General utilities and tools to make your life easier.

Newest releases

autom8ter Machine is a zero dependency library for highly concurrent Go applications. It is inspired by errgroup.Group with extra bells & whistles

americanexpress EarlyBird is a sensitive data detection tool capable of scanning source code repositories for clear text password violations, PII, outdated cryptography methods, key files and more.

tcnksm waypoint-plugin-kustomize is an experimental implementation of a platform plugin for Waypoint.

rakyll AWS Lambda Go functions made easy... golambda allows you to build and deploy Lambda function in Go easily.

jdevelop A tool to restart a Docker container with a newer version of an image used by the container

demostanis Configurable, JavaScript-less Neocities alternative, written in Go! It gives you a random searx (privacy-respecting metasearch engine) instance each time you visit the page. You can either clone, build and use it locally or use th

raviqqe Yet another codemod alternative

oze4 Concurrency limiting goroutine pool without upper limit on queue length

hashicorp Waypoint allows developers to define their application build, deploy, and release lifecycle as code, reducing the time to deliver deployments through a consistent and repeatable workflow.

dty1er kubecolor colorizes your kubectl command output and does nothing else. kubecolor internally calls kubectl command and try to colorizes the output so you can use kubecolor as a complete alternative of kubectl. It means you can writ

icexin Run a single Go applications on x86 bare metal, written entirely in Go (only a small amount of C and some assembly), support most features of Go (like GC, goroutine) and standard libraries, also come with a network stack that can

gnur It allows you to connect one or more identity providers (currently, only google is supported) and grant access to backends based on the identity of the user.

arl Statsviz - Instant live visualization of your Go application runtime statistics (GC, MemStats, etc.).

AnalogJ Scrutiny is a Hard Drive Health Dashboard & Monitoring solution, merging manufacturer provided S.M.A.R.T metrics with real-world failure rates.

hbollon Golang string comparison and edit distance algorithms library, featuring : Levenshtein, LCS, Hamming, Damerau levenshtein (OSA and Adjacent transpositions algorithms), Jaro-Winkler, etc...

quasilyte This package formats the Go source code in a way so it becomes more compact. It can be considered to be a minifier, although it doesn't make irreversible transformations by default (well, it does remove all comments).

sw33tLie Get the scope of your bugcrowd programs

sharadbhat YAML and Golang implementations of common Kubernetes patterns.

go-bindata Turn data file into go code.

boyter Useful string utility functions for Go projects. Either because they are faster than the common Go version or do not exist in the standard library.

blugelabs Supported field types: Text, Numeric, Date, Geo Point Supported query types: Term, Phrase, Match, Match Phrase, Prefix Conjunction, Disjunction, Boolean Numeric Range, Date Range BM25 Similarity/Scoring with pluggable interf

last9 Send TimescaleDB policy stats (and other things) as metrics.

tigerwill90 This package implements the FastCDC content defined chunking algorithm

chris124567 Spotify ripper: download an artists entire discography, individual albums, or tracks; written in Go with a patched version of Librespot to allow for free accounts

suchipi A cross-platform program that launches a webview pointed at either a URL or files on disk (in which case it spawns a local http server for them on an automatically-allocated port).

golang The Snappy compression format in the Go programming language.

elsaland Elsa is a minimal, fast and secure runtime for Javascript and Typescript written in Go

JordanKnott An open source project management tool with Kanban boards

dwisiswant0 A tool for append URLs, skipping duplicates & combine parameters.

Marvin9 Inject custom license header in your source code, quickly.

wasmerio A complete and mature WebAssembly runtime for Go based on Wasmer.

meloalright 🖖🏻 A self-hosted Quora like web application written in Go 基于 Golang 类似知乎的私有部署问答应用 包含问答、评论、点赞、管理后台等功能

tailscale depaware makes you aware of your Go dependencies