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charmbracelet Wishlist The SSH directory ✨ With Wishlist you can have a single entrypoint for multiple SSH endpoints, whether they are Wish apps or not. As a server

moul sshportal Jump host/Jump server without the jump, a.k.a Transparent SSH bastion Features include: independence of users and hosts, convenient user inv

moul 🔧 Golang SSH Keys manipulation library

danrabinowitz Installation Ubuntu (12.04 and 14.04 only): $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:russell-s-stewart/ppa $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install sshrc Ev

dolmen NAME github-keygen - bootstrap your GitHub SSH configuration SYNOPSIS Unix/Linux/MacOS X: git clone cd git

jamescun Switcher Switcher is a proxy server which accepts connections and proxies based on which protocol is detected. Currently implemented is: SSH The use c

moul quicssh 😄 quicssh is a QUIC proxy that allows to use QUIC to connect to an SSH server without needing to patch the client or the server. Architecture

tg123 SSH Piper SSH Piper works as a proxy-like ware, and route connections by username, src ip , etc. +---------+ +------------------+

FiloSottile An ssh server that knows who you are. Try it (it's harmless) ssh ED25519 key fingerprint is SHA256:qGAqPqtlvFBCt4

gliderlabs sshfront A lightweight SSH server frontend where authentication and connections are controlled with command handlers / shell scripts. Using sshfront U

moul A transparent wrapper that adds support for regex, aliases, gateways, dynamic hostnames, graphviz, json output, yaml configuration, and more to SSH.

moul Awesome SSH A curated list of SSH apps, libraries and resources. Inspired by the awesome list thing. Please read the contribution guidelines if you wa

rapidloop rtop rtop is a remote system monitor. It connects over SSH to a remote system and displays vital system metrics (CPU, disk, memory, network). No speci

notional-labs seahorse seahorse is 369 or so males pumping out 2000 or so young per batch and a teaching project for new validators. We don't have a cla or anything

For-ACGN Log4Shell Check, exploit, obfuscate, TLS, ACME about log4j2 vulnerability in one Go program. Feature Only one program and easy deployment Support comm

For-ACGN Log4Shell Check, exploit, obfuscate, TLS, ACME about log4j2 vulnerability in one Go program. Feature Only one program and easy deployment Support comm

ILightThings Crimson-Spray Crimson-Spray is a lockout aware password sprayer for active directory testing. The goal of this tool was allow password spraying withou

wagslane go-password-validator Simple password validator using raw entropy values. Hit the project with a star if you find it useful ⭐ Supported by Qvault This

Bowuigi acme-nvim Keyboard oriented Acme style editing for Neovim Add this plugin with: Paq: Add "Bowuigi/acme-nvim" to the plugins table Vim-plug: Plug 'Bowu

nodauf GoMapEnum Nothing new but existing techniques are brought together in one tool. Description Summary The recommended module is o365 for user enumeratio

crackhub-dev A simple Svelte app to easily encrypt/decrypt download links Live instance: Development Clone & install dependencies git clone ht

zyylhn Zscan a scan blasting tool set 简介 Zscan是一个开源的内网端口扫描器、爆破工具和其他实用工具的集合体。以主机发现和端口扫描为基础,可以对mysql、mssql、redis、mongo、postgres、ftp、ssh等服务进行爆破,还有其他netbios、smb、

FiloSottile Package intermediates embeds a list of known unexpired, unrevoked intermediate certificates chaining to roots with Websites t

pojntfx keygaen Sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt data with GPG in your browser. ⚠️ keygaen has not yet been audited! While we try to make keygaen as secure a

redtoolskobe scaninfo by 华东360安服团队 注意的点 漏洞扫描的时候有时候最后几个任务会卡住,是因为ftp爆破模块,这个fscan也一样目前没有好的解决办法,后续更新.先阶段可以-eq 21跳过ftp,或者control+c 主动停止不影响结果保存。 有时候扫外网的全端口会漏掉端口可以使用-n 指定

c0okB CVE-2021-22205 CVE-2021-22205 RCE 工具仅用于分享交流,切勿用于非授权测试,否则与作者无关 -R string VPS to load tools eg: -R -T string Tool nam

denysvitali corona-decoder This is a super simple CLI application that uses @stapelberg's coronaqr library / CLI to provide quickly some information about a COVID

DHowett Framework Laptop UEFI Secure Boot Certificates Source: Extracted from a live machine (FRANBMCP08) Date: 2021-10-21 KEK (Key Exchange Key) This certifi

ad-on-is qSSH A simple wrapper for ssh to select profiles from your ~/.ssh/config file. Can be aliased to ssh Installation Download binary from Releases, or bu

google This project hosts security advisories and their accompanying proof-of-concepts related to research conducted at Google which impact non-Google owned code.

tbotnz cisgo-ios simple concurrent ssh server posing as cisco ios installation install dependencies go get go get

FourCoreLabs EDRHunt EDRHunt scans Windows services, drivers, processes, registry for installed EDRs (Endpoint Detection And Response). Read more about EDRHunt her