🔐 Share end-to-end encrypted secrets with others via a one-time URL

🔐 Share end-to-end encrypted secrets with others via a one-time URL

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awnumar fastrand go get github.com/awnumar/fastrand fastrand implements a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator. The generator is seeded using the system's default entropy source, and thereafter produces random val

eth0izzle shhgit: find GitHub secrets in real time Shhgit finds secrets and sensitive files across GitHub code and Gists committed in near real time by listening to the GitHub Events API. Finding secrets in GitHub is nothing new. Ther

containerd imgcrypt image encryption library and command line lool Project imgcrypt is a non-core subproject of containerd. The imgcrypt library provides API exensions for containerd to support encryted container images and implements the

ldsec Lattigo: lattice-based cryptographic library in Go The Lattigo library unleashes the potential of lattice-based cryptography in secure multiparty computation for modern software stacks. Lattigo is a Go package implementing

mlesniak Overview This is a simple example of using standard go libraries ("batteries included") to encrypt and decrypt files with public key cryptography using RSA. Compile, Build and Test Use the standard go commands, i.e

Kong go-srp NOTE: This is a port of node-srp to Go. I recommend reading their README for general information about the use of SRP. Installation go get github.com/getinsomnia/go-srp Usage View GoDoc for full

liamg Scout is a URL fuzzer for discovering undisclosed files and directories on a web server.

jarmo secrets Secure and simple passwords manager written in Go. It aims to be NYAPM (Not Yet Another Password Manager), but tries to be different from others by following UNIX philosophy of doing only one thing and doing it well.