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ClassmateLin scripts_v2 目录说明 ├── Dockerfile // docker build ├── LICENSE ├── README.md ├── com // 通用包 │   └── file.go ├── config │   ├── config.go // 根配置 │  

containerd Nydus Snapshotter Nydus-snapshotter is a non-core sub-project of containerd. Pulling and unpacking OCI container image are time consuming when start a

jschauma jswhois -- whois lookup results in json format jswhois(1) is a tool to look up and print WHOIS results in JSON format. For a bit more context around W

developer-guy setup-krew GitHub Action This action enables you to download and install kubernetes-sigs/krew binary. setup-krew verifies the integrity of the krew re

troop-dev K8s pod labeler This repo implelents a MutatingAdmissionWebhook that can add missing labels and annotations to pods. The webhook only adds the given l

pvarentsov Go Backend Template Examples Layer Package Implementations internal database (pgx + goqu) Client, Service, Transaction, UserRepository internal model

deref Transcript transcript is a CLI tool for snapshot testing other CLI tools. TODO: Video here. Usage Automatically record a shell session or type-out a t

goproslowyo Trumpet This is a Discord Bot. The bot's sole purpose is to announce arrivals and departures in voice chat via TTS. This is a fork of a lightweight Di

Its-Vichy InviteCheckerGo Check minimum membercount Blacklist checked codes Check online members Full proxy support Blacklist checked invite { "threads": 25

spywhere tmux.nvim This plugin still under development This plugin provides a framework to turns Neovim into terminal multiplexer (heavily based on tmux) The i

enzom-uy Dotfiles Apps in the screenshot: Distro: Axyl Bspwm edition (Arch based distro btw). Terminal: Alacritty Bar: Polybar Wm: BSPWM Keybinding tool: sxhkd

kentik Odyssey KentikLabs synthetic Kubernetes operator. This operator can be used to create Kentik synthetic tests on a Kubernetes cluster. The data can the

emmaunel Vishnu(The Hidden Backdoor) Taken from the Trimurit, the triple deity of supreme divinity. Vishnu is known as "The Preserver". This program is a proof

idkso dwm status simple modular dwm status command made in go that has drop in plugins that u can arrange the ordering of and/or remove from plugins/plugins

hadihammurabi GoRe (Go Requester) Simple HTTP client for Go Example g := gore.New( gore.WithBaseURL("https://api.products.com"), ) resp, err := g.Get("/entities"

mtoohey31 iter Package iter provides generic, lazy iterators, functions for producing them from primitive types, as well as functions and methods for transformi

muesli roff roff lets you write roff documents in Go Tutorial Import the library: import "github.com/muesli/roff" Then start a new roff document and write to

cblgh Cerca a forum software Meaning: to search, quest, run (it) near, close, around, nearby, nigh (es) approximately, roughly (en; from circa) This piece o

ez4o Explore Usage » Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents About Why go-ez? Goals Getting Started Usage Example Roadmap Contributing License Conta

cugu A take on supply chain security in Go List your dependencies capabilities and monitor if dependency updates require more capabilities. The Problem Rec

multiprocessio Commandline tool for running SQL queries against JSON, CSV, Excel, Parquet, and more. This is a CLI companion to DataStation (a GUI) for running SQL q

roozbehsayadi Recommender System with Stackoverflow's Data This project is written to recommend tags based on data from stackoverflow. Running the Project Create a

debevv camellia 💮 A lightweight, persistent, hierarchical key-value store camellia is a Go library that implements a hierarchical, persistent key-value stor

LubuntuFu replaces fish history with a history tailored to pentesters for efficency and newbie pentesters for learning, new linux users, and several distro specific commands over 250 total commands with full discriptions.

oniony Overview TMSU is a tool for tagging your files. It provides a simple command-line utility for applying tags and a virtual filesystem to give you a tag

nanovms Ops is a tool for creating and running a Nanos unikernel. It is used to package, create and run your application as a nanos unikernel instance.

dboslee LRU Cache A simple LRU cache using go generics. Examples Basic usage. func main() { cache := lru.New[string, string]() cache.Set("key", "value

nsmith5 🔍 Rekor Sidekick Rekor Sidekick monitors a Rekor signature transparency log and forwards events of interest where ever you like.

ehids 介绍 ebpfmanager参照datadog/ebpf/manager包的思想,基于cilium/ebpf实现的ebpf类库封装。 相比cilium/ebpf实现配置化,自动加载,更具备面向对象思想,且实现了probe颗粒的卡开启关闭功能。 相比datadog/ebpf,实现了依赖包方式加载cil

wenjy Go测试模拟函数 Go mockery patching 用于Go测试 代码参考: monkey go-mpatch 相关技术博客 go patch 译 go patch 兼容性 Go版本 已完成 go1.7 到 go1.17 的测试 系统架构 x86、amd64 操作系统 macos、linux、

nikochiko autosaved autosaved, pronounced autosave-d (for autosave daemon) is a utility written in Go to autosave progress on code projects. It uses the go-git

norasector turbine Turbine is the SDR software for NoraSector. It's designed to capture and stream all frequencies in a trunked radio system. It is capable of de