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WithGJR ReGit is a tiny Git implementation written in Golang. It uses the same underlying file formats as Git. Therefore, all the changes made by ReGit can be checked by Git.

sentilis It is a command line tool that initializes a folder called .pm, whose objective is to store all the metadata files of the project(license, authors, changelog, sponsors, semantic-versioning ... ).

adonovan Spaghetti is an interactive web-based tool to help you understand the dependencies of a Go program, and to explore and evaluate various possible efforts to eliminate dependencies.

goreleaser GoReleaser builds Go binaries for several platforms, creates a GitHub release and then pushes a Homebrew formula to a tap repository. All that wrapped in your favorite CI.

markbates is a tool for embedding static files into Go binaries. It will, hopefully, be a replacement for

devops-works One binary to rule them all. Manage all those pesky binaries (kubectl, helm, terraform, ...) easily.

saltbo Search and install Golang packages easily

montanaflynn If you've switched to go modules you might have found your docker builds have slowed down due go build needing to recompile all the dependencies even if they have already been downloaded or vendored.

golang is a website for discovering and evaluating Go packages and modules.

lu4p binclude is a tool for including static files into Go binaries.

distr1 a Linux distribution to research fast package management

mitchellh golicense - Go Binary OSS License Scanner golicense is a tool that scans compiled Go binaries and can output all the dependencies, their versions, and their respective licenses (if known). golicense only works with Go b

fishworks GoFish, The Package Manager Features, usage and installation instructions can be found on the homepage. What does GoFish do? GoFish is a cross-platform systems package manager, bringing the ease of use of

phogolabs Parcello Golang Resource Bundler Overview Parcello is a simple resource manager for Golang that allows embedding assets like SQL, bash scripts and images. That allows easy release management by deplo

ribice glice Golang license and dependency checker. Prints list of all dependencies (both from std and 3rd party), number of times used, their license and saves all the license files in /licenses. Introduction

yqylovy GoImportDot What is GoImportDot ? GoImportDot is a tiny tool to generate a dot file (used for Graphviz) of imports of golang package.It has two purpose. Help people quickly understand how a package organi

golang Would you like to see your company name here? We're looking for a stable source of funding. Dep dep is a dependency management tool for Go. It requires Go 1.9 or newer to compile. dep was initially developed t

mcuadros go-stable go-stable is a self-hosted service, that provides versioned URLs for any Go package, allowing to have fixed versions for your dependencies. go-stable is heavily inspired by How it works? Is a pr

whyrusleeping gx The language-agnostic, universal package manager gx is a packaging tool built around the distributed, content addressed filesystem IPFS. It aims to be flexible, powerful and simple. gx is Alpha Quality. W

rancher Trash - Go ./vendor manager Keeping the trash in your ./vendor dir to a minimum. How to use Make sure you're using go1.6 or later version. Download and extract latest release to your PATH. Alternatively,

VividCortex Johnny Deps Johnny Deps is a small tool from VividCortex that provides minimalistic dependency versioning for Go repositories using Git. Its primary purpose is to help create reproducible builds when many import paths

owenthereal nut Gophers love nuts. nut is a tool that allows Go projects to declare dependencies, download dependencies, rewrite import paths and ensure that dependencies are properly vendored. To accomplish this goal, nut does

DamnWidget VenGO Create and manage Isolated Virtual Environments for Golang. Motivation Why a tool to generate and manage virtual environments in Go?. Well, sometimes programmers need to work in or maintain a project

kardianos The Vendor Tool for Go go get -u Use Go modules Go modules were initially released with Go1.11. Fixes and improvements in Go1.11.2 and the to-be-released Go1.12 have and will ma

pote Go Package Manager Go Package Manager (or gpm, for short) is a tool that helps achieve reproducible builds for Go applications by specifying the revision of each external Go package that the application depends on. Be

petejkim Goop A dependency manager for Go (golang), inspired by Bundler. It is different from other dependency managers in that it does not force you to mess with your GOPATH. Getting Started Install Goop: go g

mattn gom - Go Manager Why The go get command is useful. But we want to fix the problem where package versions are different from the latest update. Are you going to do go get -tags=1.1 ..., go get -tag=0.3 for e

tools Godep - Archived Please use dep or another tool instead. The rest of this readme is preserved for those that may still need its contents. godep helps build packages reproducibly by fixing their dependencies. This

Masterminds Glide: Vendor Package Management for Golang Are you used to tools such as Cargo, npm, Composer, Nuget, Pip, Maven, Bundler, or other modern package managers? If so, Glide is the comparable Go tool. Manage your vendor

LyricalSecurity DESCRIPTION Fetching packages in golang can be difficult, especially when juggling multiple packages, and private repositories. GIGO (Gigo Installer for Go) tries to solve that problem, effectively being the golang equi

gpmgo Go Package Manager Gopm (Go Package Manager) is a Go package manage and build tool for Go. News Try out, the online version caching and package download service for Go. Please see Documentation before you sta