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armon This library provides a metrics package which can be used to instrument code, expose application metrics, and profile runtime performance in a flexible manner.

josevalim The goal of this repository is to share solutions to a common problem of traversing and annotating data-structures across a variety of programming languages.

projectdiscovery PD Actions Continuous reconnaissance and vulnerability assessment using GitHub Actions Advantages Free 2000 minutes/month of cloud scans. Fully automa

josehbez It is a command line tool that initializes a folder called .pm, whose objective is to store all the metadata files of the project(license, authors, changelog, sponsors, semantic-versioning ... ).

burrowers Obfuscate Go code by wrapping the Go toolchain

sherifabdlnaby Run Jobs on a schedule, supports fixed interval, timely, and cron-expression timers; Instrument your processes and expose metrics for each job.

google This repository contains the open sourcing of the infrastructure developed by Stadia Games & Entertainment (SG&E) to run its operations. This entails part of the build system setup, the CICD system and a number of tools developed

KhushrajRathod Automatically deploy from GitHub to Replit, lightning fast ⚡️

encoredev Encore is a Go backend framework for rapidly creating APIs and distributed systems.

liamg GIFs in your terminal

HewlettPackard structex provides annotation rules that extend Go structures for implementation of encoding and decoding of byte backed data frames.

caarlos0 Exports Speedtest CLI metrics in the prometheus format, caching the results.

DataDog Package gostackparse parses goroutines stack traces as produced by panic() or debug.Stack() at ~300 MiB/s.

nektro A totally configurable terminal torrent client.

billziss-gh HUBFS is a read-only file system for GitHub and Git. Git repositories and their contents are represented as regular directories and files and are accessible by any application, without the application having any knowledge that it

gsquire Zig Playground This is a rudimentary online compiler for the Zig programming language. It is inspired by the Go playground. Setup The main server is a

idgenchev Namespace Node Affinity Namespace Node Affinity is a Kubernetes mutating webhook which provides the ability to define node affinity for pods on a name

umputun reproxy Reproxy is simple edge HTTP(s) sever / reverse proxy supporting various providers (docker, static, file). One or more providers supply informa

maaslalani Typer Typing test in your terminal Installation go get github.com/maaslalani/typer/cmd/typer Usage To begin a typing test simply type typer. This wil

leaanthony A library for parsing ANSI encoded strings Go ANSI Parser converts strings with ANSI escape codes into a slice of structs that represent styled text.

adamlouis squirrelbyte 🐿️ squirrelbyte is a "proof of concept" document / search server backed by sqlite. see it at https://squirrelbyte.com/ server server is

fossteams teams-cli A Command Line Interface (or TUI) to interact with Microsoft Teams Status The CLI only let you log-in and fetches your user and conversation

KathanP19 protoscan Prototype Pollution Scanner made in Golang, it was actually made by @tomnomnom in NahamCon2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv1nK6Wj8qM I

aws-samples The main purpose of this project is to provide a Terraform framework to help you get started on deploying EKS Clusters in multi-tenant environments using Hashicorp Terraform with AWS and Helm Providers.

rabidwh0re REALITY_SMASHER vRealize RCE + Privesc (CVE-2021-21975, CVE-2021-21983, CVE-0DAY-?????) "As easy to stop as it is to comprehend." What is it? "Reality

mogensen Create changelogs for Helm Charts, based on git history

jafarlihi rconn is a multiplatform program for creating generic reverse connections. Lets you consume services that are behind firewall or NAT without opening ports or port-forwarding.

hakluke Easily schedule commands to run multiple times at set intervals (like a cronjob, but for a single command)

soypat Find out where you fall on the Open-Source Character Alignment Chart

gqlgo gqlanalysis defines the interface between a modular static analysis for GraphQL in Go

projectdiscovery A high performance port of the Wappalyzer Technology Detection Library to Go

sno6 Gosane is a cloneable API template to get you up and running quickly.

kabouzeid About This is a very lightweight companion plugin for nvim-lspconfig. It adds the missing :LspInstall <language> command to conveniently install langu