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aantron Dream Easy-to-use, feature-complete Web framework without boilerplate. Dream is one flat module in one package, documented on one page, but with many

assetnote Kiterunner Introduction For the longest of times, content discovery has been focused on finding files and folders. While this approach is effective fo

deref Unirepo Unirepo is an extremely opinionated TypeScript build tool. Typical monorepo management tools in the Node.js ecosystem provide automation aroun

go-kit ⚠️   PRE-RELEASE   ⚠️ DO NOT IMPORT THIS MODULE YOUR PROJECT WILL BREAK package log package log provides a minimal interface for structured logging in

ainsleyclark Go Mail aims to unify multiple popular mail API's (SparkPost, MailGun & SendGrid) into a singular easy to use interface. Email sending is seriously simple and great for allowing the developer to choose what platform they use.

eldonaldo A simple go project structure setup with all dependencies you need to get your MVP off the ground. 🚀

milkywaybrain Cryptogalaxy is an app which will get any cryptocurrencies ticker and trade data from multiple exchanges through REST / websocket and save it into multiple storage systems.

Snawoot Standalone Opera VPN client. Younger brother of hola-proxy.

Hilbis 🎀 a nice lil shell for lua people made with go and lua

jmattheis goverter is a tool for creating type-safe converters. All you have to do is create an interface and execute goverter.

Gourouting Gin+Gorm开发Golang API快速开发脚手架

docuowl 🦉Docuowl generates a static single-page documentation from Markdown files

joaoofreitas Challenge Generator A program that generates a folder structure with challenges and projects for mastering a programming language. Explore the docs »

charlottelatest CVE-2021-26855 CVE-2021-26855 ssrf 简单利用 golang 练习 影响版本 Exchange Server 2013 小于 CU23 Exchange Server 2016 小于 CU18 Exchange Server 2019 小于 CU7 利用条件 该漏洞不

scipag Password Lists Introduction Password lists are going back to the roots of information security. They compile a list of popular passwords. Often to opt

nodauf Girsh (Golang Interactive Reverse SHell) Who didn't get bored of manually typing the few lines to upgrade a reverse shell to a full interactive revers

erda-project Erda - An enterprise-grade microservice application development platform Introduction Erda is an open-source platform created by Terminus to ensuring

gravitl Netmaker is a tool for creating and managing virtual networks. The goal is to make virtual/overlay/mesh networking easy for non-networking people. It should be like clicking a button

luanruisong SSH Lightweight management tools

mholt This module implements both internal and distributed HTTP rate limiting. Requests can be rejected after a specified rate limit is hit.

SpectralOps A secrets management tool for developers built in Go - never leave your command line for secrets

errata-ai A syntax-aware linter for prose built with speed and extensibility in mind.

climech Grit is an experimental personal task manager that represents tasks as nodes of a multitree, a class of directed acyclic graphs. The structure enables the subdivision of tasks, and supports short-term as well as long-term planning

charmbracelet Style definitions for nice terminal layouts 👄

projectdiscovery Notify is an helper utility written in Go that allows you to pull results from burp collaborator instances and post to CLI, also sends the notification via webhooks to Slack and Discord.

safe-waters Automatically manage image digests in Dockerfiles, docker-compose files, and Kubernetes manifests by tracking them in a separate Lockfile

RumbleDiscovery This is a Go implementation of JARM.

vmware-tanzu BuildKit CLI for kubectl is a tool for building container images with your Kubernetes cluster

gioui Gio Immediate mode GUI programs in Go for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, and WebAssembly (experimental). See the project page

a8m A CLI for generating ER (entity-relationship) diagrams for Ent schema using mermaid.js.

adonovan Spaghetti is an interactive web-based tool to help you understand the dependencies of a Go program, and to explore and evaluate various possible efforts to eliminate dependencies.

Jacalz Wormhole-gui is a cross-platform graphical interface for magic-wormhole that lets you easily share files, folders and text between devices. It uses the Go implementation of magic-wormhole, called wormhole-william, and compiles sta

sgabe WinAFL Pet is a web user interface dedicated to WinAFL remote management via an agent running as a system service on fuzzing machines. The purpose of this project is to allow easy monitoring of fuzzing jobs running on several remo