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spatial-go Our organization spatial-go is officially established! The first open source project Geoos(Using Golang) provides spatial data and geometric algorithms.

findmentor-network Build Setup go get github.com/findmentor-network/backend make build <$ ./backend Findmentor API Usage: backend [command] Available Commands: a

unsafecast WordIDE Have you ever wondered: How would it feel like to write code in a word processor? Me neither. But after monthsminutes of planning, I present t

suadev Go Restful Microservices and KrakenD API Gateway Workshop This is a shopping basket workshop that shows how to use KrakenD API Gateway. Consist of 5 m

kubernetes-sigs Kubernetes Proxy NG The Kubernetes Proxy NG a new design of kube-proxy aimed at allowing Kubernetes business logic to evolve with minimal to no impact

timwhitez Shellcode implementation of Reflective DLL Injection by Golang. Convert DLLs to position independent shellcode

lucasepe A commandline tool to resolve URI Templates expressions as specified in RFC 6570.

tedsmitt Tool to make working with the wonderful ECS Exec API just a little bit better!

brentadamson A comprehensive list of alternatives to your favorite software

Shopify EJSON is a small library to manage encrypted secrets using asymmetric encryption.

gruntwork-io git-xargs is a command-line tool (CLI) for making updates across multiple Github repositories with a single command.

a8m An overview of Go syntax and features.

rhnvrm LinkPage is a FOSS self-hosted alternative to link listing websites such as LinkTree and Campsite.bio

Imputes A command line tool for file downloads

datreeio Prevent Kubernetes misconfigurations from ever making it (again 😀) to production! The CLI integration provides policy enforcement solution to run automatic checks for rule violations. 56}

smf8 I'm just trying to make a cli operated voice call chat application using go with help of webRTC and PortAudio.

stephenafamo A PDF renderer for the goldmark markdown parser

adhocore Lightweight, fast and dependency-free Cron expression parser (due checker) for Golang (tested for v1.14 and above)

golang The Go Vulnerability Database

phuslu Fast DNS package for Go. Tuned for high performance. Zero memory allocations in almost paths. Up to 1M QPS on a single host.

vmihailenco This benchmark compares cache algorithms using scrambled zipfian distribution (a few occur very often while many others occur rarely). Other distributions are supported too, but they produce similar results. You may also want to c

Kuzyashin Validate Django auth session in Golang

rosetta-dogecoin rosetta-dogecoin provides an implementation of the Rosetta API for Dogecoin in golang, based off the rosetta-bitcoin reference implementation provided by Coinbase. If you haven't heard of the Rosetta API, you can find more informa

kha7iq PingMe is a personal project to satisfy my needs of having alerts, most major platforms have integration to send alerts but its not always useful, either you are stuck with one particular platform, or you have to do alot of integr

inspr Inspr is an engine for running distributed applications, using multiple communication patterns such as pub sub and more, focused on type consistency and development simplicity.

go-swiss Fonts is a package that provides helpers to access font details and easily retrive font bytes with ZERO dependencies

gotuna GoTuna - Web framework for Go

reactive-tech Kubegres is a Kubernetes operator allowing to deploy a cluster of PostgreSql pods with data replication enabled out-of-the box. It brings simplicity w

godruoyi An Lock Free ID Generator for Golang based on Snowflake Algorithm (Twitter announced). Description An Lock Free ID Generator for Golang implementation

shabarkin AWS Service Enumeration Disclaimer The tool is in beta stage (testing in progress), no destructive API Calls used ( read only actions ). I hope, there

redcode-labs Fast and intuitive manager for multiple reverse shells

adhocore Check your internet speed right from your terminal. Built on GOlang using chromedp

rishiosaur πŸŒ† A minimal language designed for utility and functionality.