A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

Newest releases

xen0bit Use random bots scanning the internet to seed a Conways Game of Life running on a small LCD on my desk

dwisiswant0 A simple way of sending messages from the CLI output to your Discord channel with webhook.

matsuyoshi30 Fast (linear time) implementation of the Gaussian Blur algorithm in Go.

vsrc Tool to populate your code with traceable and secure error codes

nasdf A diff3 text merge implementation in Go based on the awesome paper below.

hoorayman a distributed chat system which can be used as chat rooms or state synchronization

glassechidna GitHub Actions are a pretty nice solution for CI/CD. Where they fall short is integration with other services, like AWS. The approach suggested by AWS is to create an IAM user, allocate it a long-lived access key and store those c

iGoogle-ink QQ、微信(WeChat)、支付宝(AliPay)的Go版本SDK。【微信支付V3基础支付已完成,其他接口完善中...】

M4DM0e DirDar is a tool that searches for (403-Forbidden) directories to break it and get dir listing on it

kitabisa An incredibly fast proxy checker & IP rotator with ease.

osnr 📡 ssh into browser tab.

flipped-aurora 基于gin+vue搭建的后台管理系统框架,集成jwt鉴权,权限管理,动态路由,分页封装,多点登录拦截,资源权限,上传下载,代码生成器,表单生成器,通用工作流等基础功能,五分钟一套CURD前后端代码,目前已支持VUE3

SpectralOps Friends don't let friends leak secrets in terminal windows.

Trutledex-io-philip TurtleDex is a decentralized cloud storage platform that radically alters the landscape of cloud storage. By leveraging smart contracts, client-side encryption, and sophisticated redundancy (via Reed-Solomon codes), TurtleDex allo

lucasepe yml2dot - Turn YAML into beautiful Graph

timwhitez Demo of process injection, using Nt, direct syscall, etc.

irevenko 🧑‍💻📊 Show off your most used shell commands

hibiken Mini is a small text editor, inspred by antirez's kilo editor.

akitasoftware The Akita CLI for watching network traffic, automatically generating API specs, and diffing API specs.

brandonbloom Unirepo is an extremely opinionated TypeScript build tool. Typical monorepo management tools in the Node.js ecosystem provide automation around package maintenance, but still permit and require users to muck around with poly-pack

itsubaki A Runtime Struct Builder for Go

rbrahul A super simple Lodash like utility library with essential functions that empowers the development in Go

AZ-X An Advanced DNS Stub with Freedom, Privacy and Security

shipa-corp Ketch is an application delivery framework that facilitates the deployment and management of applications on Kubernetes using a simple command line interface

operandinc ABCS is a simple HTTP server which can be used to send and receive iMessages programmatically on a machine running macOS.

PumpkinSeed Load random data into SQL tables for testing purposes. The tool can get the layout of the SQL table and fill it up with random data.

matsuyoshi30 Germanium is an alternative to Carbon and Silicon implemented in Go.

liamg It'll exploit most sudo privileges listed in GTFOBins to pop a root shell, as well as exploiting issues like a writable docker.sock. More routes to root will be added over time too.

Zartenc Collyzar provides a very simple configuration and tools to implement distributed crawling/scraping.

osamingo Unofficially kenall (ケンオール) client written by Go.

codenoid Someone tried to unlock your device

quackduck Rem is a CLI trash which makes it ridiculously easy to recover files. We've all had that moment when we've deleted something we realised we shouldn't have. It sucks. Let's fix that!

turtledex TurtleDex is a decentralized cloud storage platform that radically alters the landscape of cloud storage