Someone tried to unlock your device

Someone tried to unlock your device

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Eun sshkeys Get all ssh public keys of a ssh server Installation go get -u OR Prebuild from Releases Usage sshkeys [options] host Options: -format=authorized_keys

asggo Random package random import "" The random package provides cryptographically secure random integers and strings Functions func Alpha(n uint64) (string, error) Alpha returns a st

chmike Encode and Decode secure cookies This package provides functions to encode and decode secure cookie values. A secure cookie has its value ciphered and signed with a message authentication code. This prevents the remote co

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PenguinGovernor goxor GoXor is an encryption method written in the Go programming language, and is based on a xor cipher in conjunction with a one-time pad. Download and Install Install and configure Go for you operating system.

valutac Accent Send certificate to your meetup or event participant Configuration All configuration is under config.toml file. Using Testing Mode To use testing mode change enable variable to true, for productio

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schollz Secure transfer of stuff from one side of the internet to the other. This is more or less (but mostly less) a Golang port of @warner's magic-wormhole which allows you to directly transfer files and folders between computers. I de