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noteed The Rescoyl Docker registry Rescoyl is a Docker registry. It is tested against the official docker-registry project using Rescoyl Checks. It is curren

gesellix Docker Client A Docker HTTP client for the Java VM written in Groovy This client library aims at supporting all existing Docker api endpoints, which e

ondrejmo Dockerfiles These are Dockerfiles I've created for programs without official docker image or with bad one. I'll be grateful for any contribution or im

netvarun Docket DOCKEr + torrenT = Docket Docket is a custom docker registry that allows for deployments through bittorrent. It allows for lightning fast Docke

ozankasikci dfg - Dockerfile Generator dfg is both a go library and an executable that produces valid Dockerfiles using various input channels. Table of Contents

patrickhoefler dockerfilegraph dockerfilegraph visualizes your multi-stage Dockerfiles. It creates a visual graph representation of the build process. The graph cont

MeneDev dockmoor Once you found a nice dock, it’s time to moor βš“ dockmoor helps you to create reproducible builds with Docker. Features Implemented pin image

jlhawn Dockramp A Client-driven Docker Container Image Builder Features Docker 1.8.0 will introduce a new API endpoint for copying files and directories into

mudler docker-companion docker-companion is a candy mix of tools for docker written in Golang and directly using Docker API calls. As for now it allows to sq

mutable container-factory container-factory produces Docker images from tarballs of application source code. It accepts archives with Dockerfiles, but if your

mdlavin copy-docker-image - Copy docker images without a full docker installation Overview When doing automated deployments, especially when using AWS ECR in

alibaba Derrick Homepage: alibaba.github.io/derrick Overview Derrick is a tool to help you containerize application in seconds. Derrick focuses on developer w

Predator7158 *Step 1 Add these to qb-core/shared.lua ['orange'] = {['name'] = 'orange', ['label'] = 'Orange', ['weight'] = 300, ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'ora

vijishmadhavan RotoMask This project helps to create unique silhouettes/clip-art in the most easiest way. Freelancing websites have lot of gigs related to clip-art a

ledongthuc Goterators Goterators is util library that support aggregate & transforms functions list in Go, including: for-each find exist reduce reduce right fil

samlitowitz Go Import Cycle goimportcycle is a tool to visualize Go imports resolved to the file level. Installation go get -u github.com/samlitowitz/goimportcycl

codazoda HTTP Basic Auth in Go This is a template for using HTTP Basic Auth in a Go application. Getting Started To get started, run these commands. git clone

symfony-cli The Symfony binary is a must-have tool when developing Symfony applications on your local machine. It provides: The best way to create new Symfony app

moul ssh2docker πŸ”§ SSH server that can create new Docker containers and/or join existing ones, with session, and dynamic configuration support SSH chroot w

moul sshportal Jump host/Jump server without the jump, a.k.a Transparent SSH bastion Features include: independence of users and hosts, convenient user inv

moul πŸ”§ Golang SSH Keys manipulation library

kevin-hanselman Dud Website | Install | Getting Started | Source Code Dud is a lightweight tool for versioning data alongside source code and building data pipelines.

danrabinowitz Installation Ubuntu (12.04 and 14.04 only): $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:russell-s-stewart/ppa $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install sshrc Ev

benjojo TOTP SSH port fluxing Some people change their SSH port on their servers so that it is slightly harder to find for bots or other nasties, and while th

dolmen NAME github-keygen - bootstrap your GitHub SSH configuration SYNOPSIS Unix/Linux/MacOS X: git clone https://github.com/dolmen/github-keygen.git cd git

KryptCo Krypton Developer Tools The kr command line interface kr enables SSH to authenticate with a key stored in a Krypton (iOS or Android) mobile app. kr ru

jamescun Switcher Switcher is a proxy server which accepts connections and proxies based on which protocol is detected. Currently implemented is: SSH The use c

vieux Docker volume plugin for sshFS This plugin allows you to mount remote folder using sshfs in your container easily. Usage Using a password 1 - Install

moul quicssh πŸ˜„ quicssh is a QUIC proxy that allows to use QUIC to connect to an SSH server without needing to patch the client or the server. Architecture

tg123 SSH Piper SSH Piper works as a proxy-like ware, and route connections by username, src ip , etc. +---------+ +------------------+

progrium localtunnel What happened to localtunnel? After pioneering instant public tunnels to localhost, many people copied the project and started businesses

FiloSottile whoami.filippo.io An ssh server that knows who you are. Try it (it's harmless) ssh whoami.filippo.io ED25519 key fingerprint is SHA256:qGAqPqtlvFBCt4