Fast JSON encoder/decoder compatible with encoding/json for Go

Fast JSON encoder/decoder compatible with encoding/json for Go

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buger Alternative JSON parser for Go (so far fastest) It does not require you to know the structure of the payload (eg. create structs), and allows accessing fields by providing the path to them. It is up to 10 times faster than sta

mailru easyjson Package easyjson provides a fast and easy way to marshal/unmarshal Go structs to/from JSON without the use of reflection. In performance tests, easyjson outperforms the standard encoding/json package by a factor of 4-5

antonholmquist Jason is an easy-to-use JSON library for Go. About Jason is designed to be convenient for reading arbitrary JSON while still honoring the strictness of the language. Inspired by other libraries and improved to work well for

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francoispqt GoJay GoJay is a performant JSON encoder/decoder for Golang (currently the most performant, see benchmarks). It has a simple API and doesn't use reflection. It relies on small interfaces to decode/encode structures and