Libraries and tools for binary serialization.

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bytedance A blazingly fast JSON serializing & deserializing library, accelerated by JIT(just-in-time compiling) and SIMD(single-instruction-multi-data).

planetscale A Protocol Buffers compiler that generates optimized marshaling & unmarshaling Go code for ProtoBuf APIv2

go-restruct restruct restruct is a library for reading and writing binary data in Go. Similar to lunixbochs struc and encoding/binary, this library reads data based on the layout of structures and, like struc, based on what is

glycerine ZebraPack: a data description language and serialization format. Like Gobs version 2.0. ZebraPack is a data definition language and serialization format. It removes gray areas from msgpack2 serialized data, and provides

tgreiser compare-api-encodings Golang examples and comparisons of various encoding formats for transmitting binary data to an API endpoint. We will compare two binary efficient formats - protobuf and bson, with two standard API

pquerna ffjson: faster JSON for Go ffjson generates static MarshalJSON and UnmarshalJSON functions for structures in Go. The generated functions reduce the reliance upon runtime reflection to do serialization and are general

alexflint Very fast, very unsafe serialization for Go This package provides a fast way to load large amounts of data into Go structs. As shown in the benchmarks, memdump can load datasets containing millions of small structs

ugorji go-codec This repository contains the go-codec library. To install: go get Package Documentation Package codec provides a High Performance, Feature-Rich Idiomatic Go 1.4+

danhper structomap This package helps you to transform your struct into map easily. It provides a structomap.Serializer interface implemented by the structomap.Base type which contains chainable function to add, remove or mo

yvasiyarov php_session_decoder PHP session encoder/decoder written in Go Installation Install: The recommended way to install is using nut get yvasiyarov/php_session_decoder for more information, pleas

mitchellh mapstructure mapstructure is a Go library for decoding generic map values to structures and vice versa, while providing helpful error handling. This library is most useful when decoding values from some data stream (J

golang Go support for Protocol Buffers Google's data interchange format. Copyright 2010 The Go Authors. This package and the code it generates requires at least Go 1.4. This software implem

pascaldekloe Colfer Colfer is a binary serialization format optimized for speed and size. The project's compiler colf(1) generates source code from schema definitions to marshal and unmarshall data structures. This is free and un

Logicalis WARNING This repo has been archived! NO further developement will be made in the foreseen future. asn1 -- import "" Package asn1 implements encoding and dec