General utilities and tools to make your life easier.

Newest releases

DeNA A tool to check problems about meta files of Unity on Git repositories, and also the tool can do limited autofix for meta files of auto-generated files.

borud SLA Calculator for the Lazy

conprof Continuous profiling is the act of taking profiles of programs in a systematic way. Conprof collects, stores and makes profiles available to be queried over time. This is especially useful in post-mortem analysis, when it is too l

tmc reactssr is A Go package to perform Server Side Rendering of React apps.

optiv ScareCrow - Payload creation framework designed around EDR bypass.

fluxcd Flux is a tool for keeping Kubernetes clusters in sync with sources of configuration (like Git repositories), and automating updates to configuration when there is new code to deploy.

ExaScience The Slick programming language is a Lisp/Scheme-style s-expression surface syntax for the Go programming language, with a few additional features.

steve-care-software SteveCare will be a peer-to-peer database system that enables people to build complex databases between peers, without any intermediary platform. The software will also contain an application marketplace.

cdk-team CDK is an open-sourced container penetration toolkit, offering stable exploitation in different slimmed containers without any OS dependency. It comes with penetration tools and many powerful PoCs/EXPs helps you to escape containe

lizrice Basic eBPF examples in Golang using libbpfgo, based on the original Python examples from my Beginner's Guide to eBPF talk

Uptycs kubequery is a Osquery extension that provides SQL based analytics for Kubernetes clusters

ipfs-search Search engine for the Interplanetary Filesystem. Sniffs the DHT gossip and indexes file and directory hashes.

stackrox KubeLinter is a static analysis tool that checks Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts to ensure the applications represented in them adhere to best practices.

Jguer Yet another Yogurt - An AUR Helper written in Go

gotranspile CxGo is a tool for translating C source code to Go (aka transpiler, source-to-source compiler).

mrusme Journalist. An RSS aggregator.

m7shapan enable you to load CSV files and manipulate them using SQL queries then after you finish you can export the new values to CSV file

ssrathi Golang library to act on structure fields at runtime. Similar to Python getattr(), setattr(), hasattr() APIs.

Xyntax CDK is an open-sourced container penetration toolkit, offering stable exploitation in different slimmed containers without any OS dependency. It comes with useful net-tools and many powerful PoCs/EXPs helps you to escape container

statping Status Page for monitoring your websites and applications with beautiful graphs, analytics, and plugins. Run on any type of environment.

mvdan A corpus of popular Go modules

ranon-rat its a rebuild of saycheese with golang

popescu-af saas-y is a sassy SaaS framework code and configuration generator. It thinks developers should not spend time writing boilerplate for the cloud infrastructure and glue code.

berthubert Markdown version of Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

kubernetes-sigs NFS subdir external provisioner is an automatic provisioner that use your existing and already configured NFS server to support dynamic provisioning of Kubernetes Persistent Volumes via Persistent Volume Claims

pokerfaceSad GPU Mounter is a kubernetes plugin which enables add or remove GPU resources for running Pods. This Introduction(In Chinese) is recommended to read which can help you understand what and why is GPU Mounter.

mpostument Keep your grafana dashboards in sync.

ka-weihe Fastest levenshtein implementation in Go.

superedge SuperEdge is an open source container management system for edge computing to manage compute resources and container applications in multiple edge regions. These resources and applications, in the current approach, are managed as

doubleodd This is a plain Go implementation of do255e and do255s. It is considered secure; all relevant functions should be constant-time on modern architectures.

OJ Directory/File, DNS and VHost busting tool written in Go

Code-Hex vz provides the power of the Apple Virtualization.framework in Go. Put here is block quote of overreview which is written what is Virtualization.framework from the document.

kfsoftware Hyperledger Fabric (v2.2+) operator for Kubernetes