Text Processing

Libraries for parsing and manipulating texts.

Newest releases

OpenXiangShan XiangShan-doc Documentation for XiangShan 这是香山的官方文档仓库。 联系我们 邮件列表:[email protected] 广告位 欢迎加入开源英才实习生计划,具体见根目录下pdf文件。 香山处理器的官方信息渠道 包云岗老师亲自撰写的香山处理器相

denoland Deno manual This repository is the official documentation for Deno. Manual is available at: https://deno.land/manual Contributing When opening a PR, m

hakluke Turns any junk text into a usable wordlist for brute-forcing.

Un4gi Inspired by gau, dirtywords builds targeted wordlists for a given domain using "dirty" knowledge from AlienVault's Open Threat Exchange, the Wayback Machine, and Common Crawl.

Rvn0xsy red-tldr is a lightweight text search tool, which is used to help red team staff quickly find the commands and key points they want to execute, so it is more suitable for use by red team personnel with certain experience.

tidwall jsonc is a Go package that converts the jsonc format to standard json.

docuowl 🦉Docuowl generates a static single-page documentation from Markdown files

zot A small full text indexing and search tool focusing on speed and space. Initial tests seem to indicate that the database takes about twice as much space as the files it indexes.

nasdf A diff3 text merge implementation in Go based on the awesome paper below.

hibiken Mini is a small text editor, inspred by antirez's kilo editor.

sachaos Jisui – Convert scanned image PDF file to text annotated PDF file

goccy Fast JSON encoder/decoder compatible with encoding/json for Go

tidwall A JSON stream parser for Go

alash3al converts text-formats from one to another, it is very useful if you want to re-format a json file to yaml, toml to yaml, csv to yaml, ... etc

62726164 A program to quickly survey security.txt files found on the Alexa Top 1 Million websites. The program takes about 15 hours to run over a 1.5Mbit residential DSL connection. It could go much faster over high-speed links.

swaraj1802 Parsing JSON is a hassle in golang. This package will allow you to parse and search elements in a json without structs.

hexops Unified text diffing in Go (copy of the internal diffing packages the officlal Go language server uses)

rootVIII PDFInverter (GUI and CLI) will create a new PDF at the specified location from a source PDF. All colors will be inverted (original shown on left):

tomnomnom gron transforms JSON into discrete assignments to make it easier to grep for what you want and see the absolute 'path' to it. It eases the exploration of APIs that return large blobs of JSON but have terrible documentation.

signintech gopdf is a simple library for generating PDF document written in Go lang.

ohler55 Optimized JSON for Go is a high performance parser with a variety of additional JSON tools.

pkg pkg/json An alternative JSON decoder for Go.

m7shapan NJSON is a Go package that Unmarshal/Decode nested JSON data depend on provided path

WTFox JSONFind - A fast and lightweight utility to easily find paths to values in large JSON files.

goccy YAML support for the Go language

88250 Lute is a structured Markdown engine that fully implements the latest GFM / CommonMark standard, better support for Chinese context.

mikefarah yq a lightweight and portable command-line YAML processor

AllenDang PipeIt PipeIt is a text transformation, conversion, cleansing and extraction tool. Features Split - split text to text array by given separator. RegexpSplit - split text to text array by given regexp

mattn docx2md Convert Microsoft Word Document to Markdown Usage $ docx2md NewDocument.docx Installation $ go get github.com/mattn/docx2md Supported Styles Header HyperLink Indent

unidoc UniPDF - PDF for Go UniDoc's UniPDF (formerly unidoc) is a PDF library for Go (golang) with capabilities for creating and reading, processing PDF files. The library is written and supported by FoxyUtils.com, where the l

yuin goldmark A Markdown parser written in Go. Easy to extend, standards-compliant, well-structured. goldmark is compliant with CommonMark 0.29. Motivation I needed a Markdown parser for Go that satisf

Mindinventory Golang HTML to PDF Converter For reading any document, one prefers PDF format over any other formats as it is considered as a standard format for any document in our day to day life. We often come across converting