Password lists with top passwords to optimize bruteforce attacks

Password Lists Introduction Password lists are going back to the roots of information security. They compile a list of popular passwords. Often to opt

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raz-varren XSShell XSShell is a cross-site-scripting reverse shell... Okay, well maybe it's not a true reverse shell, but it will allow you to interact in real time with an XSS victim's browser. Just run the xsshell binary to setup your li

ejcx sshcert sshcert is a package and CLI for handling SSH user certs. Consult the Getting Started Guide to get started! Installation go get Usage Creating an SSH certificate

smallstep Step Certificates An online certificate authority and related tools for secure automated certificate management, so you can use TLS everywhere. This repository is for step-ca, a certificate authority that exposes an API for auto

lukechampine adiantum go get This repo contains an implementation of Adiantum, a tweakable and length-preserving encryption cipher. Adiantum is an instance of HBSH, an encryption mode designed for disk encrypti

devanshbatham Gorecon - lightweight Reconnaissance Tool (Beta) Gorecon is a lightweight Reconnaissance Tool , which might make your recon process a bit more easy (It is still in its Beta state ) Main Features 1 - [+] Dns Lookup

ankane pdscan Scan your data stores for unencrypted personal data (PII) Last names Email addresses IP addresses Street addresses (US) Phone numbers (US) Credit card numbers Social security numbers Dates of birth Loca

audibleblink LetsProxy No frills, no config, reverse proxy that automatically pulls TLS certificates from Let's Encrypt. Usage ./letsproxy --domain --to http://localhost:3000 ./letsproxy -d -t http://127.

ProtonMail GopenPGP GopenPGP is a high-level OpenPGP library built on top of a fork of the golang crypto library. Table of Contents Download/Install Documentation Using with Go Mobile Other notes Examples S