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go-dragon Dragon 🐲 🐲 🐲 is an enterprise high performance web framework with Go for the feature and comfortable develop.

sksmith This small sample project was created as a collection of the various things I've learned about best practices building microservices using Go. I structured the project using a hexagonal style abstracting away business logic from d

zerodha fastglue is an opinionated, bare bones wrapper that glues together fasthttp and fasthttprouter to act as a micro HTTP framework. It helps eliminate boilerplate that would otherwise be required when using these two libraries to wri

yisar Simple implementation of Web Container

dstotijn golang-nextjs-portable is a small Go program to showcase the embed package for bundling a static HTML export of a Next.js app.

gotuna GoTuna - Web framework for Go

sno6 Gosane is a cloneable API template to get you up and running quickly.

kabouzeid About This is a very lightweight companion plugin for nvim-lspconfig. It adds the missing :LspInstall <language> command to conveniently install langu

aantron Dream Easy-to-use, feature-complete Web framework without boilerplate. Dream is one flat module in one package, documented on one page, but with many

Gourouting Gin+Gorm开发Golang API快速开发脚手架

flipped-aurora 基于gin+vue搭建的后台管理系统框架,集成jwt鉴权,权限管理,动态路由,分页封装,多点登录拦截,资源权限,上传下载,代码生成器,表单生成器,通用工作流等基础功能,五分钟一套CURD前后端代码,目前已支持VUE3

movio Bramble is a production-ready GraphQL federation gateway. It is built to be a simple, reliable and scalable way to aggregate GraphQL services together.

gorilla A powerful HTTP router and URL matcher for building Go web servers with 🦍

fachryansyah Simple boilerplate for building Backend services like ExpressJS with GOFIBER ⚡️

kataras Like Apache mod_rewrite but for Golang's net/http. Initially created for the Iris Web Framework a long time ago.

adnaan GOMODEST is a toy Multi Page App(MPA) using Go's html/template, SvelteJS and StimulusJS

swaggo Swag converts Go annotations to Swagger Documentation 2.0. We've created a variety of plugins for popular Go web frameworks. This allows you to quickly integrate with an existing Go project (using Swagger UI).

UnderTreeTech Waterdrop is a high performance micro service framework. Waterdrop comes from (The Three Body Problem).

nixsolutions It's an API Skeleton project based on Echo framework. Our aim is reducing development time on default features that you can meet very often when your work on API. There is a useful set of tools that described below. Feel free to c

tal-tech go-zero是一个集成了各种工程实践的web和rpc框架。通过弹性设计保障了大并发服务端的稳定性,经受了充分的实战检验。包含极简的API定义和生成工具,可以一键生成Go, iOS, Android, Dart, TypeScript, JavaScript代码,并可直接运行。

enesusta tzone is a rest API that has written in golang and it serves address information for Turkish developers

karldoenitz Tigo is an HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang).It features a Tornado-like API with better performance.

prest pREST is a way to serve a RESTful API from any databases written in Go

gogearbox gearbox ⚙️ is a web framework for building micro services written in Go with a focus on high performance. It's built on fasthttp which is up to 10x faster than net/http

douyu JUNO is a governance-oriented microservice platform, and used for many years in Douyu.

eatonphil DBCore is a code generator build around database schemas and an API specification. Included with DBCore are templates for generating a Go REST API and React UI.

diffuse gloss (Golang open simple service) provides boilerplate routing, database setup, and Docker files to get a minimal microservice up and running. It includes example code to increment and retrieve counter values from a PostgreSQL da

unity26org Tool written in Go Language for developers to quickly and easily build scalable and lightweight APIs and microservices.

typical-go Example of typical and scalable RESTful API Server for Go

deliveroo Package jsonrpc implements a microframework for writing JSON-RPC web applications.

gopub Wine is a lightweight web framework for quickly writing web applications/services in Go.

gogearbox gearbox ⚙️ is a web framework for building micro services written in Go with a focus on high performance and memory optimization. Currently, gearbox ⚙️ is under development (not production ready) a

Shpota Goxygen Generate a Web project with Go and Angular, React or Vue. Goxygen aims at saving your time while setting up a new project. It creates a skeleton of an applic