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kgretzky evilginx2 is a man-in-the-middle attack framework used for phishing login credentials along with session cookies, which in turn allows to bypass 2-fac

lwnmengjing micro-service-gen-tool White Matrix Micro Service Generate CLI Tool usage template demo https://github.com/lwnmengjing/template-demo ignore file .temp

ii64 gouring Low-level io uring library go get github.com/ii64/gouring Example import "github.com/ii64/gouring" import "github.com/ii64/gouring/queue" //

kyoto-framework Scheduler Go jobs execution system. Inspired by CI/CD and Unity task scheduler. Created to be used for kyoto lifecycle management, but also can be eas

vectra-ai-research Log4Shell Deployable Sandbox (CVE-2021-44228) Terraform deployment for a log4J testing sanbox complete with vulnerable application and JNDI Exploit Se

aureleoules epitar.gz Highly customizable archive and index framework for EPITA. Get started Create a new config.yml (see config.sample.yml) to configure the EPIT

For-ACGN Log4Shell Check, exploit, obfuscate, TLS, ACME about log4j2 vulnerability in one Go program. Feature Only one program and easy deployment Support comm

gotvc Got Like Git, but with an 'o' Got is version control, with a model similar to Git's, extending ideas from WebFS. Got uses INET256 to easily and secure

lukechampine frand go get lukechampine.com/frand frand is a fast-key-erasure CSPRNG in userspace. Its output is sourced from the keystream of a ChaCha cipher, muc

ichiban What is this? ichiban/prolog is an embeddable scripting language for Go. Unlike any other scripting engines, ichiban/prolog implements logic programmi

ravro-ir log4shell-looker a log4jshell vulnerability scanner for bug bounty (Written in Go because, you know, "write once, run anywhere.") This is a simple too

reddec ingress-dashboard Automatic dashboard generation for Ingress objects. Features: No JS Supports OIDC (Keycloak, Google, Okta, ...) and Basic authorizat

inigolabs revgen Speed up go:generate by auto detecting code changes. At Inigo we generate a lot of go code. While our compile and build time runs in a matter o

libevm CPO Chief Proxy Operator Helps manage and create gas-efficient Proxies -- Proxies that doesn't access the SLOAD operator. Disclaimer This is based off

flokli nix-casync A more efficient way to store and substitute Nix store paths. Docs are a bit sparse right now, please refer to https://flokli.de/posts/2021

bradfitz an irresponsibly bad logging library Is CVE-2021-44228 making you feel left out as a Go programmer? Fear not. We can fix that. I wouldn't use this pac

mosuka Phalanx Phalanx is a cloud-native full-text search and indexing server written in Go built on top of Bluge that provides endpoints through gRPC and tr

mehdihadeli 🎨 Awesome Go Education A curated list of awesome articles and resources for learning and practicing Golang and its related technologies. This reposit

benchkram Bob Inspired by Make and Bazel · Made for humans Bob is a build system, a task runner as well as tooling for Git Multi-repos, all bundled into a singl

go-mysql-org go-mysql A pure go library to handle MySQL network protocol and replication. How to migrate to this repo To change the used package in your repo it's

hypebeast sqliteweb sqliteweb is a web-based SQLite database browser. It's written in Go. It's inspired and influenced by pgweb and sqlite-browser. Overview sql

pingcap What is TiDB? TiDB ("Ti" stands for Titanium) is an open-source NewSQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) wo

github gh-ost GitHub's online schema migration for MySQL gh-ost is a triggerless online schema migration solution for MySQL. It is testable and provides paus

marwan-at-work singleflight This repo is a hard fork of golang.org/x/sync/singleflight that adds generics to the Group type so that there is no need for type asserti

debudda Option Option provides an Option container which can be used to force some additional presence assertions on values. Example Having: type User struct

thanasisk k-amon-k - Yet another log4j scanner Quick-n-Dirty installation Assuming you have a working Go installation in your *NIX git clone [email protected]:than

RestartFU Getting Started Gophig may be imported using go get: go get github.com/RestartFU/gophig Usage You may create a new *Gophig: type foo struct{ foo s

clarkmcc go-evmap Note: this is not a production-ready data structure by any-means. It is currently a work-in-progress exploration of a left-right-backed concu

shihuo-cn Mockit 目标:将mock变得简单,让代码维护变得容易 分支介绍 main 主分支,覆盖了单元测试 light 轻分支,去除了单元测试,简化了依赖项,方便其他团队使用 常见Mock难点 不同中间件,mock库设计模式不一致,学习代价高,差异化明显 mock方案强依赖服务端,无法灵活解耦 单元测试

iporsut tu - Time Util package tu is a time util for golang Install go get github.com/iporsut/tu Usage Get datetime before or after specific datetime import

dwisiswant0 Look4jar Look for JAR files that vulnerable to Log4j RCE (CVE‐2021‐44228) Objectives It differs from some other tools that scan for vulnerable remote

Mayowa-Ojo 🔳 CHMOD-CLI Simple cli tool that brings the chmod command in tui format. Generate permissions for files and directories by selecting easy to read con