) The prototypical IRC bot responds to text. Generally, the p

buildkite ⚠️ This is a discontinued experiment: Much better technology now exists to solve this problem, such as secure docker-in-docker with sysbox. Sockguard

containers oci-seccomp-bpf-hook This project provides an OCI hook to generate seccomp profiles by tracing the syscalls made by the container. The generated profi

draios The Container Ecosystem Project The ecosystem of awesome new technologies emerging around containers and microservices can be a little overwhelming, t

genuinetools bane AppArmor profile generator for docker containers. Basically a better AppArmor profile, than creating one by hand, because who would ever do that.

aelsabbahy Goss - Quick and Easy server validation ** Goss in 45 seconds Note: For an even faster way of doing this, see: autoadd Note: For testing docker contai