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chdav GoWard A robust and rapidly-deployable Red Team proxy with strong OPSEC considerations. Description Generally, Red Teams and adversary's redirect thei

acouvreur Traefik Modsecurity Plugin Traefik plugin to proxy requests to owasp/modsecurity-crs:apache Traefik Modsecurity Plugin Demo Full Configuration with do

sleeyax JA3RP (JA3 Reverse Proxy) Ja3RP is a basic reverse proxy server that filters traffic based on JA3 fingerprints. It can also operate as a regular HTTP

Shastram Nirikshan A declarative Cloud firewall reverse proxy solution with inbuilt DDoS protection and alerting mechanism to protect your servers and keeping

alephao NFT Sale Proxy A proxy to hide NFT metadata during the sale and prevent people from sniping specific NFTs. Check alephao/nft-sale-proxy-examples to se

reusee atproxy Socks5 proxy server with auto upstream selection Atproxy selects upstream by real-time connection reachability and latency, eliminating needs

askonomm Ruuter A tiny, zero dependency HTTP router for Clojure(Script) that operates with a simple data structure where each route is a map inside a vector. Y

chronos-tachyon roxy Roxy the Frontend Proxy Our mascot, Roxy Lalonde. Roxy is an Internet-facing frontend proxy which provides the following features: Automatically

optix2000 Guilty Gear Strive Proxy for faster loading screens.

Narasimha1997 An experimental standalone tor-proxy service built with Go, using go-proxy, go-libtor and bine. This is a simple replacement to Tor's original tor-proxy. (Since this is experimental, I would still recommend to use the original Tor

hyprspace Hyprspace - A Lightweight VPN Built on top of Libp2p for Truly Distributed Networks.

mehrdadrad The RadVPN doesn't need any central point as it connects to other nodes directly (full mesh) it has built-in router that helps packets to route to the approperate destinations. there are two options for configuration: yaml file an

net-byte vtun - A simple VPN written in golang

umputun reproxy Reproxy is simple edge HTTP(s) sever / reverse proxy supporting various providers (docker, static, file). One or more providers supply informa

Snawoot Standalone Opera VPN client. Younger brother of hola-proxy.

ring04h HTTP/HTTPS proxy server by golang [high performance version]

kitabisa An incredibly fast proxy checker & IP rotator with ease.

teddysun Yet another SIP003 plugin for shadowsocks, based on Xray-core

lightninglabs Aperture is your portal to the Lightning-Native Web. Aperture is used in production today by Lightning Loop, a non-custodial on/off ramp for the Lightning Network.

graphikDB gproxy is a reverse proxy service AND library for creating flexible, expression-based, lets-encrypt/acme secured gRPC/http reverse proxies

pry0cc Multi-threaded socks proxy checker written in Go!

DNSCrypt A flexible DNS proxy, with support for modern encrypted DNS protocols such as DNSCrypt v2, DNS-over-HTTPS and Anonymized DNSCrypt.

zetamesh Zetamesh /zeta'meʃ/ is used to build a layer-three local area network on the WAN.

txthinking Brook is a cross-platform strong encryption and not detectable proxy. Zero-Configuration.

projectdiscovery Swiss Army Knife Proxy for rapid deployments. Supports multiple operations such as request/response dump, filtering and manipulation via DSL language, upstream HTTP/Socks5 proxy.

anasbousselham A high performance FortiGate SSL-VPN vulnerability scanning and exploitation tool.

denandz Glorp is an HTTP intercept proxy, allowing the inspection and replaying of HTTP requests. The layout and flow was designed to function similar to Portswigger's Burp Proxy and Repeater tabs. The proxy functionality is done using Go

kataras Public URLs for exposing your local web server using ngrok's API.

goproxy Goproxy has fully implemented the Go's module proxy protocol. Our goal is to find the most dead simple way to provide a minimalist handler that can act as a full-featured Go module proxy for those who want to build their own proxi

bdwyertech This project was inspired by CNTLM & PX. Operating behind a corporate proxy can make using tooling difficult. It can also force you into putting your credentials into ENV variables, definitely not good! The goal here is to leverag

aler9 rtsp-simple-proxy is a simple, ready-to-use and zero-dependency RTSP proxy, a software that receives one or more existing RTSP streams and makes them available to other users. A proxy is usually deployed in one of these scenarios:

pierre-emmanuelJ Iptv-Proxy is a project to proxyfie an m3u file and to proxyfie an Xtream iptv service (client API).