Professional lightweight testing mini-framework for Go.

Professional lightweight testing mini-framework for Go.

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jimrobinson USAGE: kvbench OPTIONS OVERVIEW kvbench is a simple benchmarking tool to evaluate the read performance of a key/value store while writes are being applied in parallel. DETAILS: Running a benchmark consists of two steps: (1) Generate a

feyeleanor == About == Gospeed is a library of micro-benchmarks for Go which evolved from the GoLightly project. It's main utility is for understanding and reasoning about the performance of Go programs. == Usage == Download the repo to a convenie

tyler-smith golang-db-sql-benchmark A collection of benchmarks for popular Go database/SQL utilities Libraries under test database/sql + go-sql-driver/mysql gocraft/dbr Gorp Sqlx Squirrel database/sql SQL

amscanne Golang Benchmarks This is a tiny collection of micro benchmarks. The intent is to compare some language feature to others. The original benchmark arose from a simple question: Suppose a runtime parameter is dynamic, but generi

mna gocostmodel This package was inspired by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike's book "The Practice of Programming" (Addison-Wesley, 1999). In Chapter 7 on performance, section 7.6 (Estimation): "It's hard to estimate ahead of time

alecthomas Benchmarks of Go serialization methods This is a test suite for benchmarking various Go serialization methods. Tested serialization methods encoding/gob encoding/json

davecheney autobench autobench is a framework to compare the performance of Go 1.2 and Go 1.3. usage autobench downloads and builds the latest Go 1.1 and Go tip branches and runs a set of Go 1 benchmarks for comparison. Useful

quii mockingjay server Mockingjay lets you define the contract between a consumer and producer and with just a configuration file you get: A fast to launch fake server for your integration tests Configurable to simulate the