The Swiss Army knife for automated Web Application Testing

Jaeles is a powerful, flexible and easily extensible framework written in Go for building your own Web Application Scanner. Installation Download precompiled version here. If you have a Go environment, make sure yo

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philwinder gocoverage A simple flexible tool to generate a unified coverage file for all your Go code. Continuous Integration with Use with mattn/goveralls to send metrics to go get

boxtown Gotag Gotag is a testing utility tool that makes it easy for you to selectively skip/run tests in Go. If you ever needed to mark a suite of integration tests to be skipped, then Gotag is the tool for the job. Conten

mrichman Hargo Hargo parses HAR files, can convert to curl format, and serve as a load test driver. NAME: hargo - work with HTTP Archive (.har) files USAGE: hargo <command> [arguments] <.har file> VERSIO

fortytw2 Watney A port of the Ruby vcr library to Go, backed by Run tests that depend on the network, reliably, without ever touching the network itself. Consider this package WIP - Pull Requests / Issues

jmartin82 👋 Are you looking for a hosted API simulation without installing anything? Try, codeless with a nice and comprehensive UI, test easy and frequently without dependencies, |collaborate with your team a

json-iterator jsonparser: jsoniter pull-api: jsoniter reflect-api: encoding/json: golang standard lib e

buoyantio slow_cooker A load tester for tenderizing your servers. Most load testers work by sending as much traffic as possible to a backend. We wanted a different approach, we wanted to be able to test a service with a predictable load

ernesto-jimenez goautomock Automatically generate mocks from interfaces using go generate. Installation go get Usage Creating an interface in your code to mock a dependency: //g