SQL Query Builder

SQL query builder, libraries for building and using SQL.

Newest releases

OdyseeTeam Chainquery parses and syncs the LBRY blockchain data into structured SQL

kashav Search through your filesystem with SQL-esque queries.

PumpkinSeed Load random data into SQL tables for testing purposes. The tool can get the layout of the SQL table and fill it up with random data.

felixge sqlbench measures and compares the execution time of one or more SQL queries.

lighttiger2505 An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for SQL.

mergestat gitqlite is a tool for running SQL queries on git repositories. It implements SQLite virtual tables and uses go-git. It's meant for ad-hoc querying of git repositories on disk through a common interface (SQL), as an alternative to

houqp Sqlvet Sqlvet performs static analysis on raw SQL queries in your Go code base to surface potential runtime errors at build time. Feature highlights: Check for SQL syntax error Identify unsafe queries that co

lfittl pg_query_go Go version of https://github.com/lfittl/pg_query This Go library and its cgo extension use the actual PostgreSQL server source to parse SQL queries and return the internal PostgreSQL parse tree. Note tha

sqldef sqldef The easiest idempotent MySQL/PostgreSQL schema management by SQL. This is inspired by Ridgepole but using SQL, so there's no need to remember Ruby DSL. Installation Download the single-binary exec

xujiajun godbal Database Abstraction Layer (dbal) for go (now only support mysql) Motivation I wanted a DBAL that No ORM、No Reflect、Concurrency Save, support SQL builder following good practices and well teste

ulule Loukoum A simple SQL Query Builder. Introduction Loukoum is a simple SQL Query Builder, only PostgreSQL is supported at the moment. If you have to generate complex queries, which rely on v

Masterminds Squirrel is "complete". Bug fixes will still be merged (slowly). Bug reports are welcome, but I will not necessarily respond to them. If another fork (or substantially similar project) actively improves on what Squirr

rvflash Awql Database Driver AWQL driver for Go's sql package. Installation Simple install the package to your $GOPATH with the go tool: ~ $ go get -u github.com/rvflash/awql-driver Usage AWQL D

jjeffery sqlrow: SQL statements Package sqlrow provides assistance in creating SQL statements. NOTE: This package is no longer under development, and is retained here for backwards compatibility. The API underwent a serie

shuoli84 sqlm A minimalist sql builder Motivation Used and tired of ORM. It adds so many layers of abstraction and you have to learn its paradigm to do something non-trivial. Getting tired of fmt.Sprintf of SQL,

qustavo dotsql A Golang library for using SQL. It is not an ORM, it is not a query builder. Dotsql is a library that helps you keep sql files in one place and use it with ease. Dotsql is heavily inspired by yesql.