General utilities and tools to make your life easier.

Newest releases

cue-lang CUE is an open source data constraint language which aims to simplify tasks involving defining and using data.

reddec Hassle-free minimal CI/CD for git repositories with docker or docker-compose projects.

airbusgeo Cogger is a standalone binary and a golang library that reads an internally tiled geotiff (optionally with overviews and masks) and rewrites it as a Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG). This process being a reshuffling of the original g

slok Sloth generates understandable, uniform and reliable Prometheus SLOs for any kind of service. Using a simple SLO spec that results in multiple metrics and multi window multi burn alerts.

jensneuse A Go wrapper for prisma to turn databases into GraphQL APIs using Go

efokschaner The Terraform Provider for Factorio

kcp-dev kcp is a prototype of a Kubernetes API server that is not a Kubernetes cluster - a place to create, update, and maintain Kube-like APis with controllers above or without clusters.

c1982 The AWS Data Transfer Cost Explorer tool analyzes the billed Data Transfer items in your AWS account and presents them visualized on a map.

aquasecurity libbpfgo is a Go library for working with Linux's eBPF. It was created for Tracee, our open source Runtime Security and eBPF tracing tools written in Go. If you are interested in eBPF and it's application

nanmu42 Golang io.Reader and io.Writer but with limits

cashapp Hermit installs tools for software projects in self-contained, isolated sets, so your team, your contributors, and your CI have the same consistent tooling.

go-awesome High-Performance Shortlink ( Short URL ) app creator in Golang. For privacy reasons, you may prefer to use your own short URL and this is the one to use.

Kangaroux go-map-schema is a tiny library that's useful for comparing a map (usually from JSON) to a struct, and finding any fields that are missing or that have incompatible types.

koderover Zadig is an open-source, distributed, cloud-native CD (Continuous Delivery) product designed for developers. Zadig not only provides high-availability CI/CD capabilities, but also provides cloud-native operating environments, supp

tpanum Tool to support the estimation for true sales prices for Danish properties.

iamalex5156 Go package for rate limiter collection

tedsmitt Tool to make working with the wonderful ECS Exec API just a little bit better!

gqlgo gqlanalysis defines the interface between a modular static analysis for GraphQL in Go

projectdiscovery A high performance port of the Wappalyzer Technology Detection Library to Go

safe-waters Automatically manage image digests in Dockerfiles, docker-compose files, and Kubernetes manifests by tracking them in a separate Lockfile

RumbleDiscovery This is a Go implementation of JARM.

Code-Hex gqldoc is command line tool to generate documents from GraphQL schema or your GraphQL endpoint

lherman-cs Go Rosbag parser. Designed to provide ease of use, speed, and streamability.

gwuah Athena V3 This is the heart of a theoretical delivery service. Features include geo-indexing, order-dispatch, proximity-searching, ETA, trip estimates

redcode-labs UnChain automates process of finding and following `30X` redirects by extracting "Location" header of HTTP responses.

cloudskiff Measures infrastructure as code coverage, and tracks infrastructure drift.

xyproto Format /etc/fstab files. Features and limitations Can format /etc/fstab files. Will use 2 spaces between all fields, if they are of equal length.

evilsocket Stork is a small utility that aims to automate and simplify some tasks related to software release cycles such as reading the current version from a f

vsrc Tool to populate your code with traceable and secure error codes

glassechidna GitHub Actions are a pretty nice solution for CI/CD. Where they fall short is integration with other services, like AWS. The approach suggested by AWS is to create an IAM user, allocate it a long-lived access key and store those c

M4DM0e DirDar is a tool that searches for (403-Forbidden) directories to break it and get dir listing on it

osnr 📡 ssh into browser tab.

itsubaki A Runtime Struct Builder for Go