A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

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AkihiroSuda Lima launches Linux virtual machines on macOS, with automatic file sharing, port forwarding, and containerd.

SoftbearStudios Mk48.io is an online multiplayer naval combat game, in which you take command of a ship and sail your way to victory. Watch out for torpedoes!

sithumonline Download movie form YTS without visiting to YTS built top on anacrolix/torrent lib.

tidwall jsonc is a Go package that converts the jsonc format to standard json.

dstotijn go-notion is a client for the Notion API, written in Go.

dominikbraun timetrace is a simple CLI for tracking your working time.

kjellkvinge test coverage analysis in your terminal

TheZoraiz ascii-image-converter is a command-line tool that converts images into ascii art and prints them out onto the console. It is cross-platform so both Windows and Linux distributions are supported

sabre1041 OpenShift provides support for managing the lifecycle of Helm charts. This capability is limited primarily to the Web Console. This plugin enables the management of Helm charts similar to using the standalone Helm CLI while offloa

anonyindian Account Generator Bot, written in GoLang via gotgbot library.

PierreKieffer Manage your apps, scale your dynos, browse logs in real time ...

Skyscanner Anyone who has had to manually make changes to many GitHub repositories knows that it's hard to beat the simplicity of just cloning the repositories and updating them locally. You can use any tools necessary to make the change, an

1ntEgr8 An rss reader that doesn't try to do too much

RH12503 Triangula uses a modified genetic algorithm to triangulate images. It works best with images smaller than 3000px and with fewer than 3000 points, typically producing an optimal result within a couple of minutes.

ambientsound Visp is an interactive console client for Spotify, written in Go. Its interface is similar to Vim, and aims to be fast, configurable, and practical. Visp means whisk, and just like the simple mechanical tool it makes it easy to cr

alibaba Docker can build a rootfs+application of an operating system into a container image. Sealer regards kubernetes as an operating system. The image created on this higher abstraction is a CloudImage.

gaowanliang MoeClub wrote a very good version, but unfortunately it's not open source and hasn't been updated in a while. This project is a simple upload tool separate from DownloadBot, designed to be a lightweight way to quickly upload data

k1LoW tbls is a CI-Friendly tool for document a database, written in Go.

benbjohnson This repository is an example of embedding Litestream as a library in a Go application. The Litestream API is not stable so you may need to update your code in the future when you upgrade.

makeworld-the-better-one didder is an extensive, fast, and accurate command-line image dithering tool. It is designed to work well for both power users as well as pipeline scripting. It is backed by my dithering library, and is unique in its correctness a

balacode Compresses, encrypts and transfers data between a sender and receiver using UDP protocol.

dstotijn golang-nextjs-portable is a small Go program to showcase the embed package for bundling a static HTML export of a Next.js app.

rajveermalviya This module contains pure Go implementation of the Wayland protocol. Currently only wayland-client functionality is supported.

hayabusa-cloud A game server side framework with both web API and realtime communication.

iamalex5156 Go package for rate limiter collection

teamortix Golang-WASM provides a simple idiomatic, and comprehensive API and bindings for working with WebAssembly for Go and JavaScript developers

Trois-Six Create diagrams from the Kubernetes API with go-diagrams.

matryer Professional lightweight testing mini-framework for Go.

v-byte-cpu The goal of this project is to create the fastest network scanner with clean and simple code.

eleby Frongo is a Go tool to make HTML/CSS document out of Golang code. It was designed with readability and usability in mind, so HTML objects are created by chaining method calls.

apache BanyanDB, as an observability database, aims to ingest, analyze and store Metrics, Tracing and Logging data. It's designed to handle observability data generated by Observability platform and APM system, like Apache SkyWalking etc

caffix Designed to support DNS brute-forcing with a minimal number of network connections.

chrispassas Barebones Go program to issue DDNS updates to Amazon Route 53 service.