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moabukar Kubernetes-and-Cloud-Native-Associate (KCNA) Note: A documentation of notes & useful resources used to prepare for the KCNA. Feel free to share them :

ILightThings Crimson-Spray Crimson-Spray is a lockout aware password sprayer for active directory testing. The goal of this tool was allow password spraying withou

cossacklabs Database security suite. Database proxy with field-level encryption, search through encrypted data, SQL injections prevention, intrusion detection, honeypots. Supports client-side and proxy-side ("transparent") encryption. SQL, No

siddontang Mixer Mixer is a MySQL proxy powered by Go which aims to supply a simple solution for MySQL sharding. Features Supports basic SQL statements (select,

1lann log4shelldetect Scans a file or folder recursively for jar files that may be vulnerable to Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) by inspecting the class paths in

Adikso Minecraft Log4j Honeypot This honeypots runs fake Minecraft server (1.16.5) waiting to be exploited. Payload classes are saved to payloads/ directory.

umputun sys-agent System agent is a simple service reporting server status via HTTP GET request. usage $ sys-agent -l :8080 -v "root:/" -v "data:/mnt/data" Ap

pingcap ⚠️ Project moved ⚠️ This repository has been moved to https://github.com/pingcap/ticdc/tree/master/dm. Discussions before: https://internals.tidb.io/t

flike What is kingbus? 中文 Kingbus is a distributed MySQL binlog store based on raft. Kingbus can act as a slave to the real master and as a master to the sl

BWbwchen An easy-to-use Map Reduce Go parallel-computing framework inspired by 2021 6.824 lab1. It supports multiple workers threads on a single machine and multiple processes on a single machine right now.

uberswe A minimal Go project with user authentication ready out of the box. Uses Bootstrap 5 for the frontend. All frontend assets are less than 100 kB on every page load.

pingcap Go TPC A toolbox to benchmark workloads in TPC for TiDB and almost MySQL compatible databases. Install You can use one of the three approaches Install

terraform-linters TFLint A Pluggable Terraform Linter Features TFLint is a framework and each feature is provided by plugins, the key features are as follows: Find poss

grafeas Kritis [][BuildStatus Result] Kritis (“judge” in Greek), is an open-source solution for securing your software supply chain for Kubernetes application

morenoh149 Postres Database Samples copy of http://pgfoundry.org/projects/dbsamples/ A collection of sample databases for PostgreSQL. Adventureworks - OLTP datab

elixir-ecto Postgrex PostgreSQL driver for Elixir. Documentation: http://hexdocs.pm/postgrex/ Examples iex> {:ok, pid} = Postgrex.start_link(hostname: "localhost"

nanopack Yoke is a Postgres redundancy/auto-failover solution that provides a high-availability PostgreSQL cluster that's simple to manage. Requirements Yoke h

lukasmartinelli pgfutter Import CSV and line delimited JSON into PostgreSQL the easy way. This small tool abstract all the hassles and swearing you normally have to d

lob pg_insights Convenient SQL for monitoring Postgres database health. This repository is inspired by commands from Heroku's pg_extras repository. How to

dimitri PGLoader pgloader is a data loading tool for PostgreSQL, using the COPY command. Its main advantage over just using COPY or \copy, and over using a Fo

CrunchyData pgMonitor pgMonitor is your all-in-one tool to easily create an environment to visualize the health and performance of your PostgreSQL cluster. pgMoni


lesovsky pgCenter is a command-line admin tool for observing and troubleshooting Postgres. Main goal Key features Quick start Supported statistics PostgreSQL s

timescale timescaledb-tune timescaledb-tune is a program for tuning a TimescaleDB database to perform its best based on the host's resources such as memory and

cybertec-postgresql pgwatch2 Flexible self-contained PostgreSQL metrics monitoring/dashboarding solution. Supports monitoring PG versions 9.0 to 13 out of the box. Demo h

bucardo check_postgres This is check_postgres, a monitoring tool for Postgres. The most complete and up to date information about this script can be found at:

percona Percona Monitoring and Management 2.x Percona Monitoring and Management A 'single pane of glass' to easily view and monitor the performance of your My

rach #Pome Pome stands for Postgres Metrics. Pome is a PostgreSQL Metrics Dashboard to keep track of the health of your database. This project is at a very

palantir log4j-sniffer log4j-sniffer crawls for all instances of log4j that are earlier than version 2.16 on disk within a specified directory. It can be used

xyctruth 基于 pprof,fgprof 的 Golang 程序连续分析 Demo 点击 point 跳转 pprof web Quick Start 需要被收集分析的golang程序,需要提供 net/http/pprof 端点,并配置在 ./collector.yaml 配置文件中 程序会 watch c

rakeeb-hossain functools functools is a simple Go library that brings you your favourite functional paradigms without sacrificing type-safety using interface{} or re

bottlerocket-os Hotdog Hotdog is a set of OCI hooks used to inject the Log4j Hot Patch into containers. How it works When runc sets up the container, it invokes hotdo