Go Media Framework

Go FFmpeg Bindings Installation Prerequisites Current master branch supports all major Go versions, starting from 1.6. Build/install FFmpeg build lastest version of ffmpeg, obtained from https://
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paij0se lmmp3 lmmp3 is a function that download a video from youtube, and convert it to a mp3 file using ffmpeg You need to have installed ffmpeg in your syst

paij0se echedwnmp3 echedwnmp3 is a function that download a video from youtube, and convert it to a mp3 file using ffmpeg example package main import(echedwn

ashellunts ffmpeg-to-webrtc ffmpeg-to-webrtc demonstrates how to send video from ffmpeg to your browser using pion. This example has the same structure as play-f

MacroPower Plays videos using Prometheus, e.g. Bad Apple.

modfy A Go implementation of fluent-ffmpeg

owncast Take control over your live stream video by running it yourself. Streaming + chat out of the box.

gwuhaolin Very simple to install and use; Pure Golang, high performance, and cross-platform; Supports commonly used transmission protocols, file formats, and encoding formats;

u2takey golang binding for ffmepg

pion Watch videos with friends using WebRTC, let your backend do the pausing and seeking. Using Pion WebRTC and GStreamer you can now watch videos in real-time with your friends. Watch your favorite movie perfectly synch

jtguibas cinema : a lightweight video editing library for Go Overview cinema is a simple video editing library based on ffmpeg. It supports trimming, resizing, cropping and more. Use it to create videos directly or let it ge

wybiral tube This is a Golang project to build a self hosted "tube"-style video player for watching your own video collection over HTTP or hosting your own channel for others to watch. Some of the key features include: Easy to add

martinraison ASCII TV Stream ASCII movies over HTTP Usage Start watching Star Wars Episode IV from a shell like this: curl https://asciitv.fr Credits Original art work : Simon Jansen (http://www.asciimation.co.n

asticode astiencoder is an open source video encoder written in GO and based on ffmpeg C bindings. Right now this project has only been tested on FFMpeg 4.1.1. Why use this project when I can use ffmpeg binary? In most cases you won't

gen2brain x264-go x264-go provides H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec encoder based on x264 library. C source code is included in package. If you want to use external shared/static library (i.e. built with asm and/or OpenCL) use -tags extlib.

drmly drmly is a cross platform web interface for creatively running deep dream on anything with pixels. Are you an artist looking to use dd to do art? This project's goal is make that easy for you! Pull requests and issues are welcome here.