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sudachen Deep Neural Networks for Golang (powered by MXNet)

rocketlaunchr ⭐   the project to show your appreciation. ↗️ Dataframes are used for statistics, machine-learning, and data manipulation/exploration. You can think o

StepLg Decription Graph library for Go/Golang language. Install First way (with makefile): $ git clone git://github.com/StepLg/go-graph.git $ cd go-graph/src

fxsjy RF.go RF.go is an implementation of Random Forest in GoLang. Random forest (or random forests) is an ensemble classifier that consists of many de

fxsjy GoNN Neural Network in GoLang Feature BackPropagation Network / RBF Network / Perceptron Network Parallel BackPropagation Network (each neural has its

golang Overview S2 is a library for spherical geometry that aims to have the same robustness, flexibility, and performance as the best planar geometry librar

unclebob BIP340 Elliptic Curve Signatures This library follows the BitCoin BIP340 proposal for implementing Schnorr signatures for secp256k1. (See: https://bip

skanehira languagetool-lint Lint CLI for languagetool. Requirements languagetool. Installation $ go install github.com/skanehira/languagetool-lint@latest Use as

sealyun endpoints-operator 对于集群内访问集群外部服务场景使用固定的endpoint维护增加探活功能 背景 在实际使用中,两个K8s集群内的服务经常有互相访问和访问集群外部某些服务的需求,通常的解决方案为写固定的servcie和edpoints或者直接写IP等来解决,在这时候,是没有对外部

TheDonDope Gordle A golang TUI implementation of the popular word quiz Wordle! System requirements A system dictionary must be installed. On debian based systems

cjdenio Underpass Self-hosted ngrok alternative. Installation (CLI) brew install cjdenio/tap/underpass Or, download a release from the releases page. Usage wi

hongshengjie A mysql crud code generate tool from table DDL sql file

tmickleydoyle shallow-explore From the command line, quickly explore data from a CSV file. shallow-explore is a Golang backed command-line tool for iterating over c

go-faster ch TCP ClickHouse client in Go. Designed for very fast data block streaming with low network, cpu and memory overhead. Work in progress, please leave

optiv Ivy is a payload creation framework for the execution of arbitrary VBA (macro) source code directly in memory. Ivy’s loader does this by utilizing programmatical access in the VBA object environment to load, decrypt and execute sh

MichaelCade 90DaysOfDevOps This repository is used to document my journey on getting a better foundational knowledge of DevOps. I will be starting this journey on

muesli mango mango is a man-page generator for the Go flag, pflag, and cobra packages. It extracts commands, flags, and arguments from your program and enabl

iximiuz Kubernetes client-go examples A collection of mini-programs covering various client-go use cases inspired by client-go/examples. The intention (at lea

gocrane Crane: Cloud Resource Analytics and Economics Crane (FinOps Crane) is a cloud native open source project which manages cloud resources on Kubernetes s

charmbracelet Wishlist The SSH directory ✨ With Wishlist you can have a single entrypoint for multiple SSH endpoints, whether they are Wish apps or not. As a server

wirekang Mouseable mouseable-demo-notion.mp4 Features Leverage on the features of a computer mouse without using the actual device. Fully customizable hotkeys.

proferosec log4jScanner Goals This tool provides you with the ability to scan internal (only) subnets for vulnerable log4j web services. It will attempt to send

XmirrorSecurity OpenSCA-Cli 项目介绍 OpenSCA 用来扫描项目的第三方组件依赖及漏洞信息。 下载安装 从 releases 下载对应系统架构的可执行文件压缩包 或者下载源码编译(需要 go 1.11 及以上版本) git clone https://github.com/XmirrorSecurit

FriendsOfShopware Shopware CLI A cli which contains handy helpful commands for daily Shopware tasks Features Manage your Shopware account extensions in the CLI Build an

developer-guy buildkit-machine buildkit-machine allows you to make buildkitd daemon accessible in your macOS environment. To do so, it uses lima, which is a Linux s

aidansteele Twitter thread flowdog This is an application/framework for inspection and manipulation of network traffic in AWS VPCs. Packets routed to or from the

ez4o Explore Usage » Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents About Why go-try? Getting Started Usage Example Roadmap Contributing License Contact Ab

arindas MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems Labs and related materials from the MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems course. This repository will contain no solutions as r

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Ja7ad Scheduler Scheduler package is a zero-dependency scheduling library for Go Install go get -u github.com/Ja7ad/Scheduler Features Scheduling your funct

dogecoinfoundation The Dogecoin GigaWallet is a backend service which provides a convenient integration API for platforms such as online shops, exchanges, social media p

vaikas sigstore-scaffolding This repository contains scaffolding to make standing up a full sigstore stack easier and automatable. Our focus is on running on