Third-party APIs

Libraries for accessing third party APIs.

Newest releases

RecoLabs Redash Go SDK An SDK for the programmatic management of Redash. The main component of the SDK is a client, which is a go wrapper of Redash's REST API.

djosephsen Lazlo An event-driven, lua-scriptable chatops automation framework for Slack in Go. (phew) The prototypical IRC bot responds to text. Generally, the p

sridharv GoJava - Java bindings to Go packages GoJava uses a forked version of gomobile to generate Java bindings to Go packages. The same set of types are sup

grezar go-circleci This client supports the CircleCI V2 API. Note this client is in beta. While I am using this client in my personal projects, many of the m

booscaaa Zenvia API - Golang SDK Zenvia API (2.0) Why? This project is part of my personal portfolio, so, I'll be happy if you could provide me any feedback ab

TobiasYin LSP(language server protocol) defines for golang lsp types is from vscode-languageserver-node. Project is working in progress. Example func main() {

keygen-sh Keygen Go SDK Package keygen allows Go programs to license and remotely update themselves using the service. Usage keygen.Validate(fingerpri

denverquane AutoMuteUs AutoMuteUs is a Discord Bot to harness Among Us game data, and automatically mute/unmute players during games! Requires amonguscapture to c

dirname Binance API Go Language SDK This is a Binance Go language sdk that uses a method similar to HuobiRDCenter/huobi_Golang Official Documents Please make

ppapapetrou76 go-data-gov-gr-sdk A Go based SDK to access the public data provided by the Greek Government and are available at Quick Start

kylesliu Web3 Go Ethereum Dapp Go API, inspired by web3.js. Report Bug · Pull Request Introduction This is the Ethereum Golang API which connects to the Generi

binwiederhier Slack/Discord bot for running interactive REPLs and shells from a chat.

hajimehoshi A Steamworks SDK binding for Go

xDWart Signum Explorer Telegram Bot - it's a simplified version of the web Signum Explorer. Bot allows you to easily monitor the status of your account and to receive notifications about new transactions and blocks.

openairplay This is a working Airplay 2 Speaker implementation largely inspired by airplay2-receiver

changkun An implementation of standard generics APIs in Go.

immunIT User enumeration with Microsoft Teams API

rhysd actionlint is a static checker for GitHub Actions workflow files.

veryfi veryfi-go is a Go module for communicating with the Veryfi OCR API

jomei An API client for the Notion API implemented in Golang

skanehira Slack remind generator

canidam A lightweight Hashicorp Vault client written in Go, with no dependencies. It aims to provide an intuitive, simple API that is easy to use. Just like with the CLI.

dstotijn go-notion is a client for the Notion API, written in Go.

anonyindian Account Generator Bot, written in GoLang via gotgbot library.

teamortix Golang-WASM provides a simple idiomatic, and comprehensive API and bindings for working with WebAssembly for Go and JavaScript developers

hakluke haktrails is a Golang client for querying SecurityTrails API data, sponsored by SecurityTrails.

cjbarrie academictwitteR Repo containing code to loop through usernames/hashtags and collect tweets from Full Archive v2 API endpoint for the Academic Research

go-pay QQ、微信(WeChat)、支付宝(AliPay)的Go版本SDK。【微信支付V3基础支付已完成,其他接口完善中...】

osamingo Unofficially kenall (ケンオール) client written by Go.

EmYiQing 360公司的Quake是与Fofa、Shodan类似的搜索引擎,而且效果更好,全名是360网络空间测绘系统

iann0036 Generate a basic IAM policy from AWS client-side monitoring (CSM)

artyom AWS Lambda to work around index.html S3/CloudFront mess