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sentrionic Valkyrie A Discord clone using React and Go. Live Demo Notes: File Upload is disabled. The design does not fully match current Discord anymore. Data r

mudler golauncher A go application launcher A simple, highly extensible, customizable application launcher and window switcher written in less than 300 lines

schollz broadcast A simple Go server that broadcasts any data/stream usage data You can POST data. curl -X POST --data-binary "@111.png" localhost:9222/test.p

praetorian-inc Log4j Detector A client and reporting server to identify systems vulnerable to Log4j at scale. This work is based on Stripe's Remediation Tools, but w

IceFireDB IceFireDB-Proxy IceFireDB-Proxy is a high-performance, highly available, and user-friendly Resp protocol cluster proxy solution. Complete data source

romshark jscan jscan provides a high-performance zero-allocation JSON iterator for Go. It's not compatible with encoding/json and doesn't provide the usual Mar

LinArcX 🔭 telescope-env.nvim Demo Installation Vim-Plug Plug "nvim-telescope/telescope.nvim" Plug "LinArcX/telescope-env.nvim" Packer use { "nvim-telescope/t

joeirimpan listmonk-messenger Lightweight HTTP server to handle webhooks from listmonk and forward it to different messengers. Supported messengers Pinpoint Deve

ez4o Explore Usage » Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents About The Project Supported Languages Getting Started Usage Parameters Set Up Your Own

neurosnap nvim.sh neovim plugin directory search from the terminal $ curl https://nvim.sh/s/statusline Name Stars OpenIssues Updated

tkf Try.jl: zero-overhead and debuggable error handling Features: Error handling as simple manipulations of values. Focus on inferrability and optimizabil

SUPERCILEX StackBuf{Reader,Writer} Stack buffer provides alternatives to BufReader and BufWriter allocated on the stack instead of the heap. Its implementation i

embano1 About tl;dr An easy to use, lightweight, thread-safe and append-only in-memory log. Motivation I keep hitting the same user story (use case) over and

Dynobase Single-table Models Collection of reference single-table models for DynamoDB helping you design your models and access patterns. All models published

pion Explainer Explainer decodes WebRTC... so you don't have too! Explainer provides a PeerConnection Explainer that parses WebRTC Offers/Answers then prov

appleboy graceful Graceful shutdown package when a service is turned off by software function. Example Add running job package main import ( "context" "lo

kevwan mapreduce English | 简体中文 Why we have this repo mapreduce is part of go-zero, but a few people asked if mapreduce can be used separately. But I recomme

kei6u kubectl-explore This is a plugin for kubectl to fuzzy-find and explain the field supported API resource. What kubectl-explore finds and explains the f

JoshuaDoes AutoGo An AutoIt interpreter and cross-platform runtime package WARNING: AutoGo is not yet feature complete. Some syntax features are still missing, t

Fatiri FAT Trading BOT Library Web Frimework Gin Gonic installed (version v1.7.7) A SQL Compiler sqlc installed (version v1.11.0) Database Migrations golang-

Predator7158 qb-tailorjob A Tailor Job For Your Server! I used qb-weedpicking as the Base qb-weedpicking Author - https://github.com/MrEvilGamer Me https://github.

ezeoleaf Snitch Snitch is a Slack bot that fetches and publish PRs with pendings reviews in channels or via DM Disclaimer I hold no liability for what you do w

majidalaeinia Subtitle Renamifier You might have a folder containing different episodes of a serial and its corresponding subtitles. This repo helps you rename the

MIN-Group mir-go 1. Usage 首先调用脚本安装 ./install.sh 然后设置或者修改配置文件中的默认身份 => /usr/local/etc/mir/mirconf.ini 接着调用 mirgen 设置或修改默认身份的密码 验证或者设置: sudo mirgen 修改默认身份的密码: sud

sinkingpoint Clogger Clogger is a WIP version of my idealized logging system. In many ways, it is similar to syslog-ng, FluentBit, or LogStash, but tailored with f

wongnai xDS Server for gRPC on Kubernetes A simple xDS server, distributing Kubernetes service endpoints to clients. It is designed for gRPC. This software is

yomimono what is this? An implementation of the mirage-kv module type offering persistence via mirage-block, suitable for use in MirageOS unikernels. It is ins

anonyindian GoTGProto GoTGProto is a helper package for gotd library, It aims to make td's raw functions easy-to-user with the help of features like using session

R4yGM garlicshare garlicshare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share files on a hosted onion service using the Tor network. Usa

aidansteele ipv6-ghost-ship Twitter thread 🐦 As of July 2021, AWS EC2 instances can be assigned IPv4 and IPv6 address prefixes. The IPv6 prefixes are /80, which

ravanbod Welcome to Go-Generics-Simple-Doubly-Linked-List! Hi, This repository contains a simple example of implementing doubly linked list via generics in Go!

CloudSnorkel Cloud-Z Cloud-Z gathers information and perform benchmarks on cloud instances in multiple cloud providers. Cloud type, instance id, and type CPU infor